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Tämä Super Mariosta tuttu Piranha Plant lähti eilen pikkusiskolle syntymäpäivälahjaksi ja päivänsankari tuntui siitä olevan enemmän kuin innoissaan :) Kukkanen on taiteiltu hamahelmistä ja liimattu oasis-palaseen ja ruukkuun. Askartelin kukkaan vielä yksityiskohdaksi “hoito-ohjeet”. Idea tähän ihanuuteen ei ole oma, vaan alunperin mieheni seikkaili netissä ja törmäsi useisiin vastaavanlaisiin askarteluihin. Tässä on niistä hieman muunneltu versio.

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:) )

“Autorul acestor calcule spune că un preÅ£ acceptabil ar fi 4 lei pe călătorie cu condiÅ£ia că în următorii 5 ani nu vor avea loc moƒ28icÄdri&#fi21; – Sfi-Fi pentru Moldova. Dacă facem 5 lei pe 3-4 ani modificări precis nu vor fi…

Wau! Itse hyppisin vähintäänkin seinille jos tuollaisen lahjan saisin, ihan mahtava! :) Täytyy ehkä lainata ideaa, mulla kun ei tällä hetkellä muita viherkasveja ole :D

Voi kiitos :) Lainaa kaikin mokomin ideaa, on aikas helppo tehdä tuo ja hamahelmet on halpoja. Kiva, kun käväisit blogissani :)

As well as squashes and puimspnk, there are a lot apples in my home too. So your caramel apples look grande – not just for kiddie winks, but for grown ups too!

Os japoneses foram os primeiros á sentirem o cheiro da poeira nuclear solta pelos americanos e serão também os primeiros á sentirem o cheiro da poeira nuclear solta pelos russos!TOPOL-M nesses nipônicos!

Recently there was a small article in the Evening Standard, saying that people should stop moaning about space and come to terms with living inside “shoe boxes”, which are apparently very good, and people in Tokyo and Shanghai call them “luxury boutiques”. So I doubt if we will see any regulation any time soon about basic space requirements or any control rents. Not from this government at least.

Thank you Chris, It’s very very encouraging to hear that my artist statement makes sense and sounds true to others. Don’t worry about your ability to create the frame. Just keep trying (but not too hard) and keep doing the work that you do. It’s taken me years of trying, and frustration, to finally see the bigger picture of my own work. Don’t worry about the randomness. Eventually it will come together for you. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a thread to your vision – it is still being revealed to you that is all.

This is a way better story than “I finally got on my plane, whew, and couldn’t help but look in the gift bag and lo and behold it was Frank’s new CD……”

mereka yg cedera mahupun mati……tp ini lah susahnya….kita bw elok2,org lain yg mmandu “GILA’…dah mmbabitkan kita…apa pun semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmatNYA…amin

I got what you mean , thanks for putting up.Woh I am glad to find this website through google. “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Moody à 100% raison. Tout politique a besoin du vote de la fonction publique pour être élu. Il ne peut en aucune faon réformer nos institutions sans risque de blocage de l’économie. Nous n’aurons aucune réforme sérieuse avant d’être au niveau de la Grèce. Les track records des 30 dernières années le prouvent.

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Kiitos avautumisesta Totta tuo. Monella koululla onneksi jo mietitään miten älytaulua käytetään ja onko se Se juttu mikä hankitaan, eli ajatusmaailma toivottavasti on muuttumassa enemmän pedagogiseen suuntaan. Olisikin mielenkiintoista revitellä enemmän tuota ajatusta älytaulua oppijakeskeisenä, oppimisen välineenä, ope ei saisi koskea…

Děda je šikovný, nechceš nám ho na chvíli půjčit ? :-) Jinak blahopřeju k vítězné bitvě se školníkem, jen by mě zajímalo, jestli fréza byla jen někde schovaná, nebo ji ředitel pro něho aby mu zajistil odpovídající pracovní vyžití zakoupil ;-) Každopádně je fajn, že pochopili, že na vozíku přes ledové Himaláje nikdo neprojede :-) )

Bitcurrent’s going to be changing a lot. I’ve started writing for GigaOm and Earth2Tech on emerging technologies and green technology, respectively, so it’s time to focus this blog on one topic — something Avinash, as usual, is right about.

Tumpak ka diyan sister. Alam mo naman Kung ilang beses na ko nagpunta ng Brasil. Lahat ng binili kong Havaianas Hindi nagtagal. Isang kembot lang pigtal na. Kaya since then, Hindi na ko bumibili ng Havaianas. Spartan for the win!! May spartan pa ba? LOL!

Great post and straight to the point. I am not sure if this is truly the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to employ some professional writers? Thanks in advance

· Super nice comment, Mary. I didn’t even know you knew about the blog, ha! : ) Thanks for stopping by to say hi. We think about you guys often. And I totally agree about Tim’s ice cream. I haven’t wanted Jeni’s since he started making it!

Joder Manuel, alucino con el material que te traes el blog. Si no fuera porque son reales, estas noticias parecen sacadas de una pelicula de terror. Gracias por tenernos al dia. Un futuro funcionario.

A lot of yankee fans actually resent the success that Soriano has had and are rooting for him to fail (as long as it doesn't cost the team the division) the fact that Soriano has been every bit as good as Mo would have been kills some fans, get over it

stödjer gärna ekologiskt producerad mat (trots Jonas invändningar) och är beredd att betala en extra slant för detta. Tyvärr säljs dock ofta ekologisk mat i små

¿Y por que no más madera? Avanzar firmes hacia el abismo y caer por el sin miedo para resurgir desde las cenizas como el ave fénix… ¿No ver la tele? ¿No tener coche? ¿No tener móvil? ¿Comer ecológico? Eso es ir en la dirección contraria… el cambio es interior, por muchos hábitos que se cambien si no se cambia la esencia todo sigue igual, y la única manera de cambiar la esencia es perderlo todo, osea que no vamos tan mal… pero hay miedo, uuuhhh, que miedo¡ ¿Llegaremos a las estrellas?

Cheese and red meat are the food which contain high saturated fats or cholesterol which will accumulate inside the human body.So if a person eats mainly red meat and cheese almost everyday………he/she will suffer from obesity,diabetes,etc.It would also lead to kidney failure because they will reduce the water content in your body.Then blood sugar level will become abnormal.All total an person will suffer from various diseases and die.

Hi Lisa and Matt,Interesting topic. I certainly can see how physical therapy could be helpful for someone new to recovery when they are learning how to make positive changes in the world and get strong both mentally and physically. Thanks for sharing!

Look at the people the parties supported who DID get on the ballot in the past? Surely the parties can do better. Open up the process so more, not fewer people can run. Don’t require 1,000 signatures, require 20.

, the article (and Gingrich's statement) left me with a number of questions.1) What rights do a cultural groups have to land, political, power, etc. and how do things like the length of time a culture has persisted in an area impact these issues?2) Do the Palestinians need to assert their existence as a "culture" in order to vie for the right to form a state, or can they demand this privilege/right acting as a group of individuals whose interests diverge significantly from those of Israel, Jordan, or Syria?Interesting article and thoughtful replies….

Me too, it's often like 2 weeks of good-writing-mood and then 2 weeks of cant-write-anything-except-for-recipes.. Hope your mojo comes back :) BTW, the dessert is wicked!!!

3:34No — I've never even keyed the words MSc till I was composing the blog post; I don't smoke; I'm happily married and not dating. And no-one else uses my computer. Tha's why I'm so baffled.

Con esta cocina dan unas ganas de hacer pasteles!!!! Con recetas de las abuelas, verdad!!! Entrañable!!!!Los toques azules!!!!UMMMM que finura!!!!Ayer fui a ver tiendas de estas de toda la vida en el barrio antiguo de Barcelona, qué gozada!!! Besos, Esther

très sympa cette petite jupette ( mais ne serait -elle pas un peu …transparente?? c’est l’effet que ça me fait quand je la vois…mais c’est peut être lié à la photo;-))L’association avec les sabots camel et super jolie; ces deux couleurs vont vraiment bien ensemble.Bonnes vacances!

Miriam · Mmmmm… I made these on Sunday and they were/are delicious.My only comment is that my frosting went crazy. I double checked my measuring but i yield’d loads of very runny frosting, so much so i had to ditch it and use my own receipe frosting. Should it have been very runny?I brought the remainder in to work today and shared them out. They were gone in 30secs!!!

“Megnéztünk egy filmet (ezen az ANIMECONon a rendezvények többsége nem filmvetítés – ????)”Nem. A filmvetítés fontos része a rendezvénynek, de ezen túl számos más program is szerepelt (a bejáratnál osztogatott programfüzet alapján láthattad esetleg). Felsorolásképpen: Karaoke, táncpad, konzol-játékok, rajzverseny, elÅ‘adások (pl: go, doujinshi-rajzolás), szinkronszínészekkel és az Animax csatornával való beszélgetés, go-oktatás, kaligráfia, teaszertartás, cosplay (jelmezverseny) kétféleképpen. Nem merném kijelenteni, hogy a rendezvény nagyrészt filmvetítésbÅ‘l állt.

The new Toyota Prius V will be a great piece of machine. It will have a compact exterior yet spacious interior. It promise to have 50 percent more space than current Prius.

My mail was stopped short, so I post it again in a little more detail. The four-dimensional GR equations require a 6-fold (12_R dim) CY in order to solve. This makes 12-dimensions special, as 4-dimensions is also special in topology. Apart from supersymmetry in d=11, this is a mathematical relation that makes d=12 special (and specifically relates to the speciality of d=4 topology, which I find interesting). Some of this, although you do not want to read perhaps, is in my CY differential eqn work. Likewise, the proof of the Poincare conjecture in 3-dimensions requires the topology and cohomology of an associated 3-fold (6_R dim), and might be formulated in terms of the latter.

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El tio tiene huevazos, para Karateka cogio a su hermano que practicaba artes marciales y lo uso para la nueva tecnologica (estoy ene l curro no recuerdo nombre de tal), y despues de karateca exporto su experience a Prince of Persia, lo de Orient Xpress si veis su desarrollo, fue una pelicula, despues animada, despues un juego y finalizo siendo una obra maestra pero no gano un duro.Todo lo que desarrolle este hombre se merece mi pene.

How do I change my name? I got a second phone and gave my first phone to my wife. Now for some reason when I go into the game on both phones they both show up with the same name so you only see one score when you get to the you vs internet page.ThanksDean

231Creo que te confundiste. Igual era en el programa de Ethel Soriano, “Crónicas de salud” o con Martha Debayle. No hemos hablado en realidad nada de medicina física, generalmente de lo que platicamos es más bien de medicina del alma…! Checa con sus programas para la info que requieres y…recuerda que no hay casualidades…por algo me estás escribiendo…te invito a que te integres a la propuesta para convertirte en tu mejor versión en este nuevo ciclo.Un abrazo,MB

Otóż to…Ino dystansujÄ™ siÄ™ od negatywnego znaczenia sÅ‚owa “prowincjonalny”.Jak siÄ™ po Polsce prowincjonalnej pojeździ, coraz wiÄ™cej pojawia siÄ™ przykÅ‚adów na to, że Polska jest jedna. Å»e na poziomie lokalnych samorzÄ…dów Polacy różniÄ…cy siÄ™ przynależnoÅ›ciÄ… politycznÄ… potrafiÄ… wspólnie realizować sensowne projekty.Dlatego ten i każdy inny rzÄ…d, tego i każdego innego prezydenta bÄ™dÄ™ (m. inn.) rozliczaÅ‚ za budowanie Polski samorzÄ…dnej = prowincjonalnej.

By the way…That’s all me. The only difference is I never have a problem with education but in my time education was different in some way I have my art class and music. No computers so we have to draw or cut from papers and magazines and use coloring books and I love it…:-) And I was a quiet child. But yes. My mom noticed unusual spiritual and strange things happening around my childhood and since I was a baby. I also had NDE experience when I was 5 yrs old.

nosso estadio…. quanto vc colocou la idiota para falar nosso… nem seu time colocou dinheiro naquela vergonha… e so pra lembrar voce.aquilo esta sendo com dinheiro do contribuinte quero dizer com dinheiro de quem paga impostos o que pelo seu nivel nao deve ser o seu caso. se ogulhar disso e bem a cara de saqueadores do dinheiro publico que sua corja faz parte.. quanto ao resto.. ate na africa do sul teve copa

Hay que penaaaaaaaaaaa no soy sociaaaaaaaa…. me muero por ir…. con mi sobrino!!!!!! AGUANTEEEE BOCAAAAAAAAAALucia veronica cardozo 14/11/2012 1:05Quiero ser sosia como puedo sermauro 14/11/2012 1:25que wena que esta la rubia esaVerguenza me dan 14/11/2012 9:10Adherentes de m*erda, liquiden las entradas.. .25.000 Adherentes ¿para que?que bronca que me dan los socios de carnet sin usar, reposando en la billetera para mostrar en el asado ….Socio e hincha.Charlygonzalo 14/11/2012 16:08EZEIZA PRESENTE…!!!!1 VAMOS BOCA Deje un comentarioNombre (requerido)Email(requerido)Web

Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | October 25, 2011 at 6:55 am | Wow their still at it? I watched MSNBC for a few last night, they brought out Mc RINO’s camapign manager to label birthers as the most extreme fringe in American Politics. Seriously?

Prayers for the vertigo.And I can perfectly sympathise with the fears: I help out with adults and could never imagine working with teenagers — I remember what I was like! Prayers as you decide.

Don Bacon,You may not have noticed, but The New York Times, the Financial Times, etc etc etc tend to use 20 as shorthand for 19. whatever.

La preghiera è il mezzo con il quale possiamo parlare con il nostro Padre che è nei cieli e sicuramente non lascerà come già detto da altri la sua chiesa in balia delle onde,perchè la chiesa siamo noi non le pietre ma noi figli e figlie dell’unico Padre,Dio il creatore di ogni cosa.

I love reading about gardens in other regions. There are a lot of things on your list of plants that I have to eradicate with shovels and polearms before I can plant in the Spring. Of course, I grow vegetables, and don’t care how things look.    

disse:Resumindo, temos que desessencializar o trabalho doméstico como feminino, e esse é o primeiro passo para pensarmos a questão do privilégio que você propõe no seu texto…

excelente trabajo, gracias a vosotros hemos podido asistir a la marcha por la dignidadde Seseña, me gustaria saber si teneis algún video o fotografias del ateneo de madrid,espero noticias.

J’adore ce côté « rétro-western » ! Et boutonnée jusqu’en haut renforce ce côté cow-boy, ça fait la fille qui assume son look j’aime beaucoup.Le head-band est très joli et te va très bien, surtout avec cette coupe de cheveux. Après perso je ne l’aurais pas forcément mixé avec ce genre de chemise, mais après les goûts et les couleurs hein :-)

Everything sounds so lovely and perfect in your post… The sunshine, the swimming, the ice cream and your delicious pasta. What more can you ask for?

It was pretty cool to watch the game, but being here in G-ville, it was like a riot touched off! After the game, for at least an hour, there were fireworks popping off and a dull but steady roar of fans. For all that though, only one guy got hurt. He was hit by a car streaking across University Ave. I usually despise sports, but this ensnared me. Gator Nationalism…

My hospitalisation expenses wasRs.2,46,000/-for Angioplasty in the year 2010 in C.M.C.H., VELLOREIncome tax rule 3A provides… If the expenditureborne by the employer is on medical treatment ofthe employee in a hospital [like C.M.C.H.VELLORE]either maintained by the employer or a Govt. app–roved hospital,the value of perquisite is NIL.Inother word Reimbursement of such expenditure onmedical treatment in a hospital,whether maintaineby the employer or a Govt.approved hospital is fully exempt. Is it not apply for in case. please reply soon.

Josh, while I would agree with Boaz, somewhat, I find that anyone who would apply the biblical teachings of Christ and the early Christian community at world governments wholly misses the point of the Gospel. It is simply not a political system, nor meant to be one. Both sides wish to apply the NT to Government, forgetting whatever parts would disagree with them. While the Gospel is many things, it cannot sustain a political government – unless it is the one single government.

She seems clueless as a mother and not very nurturing. She admitted in some earlier article she didn’t bond well with the first child. Also, probably the Nanny does all the work anyway….I doubt she actually gets up with the kiddo at night.

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Hello Julien! La chasse « aux sorcieres », comme aujourd’hui, ca se pratiquait aussi durant l’Inquisition. Bon, c’est pas vous qui faites de la danse? Parce qu’il vous faudra faire une autre pirouette pour vous justifier!

Ratchet logic (all directions lead to his conclusion), ideological scientists, crisis adds to funding, and the sense of opportunity by socialists that they could use it as a lever to gain central control. Global warming is nonsense. Even if true, we would more likely benefit from it. Global COLD is MORE likely and way more dangerous.

<3 Ã… sÃ¥ fine de ble….. Gleder gleder gleder meg til Ã¥ se resten av de! )))Du e sÃ¥ flink altsÃ¥! (sjøl om det e lett nÃ¥r modellen e sÃ¥ nydelig, hehehe!)stooor klæm t dæ


I am finding this Ebook tutorial very interesting and a little more difficult than watching a video. I am an intermediate blender user and I thank you for making this available and I hope there will be more of this content down the road.

Cette classe est mon main que j’avais délaissé et que je reprends avec entrain.Je suis en hybride ingénierie/TAD.Cette classe fait très mal mais elle est pour moi une des plus difficile à jouer.Contre les Cac il faut savoir utiliser la silhouette verte et l’impulsion.Contre les classes fufu qui vous open à 50% et stun, à part un tank je vois pas qui peut tenir….

Hola a todos. Restauré mi dispositivo a la 5.1.1 e hice el jailbreak con la version 2.0 y tengo problemas con los iconos pq se ven en blanco (uno sólo, el del tiempo) y hay algunos q cuando los dejas presionados para deslizar o mover, no lo hacen. Mi pregunta es si puedo volver a piratear usando la versión 2.0.2 directamente. Un saludo.

OOOOOOOH I absolutely LOVE this! You have done such a goth-a-licious job with that gorgeous image, she is one of my favourites I have to admit and I LOVE pink and black! LOVE it!Hugs Kel xx

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Eddig bármely ízesítésben is kóstoltam, mindegyik ellenállhatatlannak bizonyult. (Azért a barackpálinkás a kedvenc :) ) Ezeknél az apró üvegbe zárt gaz csábítóknál talán már csak feltalálójuk és készítőjük veheti le jobban az embert a lábáról eredeti személyiségével és hihetetlen energiájával. Gratulálok a remek ötlethez és a páratlanul sikeres megvalósításhoz. :)

:Gsmarena a aussi un outil de comparaison de photos types qui montre encore plus les défauts du OneX, voici quelques perles :Toujours pas assez flagrants comme exemples ?Quelle nouvelle excuse vas-tu nous trouver ?

This is pretty good. I like the 10,000 bombers. Did you know that during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US had over 1,400 heavy bombers armed and ready to go. Today we have probably about 162 on active duty of which 66 are non-nuclear capable. And, it’s only going to get worse.

Autó nélkül nem tud közlekedni a tiflós hölgy? Vagy olyan helyen laktok, amit macerás megközelíteni BKV-val?:(Nem értem, bocsi, de lehet, hogy lemaradtam valamiről, de miért a bizottság mondja meg, hogy ki fejlessze Sárát? És a konduktor pető- módszerrel fogja fejleszteni?

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I am very happy to apply for the international MSC program in physical land resource since we are facing huge soil loss and land degradation which directly related to Climate change result of unpredicted rain all.I appreciate if you consider my application and can contribute for my country.I was graduated from Hawassa University in Plant production and dry land farming.I have experience for more than 10 years.Solomon Mengesha ,From Ethiopia,Addis Ababa

Can doing situp and others abs exercise reduce tummy fat and build six packs as well?As mentioned above.Can I lose the fat in my lower abs and build muscle ?Because I heard that doing cardio exercise will reduce muscle too.So can I just lose my tummy fat by doing abs exercise?


that level of play is so poor that the league should probably lop off six to eight teams so that there are enough decent players to field a competent product."I don't follow NBA basketball during the season although I usually do catch some playoff games and the championship series so I can't comment on the talent or lack of it, but I feel the NFL has way too many teams. Only a few teams have talent at the really important positions.

Gillian WrightMarch 15th 2012 – 5:11amI have two favourite pieces my beautiful square engagement ring with diamonds and sapphires that was my grandmothers and then my mum’s. Second my little 5 garnet stone ring which was my great grandmothers. They are both very precious to me. I should also mention the beautiful delicate edwardian ameythest and seed pearl brooch my husband gave me last christmas!

The very next time I read a blog, I hope that it won’t fail me just as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read through, nonetheless I truly believed you would have something helpful to say. All I hear is a bunch of complaining about something you can fix if you weren’t too busy seeking attention.

Cette taxe touche également ceux qui ont besoin de soutien : les invalides.Quand cette taxe est créée , le curseur est basmais évidemment c’est prévu qu’il monte très vite.A force d’avoir la main aussi lourde sur les taxes ,c’est l’économie entière qui risque de geler.

It would have diffrent draw backs now though too. Imagine if your person was Bob Baker. It would have been much easier to find him 150 years ago than now. Less people then.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

Je viens de lire les sources, il est donc rentré en 1771 (et non en 1971, quand même ! :D ).Il a déjà eu beaucoup de malchance sans le faire sans arrêt tomber dans des passages temporels.

toom: Ano, samozdřejmě to zaptlatí všichni obyvatelé. Jako třeba ty zmíněné dálnice. Ale jde o to, že to měli strany ve svém volebním programu. Lidé proto hlasovali, aby byla za městské peníze vybudovana a provozovaná wifi síť.A světe div se, politici se do toho tentokrát dali.

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Pues lee el Sport.Por cierto, el club de tus amores es de los que más debe, y eso a pesar de ser de los más subvencionados de España, perdón, de Cataluña.A correr…

I seriously cannot believe this. I make every effort to ensure I build high quality websites with informative and useful information, and now when logging into Analytics I see "not provided", "not provided", "not provided".This is BEYOND A JOKE. Why bother with white hat SEO anymore?Im seriously lost for words. Im angry, Im frustrated and in total disbelief.Seriously ….this is ridiculous.

Hi Matt,It was with great sorrow I read your entry…I’m sorry for the turn of events in your life. A friend of mine in Cali went through a similar experience and found that writing helped him work through his emotions. I’m glad you’ve found an outlet for yours as well…my thoughts are with you and your family.

August! We had three ghosts one year: Nola, Nilly and Nelly. But they were not real. They were designed to torture our counselors as we all screamed each time we “saw” them. It. Was. Awesome. I can’t believe you are going to ThrillerFest! Wish I had known! Have fun with Kristen and all the other fabulous bloggers!

Ive been in the field for six years now i had zero experience coming in. Check your area for union mechanical service and apply and keep applying until you get hired on. That’s what i did, Once on i started a 5 year apprenticeship. School was free, on the job training. a great deal for me. Here in Cincinnati our union is in with plumbers pipefitters. And im not a big rah rah union guy but for this field it is the best way to go. Good luck +3

We have a Space Saver highchair (one that straps on to your household chairs), and the thing is GENIUS! We have a pub height table in our kitchen and a regular, low table in the dining room, so my daughter is always able to eat with us at eye level, and it’s perfect to toss in the trunk when we go visit my parents for the weekend! Love that thing. I can’t believe you had her 4 months ago… My second is due in 3.5 months, which feels so far away, but I guess it’s really not. Yikes!!

Je pense que la phrase reçue de GEn «Je trouve tes vetements jolis mais pas toi dedans »voulait + dire qu’il avait seulement dit que ses vêtements étaient jolies, et avait coupé sa phrase drette là (l’, sans la phrase espérée de Gen voulant qu’il la trouve jolie, elle…Bah GEN, comme dit VAL , tu as pas perdue grand chose, non? mais ça doit te faire ch** quand même c’est sûr..

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Wow, what a narrative. I was right there with you and I can understand why you only took ONE picture. So satisfying to have that warm cuddly head at home where it belongs.

Lo que sí se podía pedir es que dejasen de ganar dinero con ello, es decir, que cobren el coste real y nada más. Es una vergüenza ver como Vodafone te cobra “de más” si no activas (gratuitamente) “Vodafone passport”. Es decir, el “despistado” paga más, ¿por qué? “porque sí”. Ese tipo de cosas son las que debieran eliminarse.

Re your pesto, I usually put parmesan cheese in it and keep it in the freezer frozen into ice cube sized pieces makes a nice pasta sauce when you are busy.

Love this one and it’s one that I frequently put off…Have you reviewed your overhead expenses recently? It is important to review your monthly expenses on a regular basis. Thanks for the reminder!

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I personally may think the Hunger Games sucks, but I recognize its strength as a female-targeted action franchise, and if you wanted to ever give the Hunger Games the seal of quality, there’s no one better than Danny Strong to do it.

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Field,I may bleed 100% white, but I’m still voting for the “O” Man. While the Lap Dogs were talking about Jesse wanting to cut the nuts off the “O” Man the Congress was wiping their ass with the 4th Ammendment. Now they can spy on the whole damn bunch of us when they want to. No wire taps from a judge anymore just some guys with pointy heads in white sheets who all believe the same thing. Cut the Hillbilly and Fields nuts off!

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because everyone has two bloody cameras just lying around… oh and ive been trying to become a partner for over a year and i have 343 subbers and over 60,000 viewswhy are you so sh*t at your job?? >:(

mari disse:essa novela foi linda! ate hoje eu choro com cena da camila cortando o cabelo. gostei muito do casal camila e edu… essa novela deveria repetir d novo. ai que saudade!

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Barbara, feeling “withdrawal” symptoms already for Naples – time for another trip there as one of my favorite Italian cities…and your note on the pastiera made the need for a “Naples fix” even more acute. Mille grazie!

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Hey SGJ! Just love your Stroudsburg story! Love reading everyone’s different road trip stories. I really regret not going to S’burg, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me last year. I was worried it’d snow, etc. Makes me even more committed to see him in 2014!

I’m SO psyched to co-host the TechAddiction weekly podcast with you jk! I just sent an “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt for you to wear during the show….this way everyone can tell us apart!;>)KCT

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THANK YOU ALL for taking a stand in the marriage debate. I applaud your stand for marriage between a man and a woman, thank you that this stand will have people once again believing that we will be heard and that a small minority will not win over us.

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Love the purple blouse on you and you look so cute in the checked maxi dress. How rude of the bouncer to carry you off stage! I can't sing either although I have managed to find a local choir that lets anyone join and it's great!

Bremm, aqui näo há artigo, é só preposiçäo. Haveria se fosse "regresso à minha casa"!O JM que me corrija. :D Quanto à cançäo, porque é que em vez do OHOHOHOHOH eles näo fizeram o tema de ser um trabalhador do kolkoze turcomeno a voltar a casa no camiäo? Era assim täo importanto ser um vaqueiro americano? :D

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Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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Anonymous: So, on what grounds do you claim that this was not a hate crime? The lack of evidence that it meets the definition of a hate crime. Anonymous: And the only reason seems to be that it was because they were white. That's your unsubstantiated claim that is contradicted by the families of the victims. Crazy people do crazy things.

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cork,will miami still get their welfare check from MLB for the next few years. if so, how has anything changed, they still can’t support themselves.anybody want to bet me that the marlins are in the 22K average in less than 3 years with actual attendance dipping below 15K on some nights? do any of you honestly think the rays will draw 30K a night in a new stadium after 5 years of it being built?

  paulJuly 16, 2012Hey guys, I’m loving the podcast. I love hearing all the guests and enjoy hearing the variety of points of view. (Loved the recent show comparing English to American races!)I have a request: can you raise the recording volume a little bit? I often have a hard time hearing some of you when i’m playing the podcast through small speakers. I don’t have this problem with any other podcast I listen to.Thanks!Paul

Hi Tash – I don’t know – I can tell you downtown NYC is certainly humming with helicopters. Not such a good thing for those who live here! (I’ve tried shouting at them- shut up! I’m trying to write here. Doesn’t seem to work.) (Ha.) K.

தாங்கள் சொன்னா மட்டுமே அது போராட்டம்.மற்றவர்கள் எது சொன்னாலும் செய்தாலும் குறைகண்டுபிடிப்போம். இதுதான் வினவின் உத்தி.அது இந்த கட்டுரையிலும் இனிவரும் கட்டுரையிலும்தான்.எல்லாரும் ஆளுக்கு ஒரு துப்பாக்கி வாங்கி வச்சிக்குங்க.நக்சல்பாரி ஆட்சி வரப்போகுது.இப்டித்தான் புரட்சிவரப்போகுதுன்னு 80 களில் உண்டியல் குலுக்கினாங்க.அது பிரகாஷ்காரத் கையில் போய்சேர்ந்துவிட்டது.

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There is a letter in the Op-Ed section of today’s WSJ from the BOFA CEO Ken Lewis.He wants us all to support the Bail Out package so we don’t have an economic recession. The F%$#er is looking to dump the Country Wide garbage on the tax payer !!

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Glad you posted early Gillian… my entire family is out golfing and I’m beginning to feel what a sad life I lead if I’m in front of my laptop on a Sunday afternoon writing!!!Great post.Yes, wasn’t Bill Bailey tremendous. I seem to write all my books to The Mission soundtrack – Gabriel’s Oboe etc. But if you look at some of the other titles on the CD… Remorse, Penance, Refusal, Alone… I begin to wonder about myself! Maybe there’s a reason why I’m closeted away!

Yesterday, I was in a shopping plaza in Marple, PA and saw a new BMW in front of a store.It was parked in the fire lane, facing the wrong way, and right in front of the supermarket exit and curb cut ramp. And it was parked. Not loading or flasher parked. Just parked.Bad as that was, it had a Eurozone front plate with Greek lettering, and a Greek flag hanging from the mirror. That last detail simply made it for me. My 9YO didn’t understand Daddy’s explanation about why he was laughing.

another sacrificial liberal lamb for Day to whack upside the head.I love how these milquetoasts are obsessed with making a he-man out of the rather prissy Stockwell Day.Miss Day is not going to whack anyone upside the head. She's much too genteel for that.

to myself that I wouldn’t use “because I said so” with the kids, but I have found myself saying it, and realizing how silly that sounds, esp to a 6-year old. I will certainly be mote concious of it…or at least try ( in the heat of the moment, that’s all I can promise). Thanks for giving me something to think about!

Wow, that looks like my kind of place! It feels so serene and full of life. I love those early morning spider webs but I think I’d be afraid the alligators would chase me down with their big jaws snapping.

Aivan ihmeellisen hienoa, että yksi kovimmista gangstereistaon löytänyt elävän Jumalan ja tekee tilit selviksi ihmisiin päin.Toivottavasti moni alan mies rohkenee ottaa selvää, tämän esimerkinrohkaisemana, onko Jumalaa olemassa.Etsivä löytää – edelleen.

frühen Morgen nach Stuttgart, um dort am Praxis-Workshop für Portrait-/Hochzeitsfotografie von Slava Ebinger teilzunehmen. Zum Glück habe ich schnell einen Parkplatz gefunden, und am Treffpunkt warteten

un petit dernier commentaire pour la route : Là moi je dis : « BRAVOOOOO » ! Des mois d’attentes pour une m… enfin y pas mort d’homme


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love the article, especially this bit:“But this is actually what happens when you try to use extrinsic motivation to encourage people to be creative. In order to do that, you need to somehow measure the quality of what people do. Once you start doing this, people will start optimizing their work to satisfy the measured criteria. You end up rewarding people who are most successful at exploiting and cheating the system. The ones who get left behind are creators and consumers, who genuinely care about quality.”something i’ve been feeling with all these job applications forms i’ve been doing!

CoronelNão sei a fonte, mas DU_VI_DE_O_DÒ!AAA é adminstrativista, jamais se sujaria juntando-se ao H.*osta.Aposto uma caixa de cervejas (só não dou a cara a tapa porque, embora crédula no bom-senso do governador, não sou nenê).Quem quereria juntar-se àquilo depois de tudo q se sabe (ao menos aqui) da vida do milionário pós Rede Globo?Pp

That is such a true and marvelous statement. You are such an amazing woman and although our journeys are slightly different, it feels as though those are some of my thoughts. Thank you for sharing!

Olá daniel ! Quero parabenizar pelo site e pela nova empreitada, sei que não é fácil chegar no nível que você chegou, acompanha seu outro blog “Cravo e Canela” e vejo todo seu empenho. Você merece demais o lugar que está ocupando nesse momento…Só tenho a desejar mais sucesso e muita saúde para que possa nos presentear com seu talento cada dia mais.Parabéns.Cristian de SáMogi Guaçu – SP

I think this article is very good. I think that it is a good thing that her and her mom motivate each other. I think a lot kids should have relationships with their mother like this. Jasmine did a really good job talking about how her and her mother are alike. It’s just all around a good article.

No, amigo, ahí si que no estoy de acuerdo contigo, yo no me avergonzaré nunca de ser español, ni de coña, yo me avergüenzo de los malos españoles, tengan o no toga, tengan o no licencia para hacer injusticias, para corromper, robar, PPEAR,PPSOEAR, y eso que acaban de empezar, (Nuevos verbos recién inventados por mi, que pasa…) pero de todo tiene que haber en esta vida, hay que poner los cojones y los ovarios encima de la mesa e ir a por ellos!Como españoles de bien, con dos cojones y dos ovarios ibéricos…Besos y salud

I like everything you guys are around. Such wise work along with reporting! Carry on with the excellent operates guys. I get incorporated an individual guys for you to my blogroll. I think it’s going to improve the worth of my personal site.

Eu diria mais, os políticos do PS dão-se muito mal com o corpo duma mulher e vai daí toca a apreender tudo aquilo que tenha mulher, vai dai toca a retirar, toca a proibir, seja o Magalhães ou os livros de arte expostos numa livraria.Se até os papas da Renascença enalteciam os belos nus das italianas.Como este mundo está virado ao contrário e o lobby gay tomou conta disto (Socas e companhia), agora tudo o que tenha vagina, toca a proibir que é imoral.Eu ainda sou muito conservador (gosto muito de v*****).

Es lamentable que sucedan esas cosas. Por dignidad debería de renunciar al cargo que pretende ocupar.Claro, para eso se necesita tener dignidad.Saludos Sakis.

“What is interesting is that the attacker could have recognised Amar as a Jew. ” First indications of the police investigation are that Joseph Amar was wearing a beret, as is the Jewish tradition,” wrote L Bernich, the Maroc-Hebdo reporter.” This is what constitutes evidence these days? Or is there more in the article to indicate that this is something more than hysterics? (My French is not that great.) A little more detail on comparative murder rates would be helpful.Heather

Any chance you could make this available for free accounts too? Plus it should be possible to share the templates with specific people outside your domain (in the same way as shared calendars).

Vancouver ist nicht so schön? Die Stadt soll doch mit Zürich zusammen weltweit die beste Lebensqualität bieten. Bei Zürich kann ich es nachvollziehen, die Stadt ist wunderschön. Deswegen hatte ich jetzt auch hohe Erwartungen an Vancouver. Bin gespannt was Du sagts wenn Du mehr gesehen hast.

Quello che dici AC/DC è sbagliato , primo perchè non ho reso riconoscibile nessuno , accusa francamente ridicola visto che mi esporrebbe ad un espulsione immediata dall'ordine e una denuncia per abuso d'ufficio e visto che molti dei miei incarichi sono perizie per Tribunali…Secondo quando parlo dei miei (non sono miei ma tant'è) pazienti dico solo lo strettamente necessario per dare un quadro generale della situazione e nulla di più . se non lo facessi non renderei comprensibile cio che voglio dire…

Je vais la faire courte: perso la prélo je la trouve franchement moyenne avec un Anakin franchement loin d’avoir la classe d’un Dark Vador. Et la période de la guerre des clones, je commence sérieusement à saturer .Alors finalement je me demande si l’arrivée de Disney peut vraiment détériorer la situation.Malgré cela je ferais (la peur au ventre) certainement partie des pigeons allant voir SW7 au Ciné voir ce que ça donne.

Annonymous,The “real” fact is that Liancourt Rocks never appeared on any Korean map or in any Korean document before the Japanese told Korea about the Rocks in 1906. Now compare that to Japan, who has documented and mapped the rocks for centuries.Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks) is historically Japanese territory.

Thanks Coco! I’m even thinking about trying to use Zoidberg as a blush. I just love that colour so so much! <3Leria Yann – You definitely should try BRM sometime. I recommend trying the grab bag if you can’t make up your mind with all those choices!

I've always been curious about rhubarb, its not grown here in the Dominican Republic. Love their pink color :) so nice to "meet" you, Mary! thank you for your kind words, already added you to my reader. Happy Friday! -Yuri

Oh my goodness. You've done the very same experiment that I wanted to do. And that I suggested my 10 year old do for the science fair — but she decided to do the old flowers in food coloring experiment, instead.Can't wait to see this book come out.

Clicked his new video: “Hey there everybody it’s Mark Crilley i’m back with another how to draw video”Clicked the link for this video: “Hey there everybody it’s Mark Crilley i’m back with another how to draw video”You don’t change much do you

é mesmo certo que os 90 STM vem cá ou nem por isso? é que dizem que sim, mas no cartaz nao vem lá –’

Beste Paula,Ontzettend bedankt voor de fantastische dag gisteren. Het was zo ongelooflijk mooi allemaal. De bruidsreportage was super leuk om te doen en we genoten enorm. Heel fijn om jou als fotograaf te hebben. En wat zien de eerste foto’s er geweldig uit!Duizend maal dank!!!!Groetjes van een heeeeeeeel gelukkig bruidpaar.

Ah! Bien le merci, « tasse de thé »| le 25 juin 2008 à 23:29, je vais pouvoir dormir tranquille !Vous avez parfaitement raison : il s’agit du « Silencieux» , que je confondais sans doute avec  » L’homme qui en savait trop » dont la scène du concert au Royal Albert Hall est restée célèbre.

This is hilarious, the kind of conversation overheard in theatre bars. I don’t really care who wrote them, so long as I can revel in the language. Does that make me one of your philistines?

fcWacalaykum Assalaam Waraxmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh,Aad ayaa ugu mahadsan tahay ducadaada. Waxaan rajaynaynaa in annaga oo dhan aan ka-wada faa’iideysanno barakada bisha Ramadaanka iyo qeyrkeeda.f7

Hi Laurie, I really enjoyed looking at your work. You’re so talented! I particularly liked the sections Through and School of Hard Knocks. The first has beutiful photos and the second is so expressive. Thanks for sharing them. Kate

Really trustworthy blog. Please keep updating with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email itto a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy reading..

Φάκτορα,Η κυρία “θα ενημερωθεί εγγράφως δια της κοινοβουλευτικής οδού”!Πάντως σκίζει απο αντιπολίτευση!Είχαμε δεν είχαμε την κάναμε θέμα;Μήπως τελικά αυτό επεδίωκε;

Makes sense, in a few points I wish to share my views. Your points 10 to 14 is covered in your CMP 2, that is point 2 takes care of 10 to 14.  I STRONGLY disagree we come and go empty handed and that the outer gives no happiness – metaphysics brings insights; one is that there is no distinction between the inner or outer, this just IS.  I will agree that pleasure of that which lies outside the body mind combine is experienced within the body mind combine.  I do agree that we need metaphysics. ÂÂ

The alternate ending had Pattinson’s character going to a friend’s house, dropping trou, bending over and pulling apart his ass cheeks as he asks, “So you promise, no one is ever gonna see these but us, right?”

I think the most striking things about Mary’s story is that she forgived the murder who killed her daughter. As a normal person, no one will forgive the one who kills someone’s beloved people. Instead, they will hope that that person will punished by harsh punishment. What the behavior Mary did was really impressed me. She is a hero.If I were Mary, I would not forgive the murder. Losing someone I love is the most painful to me. Mary is pretty genorous and brave. If I were the murder, I would feel very regret about what I’ve done. I would kill myself as an end

He did the same 180 degree about-face last October after AAPL missed the analysts’ overly aggressive targets for Q4 earnings. He called AAPL “just another stock”. Jim Cramer is a cancer for the individual investor. He merges entertainment with investing. These are two things that cannot be more different. Andy has it right – to be successful in investing you must be ruthless and 100% emotionally detached.

Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So good to find anyone with some unique ideas on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this website is one thing that’s wanted on the net, someone with a bit of originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the web!

Hey Perm, So great to see your blog too. I didn’t know it was there. Like the pics. Looking forward to more postings on your blog, got signed up. God be with both of you on the rest of your trip. Jeff & Mary

Too bad that the difference between Opal and Maisie wasn't bigger. But Chloe is really cute and I like that is has some tiny tine blue/green flakies mixed in :)

A jiffy bag A woman who lived in the apartment above us used to scream and moan like that. I wanted to go up and punch her in the mouth! I was glad when she moved out!

Maaike / Hallo Marleen.Je zegt dat je geen beterschaps kaarten wilt versturen naar mensen die niet meer beter kunnen worden. De meeste mensen die op deze website komen hebben MS, dit is een chronische ziekte die (nog) niet te genezen is. Helaas worden wij dus ook niet beter.Het is wel een leuk idee om kaartjes te versturen naar zieke mensen

have to offer. although be very careful…in doing this. some blogs may mark you as a spammer if you keep on just commenting mindlessly and just leaving links.4. set up the rss feed of your blog so you can syndicate it. this will make it easier for…

Good Luck this semester!!! Hope you guys get some rain down in Texas VERY SOON!!! If I could send you the rain and cold from alaska O I would. =) I am the exact opposite from you, I am ready to get back to the South.

Unfortunately until one can actually change google apps usernames, it will not conform to my larger clients' needs. Try telling a system that is use to being able to change usernames when people get married that they have to create a new account and migrate everything. That doesn't fly with an automated LDAP system.

A lucid postulation of a general systems theory of energy, psychology and the mind.In a pragmatic technological teaching manner, Swamiji connects us to our psychoenergetic mechanism through a direct transmission and activation of this primitive Life Force Energy. Our gratitude and love for Swamiji is embodied in this boundlesss energy.(Dr) John Twomey,Cambridge College,Tufts Univerity School od Medicine.

mejor en lugar de estar como señora verdulera has cosas buenas por tu pais para que en un futuro nos demuestres con hechos todo lo que alardeas y fanfarroneas y no con palabras porque de nada te va a servir mexico como sea ya tiene una posicion y mira que muy alta a nivel mundial asi que mejor que DIOS te bendiga a ti y a tu pais para que prospere y no para que valla de mal en peor por gente tan necia e insensata como tu y decias de la mala escritura de frank y tu estas peor papayudo

Actually Sidfaiwu, I used my own computer at my house. I have a toshiba computer. And it could be possible that the other two commenter have the same comutr as me. I’m not saying they do, and not saying they don’t. And korgan I’m not answering your question because I think you are trying to be a smart elluck, and trying to insult me.

Oliver Mujica | Common Geoff, we all know that the answer is simple….NEVER! Why would the “leader” (if that’s what we want to call him) of a country filled by “failures” (those that have drank his koolaide) ever want to admit or be accused of failure? The problem with this country (or at least with those 51% whom support him) is that they will NEVER accept that the of the economy is their fault. I (along with the other 49% of us)feel your!!!

Off topic: Tommaso Dorigo has become really ridiculous now; he gets excited about and cheers up as "plot of the week" etc every single BSM phenomena that is NOT observed (at the LHC) so far, LOL :-D Not sure if such a pathological scornfulness and negativity (well known from Dorigo's best friend…) is the right attitude to impartially do serious and honest work in physics … :-/. Maybe he needs a supervisor to have a close look at what he is doing … (I did not click him of course, just saw the title in Kneemo's side bar …)

Barusan dapet telp dari adikku : “bang, printernya kok ga mo kluar tinta itemnya tu napa?” “………..???????????? WEKZ!!!!!! Emangnya abanmu ni dukun komputer, yang bisa mbenerin hanya dengan mendengar critamu? Toblaz….! Toblaz…!”*Sori kalo SKSD, Cumin serasa senasib ajah, sering ngalamin hal2 serupa kek gitu.*Wekekekeke

What other exercise can i do to workout my abs other than crunches and sit ups?I keep hearing that they are very bad for you and not a real ab workout.I hear that it is damaging for your lower back. I have scoliosis so i don’t want to damage my back any further. Can someone explain to me why they are bad? And what can i do instead of crunches/sit ups to workout my abs?ThanksI am NOT interested in weight loss! I am 15 pounds underweight. I am trying to gain weight but keeping a flat nice stomach.

You have such a wonderful talent for creating beauty! I love his jewel nose and the little snowflakes on the inside make it so special! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. xx

Things are going fast forward, but search is one thing, make things easier for tampering and piracy is another. There will be a point of "no return", with no new content available, because creators have to get something out of their work – isn't it?

Dina pojkar och din man måste vara väldigt stolta över dej!! Hoppas du kan få mera hjälp i hemmet så att du får vara hemma hos din fina familj. Livet är inte rättvist så mycket vet man ju. Många kramar��ulrica

Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Cheers

Get a good recipe. However, the ingredient that keeps it “stiff” is called Creme of Tartar. The reason you need a recipe is to make sure the ratio you use is right. Not enough and it won’t work. . . good luck.

Kjempeskjønne tøfler! Jeg sitter faktisk her med noen lignende på beina, men uten de søte hjertene:-)Kos deg med julekortproduksjonen!Klem

I recently took a class on bread baking. Now, seeing your post, I am reminded that I need to get baking!!! Gorgeous loaf, I'd love some of that fresh bread and some butter :D *kisses* HH

Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brightened my day!

It makes me sad to read some of the comments about BC. I’m a student there, having been sent by my community. I’m not always sure what to do in my relationship to the place, but I pray for the courage to do whatever the Holy Spirit might have in mind for me. I thank you for joining your prayers to mine.

Congratulations to you both! My piece, Please Pass the Spaghetti, will also appear in the memories and recipes e-book. I sent it in to a Writing it Real contest earlier this year, then revised it and sent it to the women’s memoirs contest. So it appears so far we know that three of the twenty-five pieces in the e-book have a relationship to Writing it Real. I wonder how many more?check out the contest page for more contests coming up.

Se sabe además, que el esenese ha llegado a un acuerdo con gúguel para que cuando buscas ibuprofeno salgan primero los genéricos, sean mormones, evngelistas u agnósticos.

de los bocetos tambien hubo un trailer mostrado a puertas cerradas.y un segmento de gameplay con graficos de texturas muy basicas, hasta lei por hay que ya tenia sonido pero no era doblaje oficial si no hecho por los mismos desarrolladores. ;D asi que el juego va bien

Sigh!I am afraid that you are right, Bill. The Dems blow almost as much hot air as the Reps. And they are not as good at it. Why has the minimum wage never been pegged to inflation? Because the Reps are against it, and the Dems like to threaten to raise it from time to time. It makes them sound good.But if the Dems really wanted to pass this legislation, they would call the filibuster bluff. However, they get a lot of mileage out of proposing it, even if they don’t pass it.

Ne dirait-on pas tout simplement : « Observateur au Kurdistan » ?Sinon pour répondre à la question posée, je pense que le PP permet une meilleure compréhension.L’infinitif aurait induit que « l’observateur » agissait. Or, en sa qualité d’observateur, il ne devrait qu’observer et « subir » l’action d’un autre. Après, c’est un avocat communiste… donc j’imagine un observateur plutôt activiste.

a51561cbEn tout cas, avec Marine en tête des sondages et Melanchon qui se fait mousser sérieusement, si l’on pouvait parvenir a encore gagner du temps et le décaler après Mai 2012 ce défaut…Encore merci pour le temps que vous nous donner et encore bravo pour le travail fournit, je reste persuader qu’un des meilleurs moyens de progresser, sur le LT bien sur, c’est de continuer a nous éduquer!! Merci!Bonne soirée34745

Bo you know I probably only shared the half of it – I did tell you my inner critic was mean. How do you manage not to listen to yours? I need to learn that technique!

disorder dijo:Hola compañeros! sabeis de alguna pagina donde se hable de emulacion sobre xbox, tengo una metida en la recreativa y me vendria muy bien!En elotrolado en el apartdo scene sobre xbox. Pero un consejo mio es que te bajes en un dvd el zbinstaller, desdes este dvd puedes instalar varios emuladores, aplicaciones etc que funcionan muy bien, si tienes alguna duda preguntame que me lo acabo de instalar y ademas es muy facil.

Is there confusion here with Organic or am I confused. As far as I know Organic does not mean GMO Free folks. Apples and Oranges as far as I know. Please show me the rule or legal statement that associates one with the other.

scrive:Grazie Peter mi aspetto tanto dal Cou quest’anno e con Stramaccioni non può che fare bene! Ultimamente ti leggo in forma, ottimista come ai vecchi tempi! ;)

What a cool way of educating, feeding and playing all at once. It looks too good to eat, although from the stories of Paloma's epic appetite, that won't stop her. Considering what you put in front of Paloma, who can blame her. Such a creative method of teaching and sharing with your child… good for you, lucky for her!

Je me demande d’où vient cette obsession actuelle de l’antisémistisme. Il y a des riches et des pauvres dans toutes les communautés, je ne comprends pas pourquoi certains s’obstinent à le nier. Il ya quelque chose là-dessous.Pour Coubertin… il était sans doute le reflet de son époque, une époque assez nauséabonde. Mais je me demande si la notre sent si bon ?

God bless u Andy, u spoke my mind, accept we d youth take d destiny of this nation into our hands, we are missing the point. i pit those fighting tribal issues, Nigeria is a great country, its diversity is not even compared to some other countries that are living togather with a common goal. so we need to come to gather and impose our rule, we youths are in the majority, wake up boys!

Though there is no scientific corelation between “any quick fixes or magic bullet” to “cure” fibro, a good nutritious diet, positive lifestyle, regular exercise, good sleep habits and so on will ensure that you are self managing the stressors that contribute to fibro flare ups. If your mind is telling you that it helps, guess what, it helps! Find what works for you, whether it be massage, special nutrients, etc…enjoy your life and dont let fibro rule it, dont give it your power! Deep breath!

I think this is among the most vital info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

Minä suosittelisin ensimmäiseksi masentuneelle kilpirauhastasojen mittausta. Monet vajaatoimintaiset ovat syöneet turhaan masennuslääkkeitä, kun kaikki lääkärit eivät ymmärrä otattaa näitä verikokeita.

Great monogrammed tray, Shannon! Love your bunnies! I might paint them a color that would go with the room I might be putting them in, although, I'm kind of liking gray with a white touch lately.

I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

1cfThanks for your advice on this blog. One thing I would choose to say is always that purchasing electronics items on the Internet is not new. In fact, in the past ten years alone, the marketplace for online gadgets has grown a great deal. Today, you can get practically virtually any electronic unit and other gadgets on the Internet, which include cameras as well as camcorders to computer parts and game playing consoles.

Oggi Ettore ha cominciato a darmi calci (o pugni o chi lo sa) sotto le costole. E mancano circa 3 mesi all’alba.Ne ho un par di balle… quindi ti capisco benissimo!BacioniChiara

Following the anvil on a cable in space question. why not attach a couple of wires to a load of solar panels floating in orbit? solving all our energy problem needs. or cover the sahara with solar panels. aparts from a few scorpions and nomads who’s it gonna hurt?

Great info :) Still, there is something I cannot understand, when I make a new post in my FB Page I cannot see it in my personal timeline and I have noticed that other people who have already liked my page do not see that post either. Any idea why this is happening.Thanks Christy!

Kewl you should come up with that. Excellent!

“Wait, so Alas bloggers say we shouldn’t hate the blacks for Prop 8, and we shouldn’t hate the Mormons for Prop 8… so who should we hate?”On the other hand, hating the Mormon or Catholic *church*… IMO, is just fine.

OMGoondess is this ever CUTE!! Love your Sweet circular card! Love your Fabulous coloring on this little Cutie and Super mix of dp’s too! Love this! HugsShannon

Great site here. Lots of blogs like this cover subjects that aren’t found in magazines. I don’t know how we got by 10 years ago with just magazines and newspapers.

ahh y se me olvidaba la esencia de este blog; las deudas, gracias a estos reductos de claridad e informacion se tiene la esperanza de reeducar a la sociedad porque todavia salarios de hambre y deudas ridiculas nos tienen atorados en esta ruedita del hamster

People can resist all they want, until people wake up to the socialist approach being taken by the Libs, Dippers, and Greens and start voting differently, the govt will keep lying, cheating, stealing, and forcing its agenda on us all, to our mutual destruction and eventual enslavement.

sind Ferien? Nächste Woche sind die Junioren weg und wir sind allein und fahren alleine ein paar Tage weg. Als Kind war ich gerne allein, konnte das aber selten sein, denn 5 Geschwister sind manchmal sehr lästig…

btw, Luca. I do have a few questions. first, i still have problems with rolling R in swedish, the same as in Italian, I think. Second, I searched Assimil but they dont teach swedish in English or Chinese. what else learning material do you recommend? and the last question is how you view the musicality of swedish? last but not least, any specific tips of learning swedish? (curious, how long did it take for u to master swedish :) )

Tavoitteena tässä on myös lisätä läpinäkyvyyttä, ja sitä kautta luottamusta. Parantaa kommunikaatiota ja yhteishenkeä. En halua tehdä auktoriteettina jotain suosituksia, joita jengi sokeasti toteuttaa (tai ignooraa), vaan keskustella ja selventää, aivan kuin opastaisin kaveria (vaikkapa kauppareissulla). Ja jotta kommunikaatio pelaa, sen täytyy olla helppoa, mukavaa ja sujuvaa. Kaikki salasanarekisteröintivaatimukset ym. pelkolähtöiset yliturvatoimet on ihan hanurista. Jokainen neuvottelu ja tutustuminen kannattaa mieluummin aloittaa luottamuksen osoituksella.

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aa, dupa cartea asta a fost facut filmul ala? habar n-aveam ca e o carte. bine, nu am vazut tot filmul, da' am prins cae cevacoperta imi place pentru ca este asa mai ciudata :D chiar imi place. as vrea sa citesc cartea

geng2 PKR..PAS..pekata wat bantahan kat kerajaan PHG,tutup kdai ekor,kelab2 mlm dan yg seangkatan dgnnye.lg bgus!!ad bran dok fuziah???buat ape2 pun ada risk!!asal kita ada ilmu nk handle the risk.the wane gu2!!

yücel / 23 Mart 2011bu oyun kadar grafiği iyi ve sesleri özellikleri seslerini yapabilecek bir firma yok ! Gelecek 100 yılda olmaz Cevaplamak için giriş yapın

Hallo Anna,Dank voor je reactie, altijd leuk als iemand een reactie achterlaat! Ik heb even gekeken naar het soepje, ziet er lekker uit. Helaas heb ik geen rookoven. Maar wie weet… groeten, Caroline

comentou em 29 de janeiro de 2010 às 14:41. O laranja É ótimo pra usar de manhã, porque ele dá uma levantada incrível na pele. Mas não é muito apropriado para limpeza da pele.Bjsss!!!!!!

Informative Article…Definitely imagine that that you stated. Your favourite justification appeared to be on the web the easiest thing to take note of. I say to you, I certainly get irked whilst people consider concerns that they plainly don’t understand about. You contro…

Esti o poezie….Eu realizez ca devin confuza cu timpul…referitor la mult prea multe lucruri… Mult mai confuza ca in adolescenta, cand eram foarte sigura ca stiu tot si ca ceea ce stiu este adevarul absolut! ::))

Este adevarat ca totusi sunt rezervate 5000 de locuri pentru cei care vor sa-si continue studiile in Romania? Stiam ca a fost anulata aceasta decizie si ca au ramas exact aceleasi locuri la numar ca si anul trecut.

Not sure why, but I love groundhogs! The way they move, the way they run when startled, it is so adorable. Maybe if one were in my garden it would not be so, but as is, they are a big favorite of mine. Great story, Jody!

kening sinchan tu yg mahal nokk.. wat liyana jatuh cinta.. ssh nk dpt laki kening cm gitu.. 1 dalm seribu..hehe.. ape2 pun..tahniah buat kalian berdua! moga ke jinjang pelamin :)

Good for you for getting to that gym when you didn’t want to. And I take naps all the time. But I’m weird so don’t go by me. Wrote the dip recipes down because they sound so good! Great TT.

Jackson disse:Belíssima iniciativa!! Infelizmente o mundo atual incentiva o individualismo, afastando as pessoas da vida em comunidade e do espírito de solidariedade. Torço para que dê muito certo!!

  January 11, 2012Fleur, I absolutely love reading, looking, at your blog whenever I can. I love the way you bring the country to the millions. Keep it up! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award if you are interested. Pop by and grab the award if you like, Cheers, Meg

Det finns helt klart en hel del att veta om det. Jag tror att du skapade några bra faktorer fungerar också. Håll operativsystem, bra yrke!

Very nice article. One more thing I would like to add that don’t make website for google. Make site for people, so that people can find the information easily they are looking for. If more and more people are coming to your site, Google will follow people.

Jeg har linket til din side her med græskar, med tak for de søde græskar. Jeg er næsten ikke til at stoppe igen, men det er jo heldigvis sæson for dem lige nu ;)

Lainaan -todella paljon- kirjoja kirjastosta (osa tosin on lapsille), mutta en varaa juuri koskaan. Pääsyy on pihiys; meillä varaaminen maksaa oman kunnan alueella 80 senttiä ja naapurikunnista (jotka kuuluvat samaan järjestelmään) 2 e. Uutuuksia saa melko helposti varaamattakin, koska tällä alueella on ehkä suhteellisen vähän kirjaston suurkuluttajia (ei esim. juurikaan opiskelijoita).

Maternity leave has made you lazy? Big deal! From everything I've heard, you should enjoy it and relish in that laziness every chance you get. Apparently they're few and far between. :)

Good summary of updates Chris…thanks.As far as “managing” Twitter outside their website (I’m with you on that)…clearly you’e a Hootsuite fan. What about Tweetdeck? Are they about the same or is Hootsuite better?

Bravo for Ryanair. You get what you pay for. Want more then go via Royal Air Maroc. I am sure you would notice the big difference in price but I doubt that you would notice any difference in service!

Il n’y a pas de trailer de Avengers 2, ce film n’étant pour l’instant qu’un projet dans les cartons mal rangés de Marvel. Il faudra d’abord attendre Ant-Man puis Iron Man 3, puis certainement le reboot de Spiderman avant de pouvoir espérer voir le début d’un trailer pour un hypothétique Avengers 2.

I’ve flipped two houses and did the landscaping design and work for them and the house I live in now. I’ve tried mulch only, mulch with landscaping fabric and river rock with landscaping fabric that advertised itself as ‘lets water in and keeps weeds out.’ The latter doesn’t work to keep weeds out. Thank you for the vast ideas! I expect I’ll dig up my not-working fabric some day. Your suggestions were very helpful!-R.T. Wolfe

SirishaI always used to be very mad at parents with crying babies in movie theatres! So I always dread being on the other side.. I haven’t yet taken the two year old to the movies and won’t do so for a long time to come!

小小调查了一下下1. 系统的locale设定在 /var/local/system/locale 这个文件里2. Amazon写了一个脚本在/etc/upstart/longpicker.conf来生成对应的语言脚本(也就是说在其他版本里的;debugOn -> ~changeLocale zh_cn.utf8 其实就是在改变这个locale然后调用这个脚本来生成所需的语言/字体映射文件不过我还没看明白这个到底怎么用。。。研究ing。。。

I am one of many in the area served by Akron Childrens Hospital, and am in strong agreement Dr. Daryl Steiner head of the C.A.R.E. unit should be investigated and all cases where he has provided testimony should be reexamined. Many families including mine have been ripped apart from his so called expertise of SBS.

bones!jo l’altre dia mirant un diari d’aquests de premsa gratuita també vaig veure que feien un concurs de blogs, pero només podien participar aquells que haguesin fet el blog a partir d’una direcció que ells escollien (la propia del diari)

There is an evil that is now permeating this country, and that is the ability to recognize the insignificant and hateful manner in which others are allowed to defame and ostracize people with in the country.The fact that a people would even think of burning and defaming the religion of others and exploiting these measures for their own personal gain is outrageous.The decency of this country is being lost and controlled by those who self-interest is destroying this country.

she felted raped…..i tried comferting her alot and doing everything i can and i’m willing to do anything…if you have any suggestions what i can do then please tell me it would be much appreciated (l) )

Radisson dit : LeCitoyenCommentaire #6416 Juillet 2008 à 11:19 amVoici un article qui fait état des fréquentations pro-Talibanes et pro-Hezbollah de Mulcair à des fins “électoralistes”(…)Je crois qu’il faut avoir le NPD et Mulcair à l’oeil! Parfaitement d’accord.Mais je serai toujours étonné de voir à quel point la gauche a dégénéré sur le plan intellectuel.Plus niais ou inconscient que cela, tu meurs!

Ciao Paolo,Una cosa che mi sono sempre domandato: Perché alcune parti del modulo lunare sembrano fatte di cartapesta (non trovo un termine più calzante)??? Mi riferisco alla parte arancione dietro a te nella foto e che si vede anche in quasi tutte le foto del modulo (a volte è dorata, ma non so se sia un effetto della luce). Non sono complottista, anzi, semplicemente questa cosa mi incuriosisce. Che materiale è? Grazie.

Du bist noch im IRC aktiv? Der Channel, an den ich unweigerlich denken muss?Ansonsten ja, Zeichenbegrenzung im IRC ist auch noch ein Bereich, bei dem man solche Links in bestimmten Fällen durchgehen lassen kann.

A mi me parece que no es posible el corralito con una "moneda única", pero que estamos intervenidos está meridianamente claro a pesar de la negativa constante de este mentiroso gobierno.Besos conectados

Hi,Can you give more details about the error?In which page is it happening? Open that page with a text editor and remove or comment theOn Error Resume Nextline to see if a trapped error appears.[]

December 5, 2012 This is really encouraging to me, as I have been so pressured and busy to make the grades- while I have also felt such a need to share Christ- just not knowing how to come off as genuine and that I really care about others if I don’t have a whole lot of time to spend with them, showing them that.

, then u got to have a deathwish. But could he get close to top 6 in a safe way? I doubt it. I guess he tried last year, but even if he looked real good after his semicore bodybuilding transformation, he stil looked like a chicken compared to the Levrone google pics. And that statement is not for ditching his transformations. But it tells all about how incredible some of this pics are.

Everytime I view this site, I get super hungry and want to go back to Taipei for a visit! And now an entry on stinky tofu, my favorite!! I haven’t tried any in Shih Lin market. I will have to try to find that vendor next time I visit.

genio e il postino o il corriere come cavolo fanno a consegnarti un pacco/lettera/cartolina se non c'è il citofono?E se un amico/parente che abita fuori viene a trovarti per la prima volta come fa a trovarti?E se traslochi da una zona ad un'altra, come fanno i sopra citati postini/amici e parenti a trovarti al nuovo indirizzo?

De Witt- Many of us younger generation gets it. But unlike our adult child counterparts, we are too busy working, trying to start families, and live the American Dream to make as much noise as the full grown infants.

Dreambes, sérieux, tu souilles le nom de Ulver rien qu’en mettant ton casque sur les oreilles pour l’écouter. Tu calcules rien, t’es pas inteligent. Je pige pas comment on peu etre autant limité et écouter du son aussi bon. BrefCe chilhoods end est pour moi une réussite totale…..surtt si on le compare a wars of the rose…

You know what was so simple but effective that Lakers miss. A Ron post up. In april he could get to the foul line, get 2 points or find a window to get the bigs the ball. Such a simple play but it worked.

The offender has to attend somewhere. A ward without children is probably better if his offense was against children. Obviously, he should still be accompanied, even in a singles ward.

Hi Sarah,I've been a recent reader of your blog and love the recipes!! I chanced upon this one for some holiday baking and was wondering what I can use in place of the egg?Thanks!DeeR

Hi Manuel,I love your blog and am organizing a conference on Big Data. I’d love to conduct a research call with you as I know you’re a true expert. Please feel free to email me directly.Best,Krista

Thank you so much for all of the love. I think the Dance or Die MNDR remix came out great. The track was already hot. I appreciate that you can hear my influences ; )Loredana and I are up to much much more!!!

, the purpose of ballistic tips is for rapid expansion upon collision with the target. You hit a zombie in the head with one of these it will do more damage to the brain as a whole than compared to a typical round, as it expands its tears at a larger portion of the brain. So I stand by my thoughts.

what a great time in Tori’s life. You are beginning a new chapter, and the Shuffields are great photogs to capture this time. Blessings and may the Face of the Lord shine upon you. Love this girl.

Takk for koselig innlegg. Ja, er det noe vi bloggere liker er det Ã¥ fÃ¥ en liten hilsen. Været utenfor i øyeblikket tilsier "høst"…God helg – klem fra meg

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Also needed: routines for dealing with very large integers. Perl provides that already, but I chose to write my own. IIRC, what's needed builds up gradually (adding a small integer into a large one, then adding two large integers, multiplying a small integer into a large one, etc.)

Det giver en rigtig lækker finish og gør det ellers nydelige pandebÃ¥nd til noget særligt. Jeg er ogsÃ¥ ret interesseret i at vide, hvordan du strikker den… ;-)

Aii, Tita, falta muy, muy pocooo!Mira, respecto de los testigos, a mi siempre me pareció que, como el nombre lo indica, debían ser aquellas personas q acompañaron a la pareja como tal a lo largo de su “evolución”… en nuestro caso van a ser 4: mi hermana (que fue nuestra cupido), mi padrastro, mi cuñada y mi cuñado…No se si mi opinión te va a ayudar o a complicar mas, espero que lo primero!!!

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W Hiszpani lubilem sobie pisac na placach – Å‚awkach albo kawiarnianych ogrodkach. I te dzieciaki mnie obsiadaÅ‚y. Na poczÄ…tku siÄ™ jeżyÅ‚em, bo myslaÅ‚em, że mi coÅ› schrzaniÄ… z kompem. Albo mnie starzy opieprzÄ…… . No ale okazaÅ‚o siÄ™, że te dzieci sÄ… bardzo miÅ‚e a starym nie przeszkadzaÅ‚o, że mi wchodzÄ… na gÅ‚owÄ™. Fajne dzieci – ciekawe ale taktowne, dobrze wychowywane. ZauważyÅ‚em, że doroÅ›li wiele z nimi rozmawiajÄ…, poważnie je traktujÄ…. No i nie histerycznie – bez wrzasków i popychania.

Peak trader: "I doubt economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are being paid-off or are politically motivated. … They're serious technocrats and they'd know if there was systematic bias, which would defeat the purpose of their work."I agree completely. I have great respect for their work and for the complexity of their task. I just wanted to find out what niknaknoo used as the basis for his implied criticism.

Penelope:I disagree with the use of the word “qualified” because too many box-ticking recruiters and HR managers equate it with competence. Also I think the first 2 tips work on a very different time scale – hence less tactical, more a career strategy tip in general – from the third one, which is an action tip. But there is another very important tip here: “Work to forget your gender and its conditioned responses.” Research suggests that men apply for jobs where they meet 2 of 10 criteria whereas women hesitate to apply even if they meet 9 of 10.

Hi Yvan, Would you be okay with answering a couple questions for a feature on the ? Just quick short answers are fine!How does experiencing your work in the upcoming facehunter book differ from the experience of reading the blog?What's your favorite thing about street style in London?

Wow! that kruger battle was great! That was the very first time I saw something like it.Looking out for next year's top vid.All the best,Glenda

För att man måste ha många års erfarenhet som modell eller ha utbildning i modell eller skådespeleri för att förstå vad för slags resultat som fotografen försöker åstadkomma när man får regi.

Ma chère Marie-Ange,Voilà encore une fois bien longtemps que je n'étais passée en ces pages ! Je t'ai vue sur les miennes et en ai été heureuse, heureuse de te retrouver !Je vois que tu cultives toujours aussi bien la douceur de vivre !!! :o )Pour toi, donc, de douces bises…..

I recommend the Turbo Jam check out the website below.They 20 minutes workout and the turbo jam focuses your core. I do this in the morning. Plus it wakes you up

Hello Ahmad,You have mentioned some good tips. Sometimes getting these mails be may disturbing. Thank you for the list. Looking forward to see many more posts in the future.Sanjib

I live in South Carolina and I am ashamed of my governor. People don't fall out of love, they fall out of commitment. I have always thought that government figures should set an example for the people- This is no example. I pray for him and his family; especially his family. I can't imagine what his wife feels but I can say I know if it was my husband I know what he would be feeling about It's a shame vows set before God mean nothing to some people.

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Don’t stress but do consider. There are a few great tips you can think about when choosing your family’s outfits. 1) Consider the location and background. 2) Consider each family members personality. 3) Consider what each members of your family is wearing to avoid clashing. I read a great blog post by Alissa from Rags to Stitches about how to choose an outfit you will love.

I'm realizing that once again we have an administration in Washington that is nowhere near as malevolently competent as its detractors paint it.Um, no snark intended (honest!), but you're only realizing this _now_? I was pretty sure of this a year ago, when Barry Lackwit's actions made it clear that he had no clue what being "President of the United States" really meant. From that day to this I have never referred to him by title, because it's pellucid to me that he is not the President in any meaningful way and never will be. He's in so far over his head, he's looking up at the clams and oysters in the muck of Chesapeake Bay.

kalau aku lah kan… dapat kawan perempuan mcm maya karin mesti aku sayang giler kat dia. walau xdapat jadikan isteri :-) sbb aku tgk maya karin ni mcm lain skit…cara dia..personaliti dia…heheWell-loved.

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Tja, so ging es mir auch. Manchmal ist die Lösung wirklich ganz einfach. Und oft ist es doch nicht verkehrt, den Support eines Anbieters zu nutzen

from Vide Kadampa Discussion on emptiness from Luna Kadampa. Luna’s current article, A Temple for this place and time reads well with this one as well. (a happy find, just as I published this :~) Share:Like

Now you know why I call my home state "Marylandistan" or "California East", depending on my level of frustration. At least I live on the eastern shore (for those that don't know, that's the part of the state on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay). For the most part, the folks around here are still fairly level headed although we have had our share of immigration from those hives of villainy called Baltimore and Washington. Of course those folks look down on us locals and consider us ignorant rednecks. But then, coming from them, I take that as a compliment.

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Hi Beverly, get rid of fear by dealing just with today. If you deal everyday with just that day it will take you to your future.. Sometimes the big picture is too scary!! Carla xx

ein altes moped.. schlauch an den auspuff und 10 min. laufen lassen.. alternativ : karbit mit etwas wasser. 30 min warten dann ein steichholz (VORSICHT das knallt gut)

is that it is still just text with a little style rather than using an image. You’re not loosing out on SEO, accessibility and should all the world’s technologies fail like CSS and JS, your text is still just plain ole text (HTML).

Hi there, yes I’d say almost all of them do, and the ability to edit via HTML is also an option. WordPress (of which many blogs use, including this one) have both.

All the people who had their accounts suspended this week due to false flagging campaigns and false DMCA take down notices thank you for all your hard work on the new April fools layout. In fact, all the people who ever lost their youtube accounts due to false DMCAs thank you and deeply appreciate your concern.Assholes.

Nebude tam jen jeden chladič, budou tam dva, jeden výkonově slabší (č.1), ten bude nad deflegmátorem a pak bude následovat další chladič (č.2 stočená asi 6 m dlouhá roura s vodním chlazením). Tak pokud jsem správně pochopil teploměr bude nad chladičem č.1 dá se ríci v nejvyšším bodě kolony.Děkuji za odpověď

Så flink du har vært:) Skjønne godt at du gleder deg til at matsuget gir seg,godt at suppene var gode selv om shakene ikke var fult så gode da:) Trena i 2 timer,det er bra! Stå på:) Synes du er kjempe flink:) Klem

dit :Pikouni : Merci pour ce moment publicitaire. C’est très sympa de ta part.Pralinette : Franchement, je l’adore. Il taille normalement, c’est un S (ou 38, je sais plus). Et il est bien, surtout si tu veux mettre une veste en jean ou un perf’ en dessous quand ça caille vraiment.Attends les soldes, car je l’ai trouvé aux dernières Ventes presse, donc il risque d’être soldé en janvier.

0  0Открываю красный томик поэзии и читаю: «ÐžÐ¹, завод, Ñ‚Ñ‹ мой завод! Желтоглазина! Время нового зовёт, Стеньку Разина!

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I lived in Jiangzicui for a long time but this year I moved to Shulin City which borders Banciao to the south. I still regularly go to Banciao. It's only 15 minutes by scooter and one train station away. I like the area around Banciao Station but it's too pricey for me. Living there, you have access to the whole of Taiwan by bullet train, Taipei City by MRT and anywhere else by regular rail.

Really nice pictures of the elephants and some really good writing about the same! Life can be truly inspiring. We sure do hope they live together always. We posted an article on our own blog recently which had to do with animals. They may interest you :)

I finally made this recipe last night. It was so easy (I did “cheat” and use frozen pre-cut broccoli, but I used fresh onions and mushrooms) and tasty! I am looking forward to having leftovers for lunch and dinner today.

bonjour, j'ai bien envi de tenter cette recette mais…ne suis pas trop "fleur d'oranger"..que peut-on mettre d'autre comme parfum?

Hah !!! Sounds like everyday is an adventure with you guys. Glad to know that you a arrived all safe and sound, even if horribly sleep deprived. Btw: I share your sentiments about sleeping in a van as I’m very much the same when it comes to planes and buses.

I use Youtube everyday, most of the part for listening music while I work. So I don't need the video. If you keep the TEXTp, I'll use it everyday and save you a lot of money

That’s not just logic. That’s really sensible.

Its sort of sad that the world doesn't really care about some starving child in Darfur… So much so that Times and other, desparate for profit, descend upon Israel for fodder -shame on them. …but shame on the world too.

hey leuts soll ich euch mal was sagen wurde grad von mtv angerufen und ich bin dabei sooooooooooooooooo geil ich freu mich schon auf morgen tut mir leid für euch aber vor dem fernseher is es auch cool oder naja dann viel spaß noch :motz::handkuss::PB)

Dziś też nie dałem rady. Ślady sugerują, że tylko 2 osoby peezjrchały, natomiast pełno jest śladf3w butf3w z czego wnioskuję że większość ludzi jednak przechodziła. Większe błotko jest na odcinku 2 metrf3w, reszta przejezdna bez problemu. Błoto podsycha więc pewnie w sobotę nie będzie już problemf3w.

i love the way dressed up tattoos look! pretty much anybody looks great when they are all dressed up and ready to go out and i don’t think that is different for people with tattoos. i’ll be dressing up for st.patrick’s day. i didn’t get to wear my new years dress so it’s now a st. patrick’s day dress and i am going to rock it, tattoos and all!

This is a crazy question , but are you in? tune? E A D G B E ? Otherwise it should work, just sound different because of distortion and “what have you”.Dont give up bro….we all blow to some degree .Keep trying slow n steady youll get it….good luck

I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks a lot

Being from the “Show Me” State, and being interested in the secessionist movement… I simply love this article. The problem with Missouri is that we are right in the middle of the continental USA. I think that may be a logistical problem. Singapore does have an advantage geographically in that regard. But I love your article and I love that you supported everything with good sources. Well done my friend. I actually reblogged this on D.C. Clothesline. Why don’t you write a guest piece for us some time? I’d love to have it.

Islam is only able to threaten England because of the complete dominance of PCMC.PCMC power has to be destroyed.PCMC has to be publicly challenged and successfully defied.This can be done relatively easily and peacefully.It's about simply refusing to obey.

Widow’s WalkThe crack of the hull carried even above the howl of the wind; the sea’s teeth tearing plank from plank as against the rocks the ship was lost. From shore rose a wail, women who would ne’er again see husband or son drawn down into the bosom of the water.There beneath the wavesWhere the water babies playDance the six blue men-Andrea Fleming

Zyx, Vous réussissez la prouesse d’énoncer en moyenne une contre-vérité par phrase. Ca ne vaut même pas la peine d’y répondre. De toute façon, on ne répond pas aux calomnies d’un anonyme. (on ne les censure pas non plus)

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Das gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. Ein Jahresrückblick, der anders ist im besten Sinne.Deinen Fragen und Ansagen ans neue Jahr kann ich uneingeschränkt zustimmen.

By 2007. február. 02. – 20:41kobak: picit eltudod nekem magyarazni, hogy hogy kell azt csinalni (az angolom szar), hogy ha a live web preview-be behozok egy oldalt a netrol, es annak modositom a css-et, azt mikent tudom felulirni a neten levovel anelkul, hogy elmentenem, majd ftp progival felmasolnam?vagy nagyn hulyeseg amit kerdek?

Good day! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

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Wow, I’m not usually a big fan of surgeries (more a straight up poppin’ luvr) but the nose ones are pretty damn cool. I loved the removal of the cyst sac, it just kept on comin’ and looked like a deflated balloon!!

Aku mao tanya dong mbak,tiap kali aku hbs panggang kue pas di keluarin dr oven kr2 1/2 jam pasti basah, pdhl permukaan cake sdh kering dan coklat wrna nya, salah di mana ya mbak ? Aku pakai oven gas

Although I am grateful that Donna no longer reigns in the mayor’s office, I say she has the right to get public information from the registar’s office. The public is everyone, even her. Yes it is legal. You can do it and so can I. But not with the kind of style she has. RETCH!

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i bought my tablet yesterday. so far, it’s working fine. BUT, the sound quality when making calls is very poor i.e. phone recipient can hardly hear my voice. but i can hear their voice loud and clear. I tried the headset. result was similar. had to shout like crazy.please advise.

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‘Sailing by’ is probably a bit late for Naughtie – he has to get up at 3am. He mentioned it this week on R3, where he’s picking his fave raves every morning at 10.30. It’s all a bit incestuous if you ask me.   6 likes

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What is remarkable to me is that the democrats are all about identity politics and yet they don't know who they are. clinton the first black president, obama the first gay president, etc.

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mellaneous:I was wondering the same thing about the bulldozer, shovels, etc. However, I think it has something to do with that piece of what looked like a highway that was split in two they showed every once in a while. Because they keep saying something about how are they going to get the supplies from the airport to where the people are (something like that). I can't remember their exact words right now because I am overwhelmed by the pictures of the results of the disaster being shown on the tv screen.

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I suspect half are indeed KERF and/or her peeps. It may be rude to correct the grammar of a friend you are talking too, but one has every right to correct the grammar of someone who posts her blog on the internet and it is unprofessional and immature to call the person “disrespectful.” You simply say, “thank you for pointing that out. I apologize for the errors” and then you think to yourself “bless her heart” which is southern for screw you bitch for correcting me.

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I’m praying that some of those who express reluctance to receive the Good News will find themelves questioning their lost condition and turn to Jesus. Thanks to you, Mark, for your faithfulness in sharing the Gospel.

I think its a pretty good idea not that there aren’t other sites out there that already do something similar but I think it might catch on here pretty well

Hey Sabayon!!!Wow, sounds fantastic! If I’m ever in Pittsburgh, I will definitely put that on my list!Hey Corn!!!See, that’s the problem with “God’s will” — there are too many people willing to carry it out when it involves violent or criminal acts…Hey Aerin!!!Absolutely! Why demolish a beautiful old building (or leave it standing empty) when it could be put to good use?

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If benefits are means-tested they are seen as poor-aid ie. aid to the poor who are too lazy or incompetent to support themselfs and their families. Support for this kind of aid is limited.Whereas if benefits are universals they are tought as “belonging to the people”. Much more support.

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Til Meg og Mr: Han sa ikke bare “drekk denna, du” men “drekk denna du, sÃ¥ skal du fÃ¥ suge oss alle sammen etterpÃ¥.” Les før dere kommenterer. Se for dere at dere har en datter. Hun blir voksen og gÃ¥r ut. SÃ¥ kommer en som er dobbelt sÃ¥ gammel og sier dette til henne. FÃ¥r dere ikke lyst Ã¥ banke denne mannen bittelitt, da?

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Coming from a corporate training background I was totally shocked to see the gross mismanagement and treatment of staff when I entered the spa industry. Eighteen years later I still continue to be taken aback on a daily basis. Every point you are making is true and the best part is that they are learnable skills. Good article Leslie.

Sending good vibrations to Stephen Squirrel! Hope he is feeling better.I saw the first dress and really liked it with the summer hat BUT when I saw the second dress, OMG, Vix you look stunning! I love that dress! Actually, all the outfits are outstanding and all the way from Australia! They fit perfectly.~Bonnie

… @Lightflightpilot Exactly, especially when the world could have been utilizing this technology for 100 years. We could have been perfecting it to were it is economical and efficient. Yet bcs there are corrupt souls in higher powers in the world they made the choice to halt advancement and ease suffering of billions around the world.

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As an educator, I try to instill my love for reading in my students. It’s not easy, because technology allows for such “shorthand.” My words to live by are the same ones my mother lives by: “Turn to books – to escape, to relax, to imagine, to create.” My Mom is a pretty smart cookie!

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Why was Tyler Perry’s name bought up? Wow!I am tired of the Great White Hope cliche too… But I had to think about all the movies like this. We never focus on the movies where blacks help whites find a way. Yes, they have them help us financially in movies,but we help them with humanities.ONE LESS THING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE GLASS HALF FULL.

Just loved this post. Gorgeous writing and thinking. Captured the internal conflicts and the problematic nature of even using the term "choice".Thanks so much,Michelle

Thank you for your comment, Jacqueline. I appreciate the link back and the follow up. Please let me know how else I might be helpful.All the very best ~ Abigail

Google is not God. Google is limited by what is on the internet, of which, there are a variety of conflicting views on most issues. God has a perfect perspective and revealed His perspective on origins in the book of Genesis (see chapter 2 of that book) and in the person of Jesus (see His teaching on marriage in Matthew 19).

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Jungs, Jungs, Jungs… Wo soll das noch enden mit euch Wieder ein schönes Plus Mit euch werde ich noch reich!!!DANKE!

– Paul, I’m sure there’s a case for Rudd taking some time off, but I doubt that we can necessarily conclude that he would “have a knife in his back pocket”, particularly since that could be more effectively wielded from the back bench.

he boycotted Brazilian president | Antiwar Newswire, 03/16/10(AP News)…Israel’s foreign minister confirmed Tuesday that he boycotted meetings with the visiting Brazilian president, claiming he refused to visit the grave of the founder of modern Zionism…Lieberman said he was upset at Silva’s decision not to visit late Zionist leader Theodor Herzl’s grave, …SOURCE –

Daca faci un efort imediat dupa ce s-a secretat adrenalina ea nu apuca sa isi faca efectul in corp. Orice amanare ii lasa timp ca sa isi faca efectul iar in perioada asta ficatul o metabolizeaza. Meditatie facuta constant te ajuta sa iti poti doza la vointa cantitatea de adrenalita care se va secreta intr-un anumit moment. Pe curand.

Je parlais pas néssairement de tromper l’autre …Je voulais juste dire d’etre ailleurs,se lancer ds une activitée qui prends beaucoup de son temps par exemple…Tout pour ne pas etre la avec l’autre…

Dzurka, You should not speak about that which you don’t know. Teachers DO pay for benefits and they DO pay into their pension funds. Others don’t receive a pension because they receive Social Security which teachers DO NOT…..

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Robert Bringhurst is one of my heroes. I first encountered his cultural/poetic works like The Raven Steals the Light, so when I was assigned Elements in a typography class, I couldn’t figure out why the name was so familiar. Specialized academics so rarely cross genre like that. Poet and typographer and lives on an island in Canada? Yes, please.

this is so helpful but for some reason the about section only shows what is written in the about line, not the phone number, address or website. ow can i change this? ive tried to change the type of page i have because i thought that was the problem, bot no matter what i do, nothing shows up in that section. can you help?

Hola MOD,No entiendo que te gustará “En busca de la felicidad”, es una película excesivamente dedicada al lucimiento de Will Smith, vamos que sale en cada plano poniendo caritas de que voy a conseguir superar las adversidades sea como sea. Que bonito es discrepar :)

I LOVE this idea, so adorable! Brenda’s got great design skills and you’ve got a super easy and delicious recipe. Can’t wait to make these pouches and the hot cocoa!

اما أصل البناء كله فاختلفت الاراء فمنهم من قال انها تعود الى العهد الروماني القرن الثالث الميلادي, حيث عثر فيها على حجر يحوي نقشا يذكر تدشين هذه القلعة باسم الامبراطورين الرومانيين ديوكلتيانوس ومكسميانوس (285-305) كما وجدت كتابات أخرى تحمل اسم الإمبراطور جوفيان تعود إلى سنة 363 م, والذي قام بترميم القلعة وزاد في بنائها وهناك يسود اعتقاد ان اصل القلعة نبطي وانشئت كمحطة على طرق القوافل النبطية.زوار قليلون

I’m excited you’ll be with Austen next month! I read Pride & Prejudice (my first by Austen) in 2010 and really didn’t understand the fuss. Then I read it again several months later and GOT it. I’ve read three more of her books since and consider her nearly my favorite author now (behind Margaret Mitchell.) I think she has to ferment or something.

à®®ிகவுà®®் à®…à®°ுà®®ை…குழந்தைகள் à®®ுதல் பெà®°ியவர்கள் வரை விà®°ுà®®்பி சாப்பிடுவாà®™்க…

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Le problème et tu le sais très bien c’est que nous les gars on est aussi difficile que les filles! Par rapport a notre liste d’épicerie!Pareillement, j’ai passé par dessus le critère de beauté! Je suis attiré vers une femme pour sa culture(nationalité,conscience, ce qu’elle a en arrière des deux oreilles) c’est ce qui m’intéresse!

Tam,That was sorta kinda my point, or part of it: "environmentalism" doesn't have to be synonymous with "lefty eco-freaks." Taught properly, with an emphasis on science, "environmental literacy" would be a very good thing. Mind you, I don't for a second think that's what the sponsors of this bill had in mind — after all, the Maryland state legislooture is currently dominated by D's. I only wanted to point out that "environmental literacy" isn't necessarily a bad thing. The devil, as always, is in the details.

Yonira, what on earth are you talking about? If you don’t agree with PG’s thoughts as written on this blog, please address them, rather than attack by broad brush smear PG and all commenters here as haters.

When I was in hong kong. We were in a line up at McDonalds. This mandari mainland Chinaa lady and her "translator" was SO close to our back we could barely move. There were plenty of space, but my mom's back and bum was touching her stomach and boobs. lol I wanted to snap a picture, but instead I tweeted about it. So unnecessary.

I can not help you as I am not the authority but just maintaining this website, but if you tell me which state, city you are from , i can give you website, references and contacts for local state grants and other NGO which can help you. Thank you.

Breeding leaders is like breeding championship caliber horses, in a sense. You put the best into them, including spiritual teachings, instructions in moral behavior and indoctrination with the highest social values. Then you pray they don’t forget their upbringing or lose their bearing… Basically, we are saying the same thing, except that I might add spiritual teachings in the mix.

Solo un piccolo ulteriore commento:O è tutto credibile oppure è tutto un inganno…e questo secondo quale logica? Forse questo succede nei giochetti di logica. Uno dice sempre la verita’, uno mente sempre…Ma dai, come fai a venirtene fuori con certe sparate?

merhaba arkadalar bende panik atak geçirdim 1 hafta önce ve hala bunun korkusuyla yaşıyorum.aslına bakarsanız kendimden hiç beklemediÄŸim bi hastalıktı bu çünkü kafaya pek takmayan biriyim ÅŸen ÅŸakrak biriyim ama demekki bilinç altında yerleÅŸen biÅŸeyler varmış.ve ben ÅŸuan tedavi görüyorum ve bu ilaçlarda çok uyku yapıyor.asıl ilaç benim biliyorum ama korku var içimde ya tekrarlarsa…:(

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I wonder what this guy would have called brother Shabazz (Malcolm)if he we still alive today and had been able to put into practice his new view on “True Islam”, race relations, and equality! Would he be a house negro too, for not wanting to blow up innocent people? Ayman (and a lot of other people for that matter) need to bone up on his history before he starts going off at the mouth.

Maybe I was fortunate in missing half of the coverage. The satellite (Dish Network) decided to go out while they were loading into the gate. After a lot of yelling at the TV I made a quick decision to tune to the local Baltimore AM radio station that was covering the Preakness and listened to Dave Rodman give the call. Compared to what I did see of NBC’s coverage, listening to the race on the radio was much better and lends more to the imagination.

dudi:valóban nem csak tavasz van, de én akkor láttam a saját szememmel. Nyáron, és ősszel is lehet jó attól még, hogy én akkor még nem láttam élőben.Tetszik / Egyetértek: 0 Az értékeléshez be kell

I had a look at that site. Judging by the content its run by a load of politically correct fools and read by intellectually challenged sheeple. They provide sample posts for folk to send to other websites lecturing them about their content. Maybe their readers aren’t capable of composing their own posts. The juvenile self congratulatory tone of the people on there is truly pathetic

SalutJe m’appelle Alexandre j’ai 24 ans et suis étudiant à parisde nature timide je suis toujours vierge, je recherche une jeune femmeprête à me faire découvrir le sexedemande sérieuse et je suis motivé pour apprendreà bientotAlexandre

Thank you Carrie. We’ve talked about it all weekend. So tempted! My only hesitation is I don’t want to lose sight of my 2012 goals and I’m not sure if I can do it all. Or can I jillconyers recently posted..

Agnes Stupid Mommy The Unobliging Princess No One Can Make Me… Bulbous Blaze of Violet There’s a stigma associated with being a Freelancer…Overcome it! Frying Pans and Fires No One Can Make Me Mask of Innocence Where They Come From Afterlife The

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that they don’t have big men that can space the floor and shoot from somewhere other than the paint sucessfully/consistently, and aren’t really athletic enough to defend PRs & in transition. Their offense so far looks ugly compared to last season; I bet they miss John K.

Coach Justin, thank you once again for your great article. I used your previous article, jumping on one foot and heading the ball, I plan on using this session too.Thank youJohn

The investigation could take up to 5 years – meaning that if 0bama steals a 2nd term then there will be 5 more years of lying, stalling, internet scrubbing and bullying.

1945 te kata dolsama ad?ndaki bir çocuk öldürüldü ve SAKIN OKUMA bu yaz?y? okuyan herkesin dolunayda? arkas?nda belirip öldürece?i söyleniyor bunun olmamas? için 5 ayr? videoya bu yaz?y? at…yalan de?il …

himself, they are violating the man’s constitutional rights when they grant one.Is domestic violence horrible? Should a person doing it be stopped? Should they be punished? A resounding yes to all three. But you should have to prove that the man committed the crime before you punish him.Why do you believe that’s an unreasonable expectation cham?

I’m in the same boat Kelly. Will be waiting around bummed until gets their stuff together. But Heather, I have no doubt the book will be fabulous whenever we do get around to getting it

I just found out about the TEDx event and though its a few hours (and a ferry boat ride) away from where I live and I think this is an event not to be missed! You’re gonna be amazing and I so hope to make it happen that I’m sitting in the audience cheering for you!

When you think about it, it probably wouldn't take too many generations in an authoritarian society to produce this kind of parenting mindset. Being the most technically correct at something is the only way to stand apart in a country like that, if my biased understanding of countries like that, informed by vague memories of chess heroes and Ivan Drago, is accurate.

ebWe need a fresh KOTOR guys, for console and Pc release. Check out the bioware community forums, construct as significantly pleading subjects on nearly anything attributed to kotor, and I promise you, it’ll be constructed.24

свой транспорт это классно!а ведь и правда скоро спас медовый! как быстро время летит[]madonna4ka Reply:Август 13th, 2012 at 10:36И не говори уже сентябрь на пятки наступает, а там и зима не за горами. Время летит.[]

Absurdzie wybierasz głupie wypowiedzi duchownych i sie nimi afiszujesz, jednocześnie ignorując mądre wypowiedzi duchownych wiodące do ocalenia duszy. Zatem jesteś ukierunkowany na zepsucie, a można by powiedzieć że i działanie obłudne. Jak widzisz – faryzeizm i inkwizytyzm to postawa niezależna od religii, i można by powiedzieć że po prostu świecka

Mono è stato, dalle origini, di fare cose Microsoft senza essere Microsoft. Microsoft lo sa e, infatti, ha ostacolato Mono tutte le volte che ha potuto e più che ha potuto,Stallman, secondo me, ha avuto solo un torto: troppo accomodante. La Canonical, tutti gli altri.Mono fa parte del mondo Windows il porting su Linux di quel prodotto lo si fa solo per fare cose Windows su Linux. Linux, diventa Windows? Insensato….. E stupido.

Absolutely fabulous! The settings are the epitome of casual chic…love them! Having spent some time around horses folks who used to race for years in the hunt cups, I can tell you that this would be right up their alley too! I will definitely be “borrowing” a few ideas! How nice of Hoagland’s to do this with you!

noiembrie 2009 cuprinde evenimentele legislative dispuse asupra Codului Fiscal prin: – art. I din LEGEA nr. 343/2009 din 11 noiembrie 2009 privind aprobarea Ordonantei de urgenta a Guvernului nr. 200/2008 pentru

Kaupassa käydessäni syynäsin uteliaisuudesta tuoteselostetta tarkemmin metipurseiwakettsta, sinun E621 jutuista innostuneena. Löysin tuotteen jossa ei kyseistä ainetta ollut. Täytyy sanoa, että kun ensimmäisen siivun söin, tuli reaktio: "täähän maistuu ihan pahalta". Joten, oletan että olen onnistunut tähän asti syömään tuotteita joista e621 löytyy, ja että ilmeisesti kieli erottaa selvästi eron…

Good point ! Deşi de “practică bismarckiană” ar fi probabil mai corect – respectivul nu se prea obosea să-şi teoretizeze cine ştie ce acÅ£iunile dacă i se păreau suficient de eficace … Dar mă refeream la SUA că na … actuala tendinţă e clar de acolo ( şi şi cu motivaÅ£ii “locale” care se potrivesc aşa … foarte aproximativ cu realitatea din Europa/România ş.a.m.d. ).

… Pediküre befasst sich vor allem mit d Fußnägel, Hornhaut usw… Fußpflege mit d Fuß insgesamt… Die Preise sind sehr unterschiedlich! Da muss du schon selbst d Anbieter fragen.. außerdem gibt es Fußpflege Salons, und die, die nach hause kommen!

I went to tons of links before this, what was I thinking?

I cannot even imagine going for 11 hours at a time. Ugh.Hope things keep improving for you. I know this was a big transition for y’all. I’m glad he’s doing enough better to be able to work (’cause, y’know, back injuries suck!), even if it comes with its (ginormous!) downsides too.

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I have recently re-discovered some of the Virginia Lee Burton books with my almost-two-year-old daughter. I used to love those books as a kid, especially The Little House and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Gorgeous fabric!!![]

I caught the spot on NPR’s Marketplace. You really do touch on the reality of identity and secret identity issues in the United States. Batman will take on Joker any day, but the IRS he leaves alone.

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Edelleen vain hyviä kirjoituksia, Janne.Se, mikä itseä jäi tuossa mietityttämään, on tuo pohdinta vasemmasta ja oikeasta aivopuoliskosta. Itse haluaisin enemmän pohtia tiedostettua ja tiedostamatonta havaitsemista. Ts. mitkä ovat asioita, jotka vaikuttavat vain alitajuisesti, mitkä työntyvät perustavanlaatuisten kognitiivisten prosessien läpi tietoiseen tajuntaan.Emmä tiedä, ehkä se olen vain minä, mutta mielestäni tämä on kiinnostavampi akseli kuin analyyttinen–tunteellinen.

Vet inte hur det gick till men halva kommentaren försvann. Ville beklaga din sorg och skriva att du finns i mina tankar. Bloggen är absolut inte det viktigaste.Kram & Var rädd om dig! ♥VA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait…VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

Fê comentou em 6 de agosto de 2009 às 08:58. É realmente um absurdo uma pessoa dizer que um produto da Linha Clean Clear da Johnson & Johnson (uma das maiores empresas de cosméticos, higiene e medicamentes) dizer que é um produto vagabundinho de farmácia. A Johnson & Johnson é composta pelos melhores pesquisadores e todos seus produtos são de extrema qualidade, portanto você deveria se informar melhor antes de dizer algo do tipo.

Hehe, wer liegt auf der faulen Haut. Morgens um fünf austehen, Fotos machen, dann joggen und um 9 Uhr frühstücken finde “unglaublich” aktiv. Und immer auch fleißig geblogged.

Holy Shit at the beginning of second 2v2 TB is playing Phantasy Star Online episode 1/2 Music in the backround. PSO 1/2 was my favorite RPG back when i was 9 and man that brings back memories.

It’s guitar slinger! We are beings of light who exist for eternity in the still magnetic light. The physical manifestations are simulations of who we are in the stillness of eternity. The bodies we live and die in change through eternity so that we may be different actors on different stages on different worlds under different Sun. Life is a dance through endless incarnations for our learning and experiencing the unbounded vastness of the Creator’s Eternal Love.

Netter Bericht habe gerade bei Twitter gesehen dass Du genausoviele Follower hast wie ich –> 199Bin jetzt knapp Zehn Tage dabei und schreibe vielleicht auch bald mal einen Erfahrungsbericht (habe allerdings keinen Blog). Sehe Twitter auch eher als Experiment, habe aber inzwischen doch ziemlich Gefallen daran gefunden. Hätte ich so gar nicht gedacht…Viel Spaß noch und alles Gute…wir lesen uns bei Twitter

Molly babe, I accept your point that you weren’t flaming him, at least not in your first entry. I shall wait to see the follow up entry. Nonetheless, the warning shot has been fired. I wonder how many follow-up volleys are coming in.

The colors on the prints so rich… and the curtsey… i like. That building is almost stoic. What was it designed for first? It looks like an old school full of children groaning over their alphabets… in memory of course?

Love the bird quilts; they’re really fun and bright. Golly, not sure what my fave bird is though – think I would say a kingfisher at the moment as they are like gorgeous jewels xx

Thank you Fr. Rick for your beautiful words of encouragement and inspiration. As always, you speak from your heart and I can hear how it overflows with love for your people. I pray for you and the children daily, I know God hears our prayers. I pray I will be always strong in faith to “show my teeth” .

Jeg sÃ¥ paranormal activity med min veninde og jeg er ellers noget af en tøs nÃ¥r det kommer til at blive skræmt af gyserfilm. Men den her.. nejnejnej. Det var godt nok halvanden times tidsspild – kedelig er nøgleordet. Vi synes begge den var virkelig nederen og slutningen var virkelig lam. Men der er jo nogen der synes den er god, sÃ¥ sÃ¥dan er det jo forskelligt.

I love reading these articles because they’re short but informative.

We’ve used several web design companies over the years yet only at 123triad the quality and service has always ‘over delivered’. 123triad, yet again you’ve come to our rescue – don’t know how you do it but please just keep doing it! Stunning job; everyone loves it!. Not to forget great customer service; your team is tremendous and a pleasure to work with – thanks again.

Xanax Online…I FeedBurner this in is all as but Added take to in some we further see will look I are to well and There points them heart want thanks article know article more hold but until There it interesting t validity Good time into I opinion don of if some I c…

You really make it seem so easy along with your presentation however I to find this topic to be really something that I feel I might by no means understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your subsequent submit, I will try to get the cling of it!

This year, the focus is the Palestinians and their efforts to seek recognition of a state of …Obama's Sin: An Error in SyntaxHeeb MagazineArab unrest swept over Israel's borders for first timeThe Seattle TimesThere is No

yang pertama bundo selalu buka google reader dulu, dan panik klo postingan nunik sudah ada dua Saya mencoba posting setiap hari Bundo, jadi selalu saya jadwalkan postingannya…

Opvallend genoeg zaten de peilingen vooraf er net zo veel naast als de exitpolls. Dit blijkt uit een berekening die maakte in de verkiezingsnacht. Dat is opvallend, want van een prognose zou je meer onzorgvuldigheid verwachten dan van een exitpoll (die daadwerkelijk stemgedrag meet). Aan alle kanten gaan er nu stemmen op dat al die opiniepeilingen het stemgedrag hebben gemanipuleerd. Laroes en Taselaar zouden zich deze kritiek serieus moeten aantrekken.

I have been reading that this new group called the NDA (Nepal Defence Army) has emerged. Apprently they want the restatment of Nepal as a Hindu State.They have hurled bombs at Kantipur, some congress office etc.Nepal’s future does look hopeless because I can just see more and more of these groups emerging. It was the MJF, today its the NDA, what is it going to be tomorrow.

Håller med Anders, lös problemen där de idag finns, flytta inte på dem.Tänk på skolan och barnen i första hand. Då är både miljön och trafiksäkerheten en del av det./Kenth B

Thank you Jean. I love going your way too and am so grateful to you for all the times and ways in which you have supported me in holding those questions until they could begin to transform me. Love, Scott

a "flat" tax is already incredibly progressive larry.if you make $50k and i make $100k, i pay twice as much.only in the bizarre doublespeak of government is that "flat".if we went to burger barn and ordered the same burger, we would expect to pay the same price. we would call that pricing fair and flat. referring to that as "regressive" would get you laughed out of town.yet suddenly, my paying twice as much for the same thing (government) is called "flat"?by what logic does that hold?

It’s obvious that isn’t working if you haven’t done any change to it. This is an hybrid app and has been built to run on mobile devices after you package it. There are several changes you must do before it can work on your browser, for example this line:$(document).one(‘deviceready’, initApplication);have to turned into this:initApplication();

Beautiful video. Silent or mantra meditation are my favorite. There is so much stimulus in the world. Just having that time with my own presence, without any agenda, is precious. I once fell out of my regular 15+ year twice a day practice, and noticed a sense of not being as connected to my center. For me, meditation feels very clearing, de-cluttering, grounding.Thank you for being a gentle presence in this neon world.

Yes , this is normal. If you lost a larger number of weight in a short period of time. because your body is use to the extra fat/muscle , and it already stretched out. So when you lose that weight , the skin just stays the same and doesnt shrink back. You can prevent them by rubbing coco butter lotion on your body several times a day if your losing more weight.

Dear Jennifer,you are always wonderful. I'm proud to know you. You've given me alot. wish you the best."Just because we are competing with somebody doesn’t mean you have to be rude" (Steve Jobs)

ego : Je dois avouer ici que je rêve, personnellement, d’une Traviata qui enverrait le bon Georges Duval/Giorgio Germont se faire foutre. … en lui disant, par exemple : « Casse-toi, pauv’con, la sortie, c’est la première à gauche… » Heureusement, la morale est sauve : Violetta finit par mourir, et Mademoiselle Germont, entretemps devenue Madame Z. , peut enfin s’épanouir dans sa bonne conscience.

I’m from Texas and I can tell you that people here are shocked and outraged. Why do you have to blame the crimes of two people on the entire state of Texas?You are stereotyping, something that you rile against when someone does it against blacks.Most Texans don’t want to secede and most Texans don’t kill children for the sport of it.Sure, we got some nuts down in some of the smaller counties but it is absurd to paint Texas with one broad brush.

Usually I do not read post on blogs, nonetheless I would like to say that this write-up really forced me to check out and do so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, quite fantastic post.

I am similar and it is why I force myself to practice yoga. Because I hate this about myself and want to be free of it! It’s very slowly changing the more I go to the mat. And in a couple weeks I am taking a meditation class which, oddly enough, I am excited about. I really like this 30 for 30 thing. I might have to join!

I developed a rare autoimmune disorder in my 30s that juicing is controlling and will ultimately cure. I was always fit. But I did not give my body the proper raw materials it needed, i.e., fruits and vegetables. So when my DNA went through its replication process, there were defects.Had I juiced from a younger age my body would have had the materials it needed to keep me healthy.

This is a good posting, I was wondering if I could use this write-up on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away

Jeg har en haug bøker som ligger og venter… og det skal de fÃ¥ fortsette med til husbonden forbarmer seg over dem. Jeg er som deg, uten tÃ¥lmodighet (og enda verre, jeg har intet ønske om Ã¥ lære heller).

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Ricardo Elvas / gostava de perder peso. tenho 110kilos e nao sou capaz de perder peso. o que e que tenho que fazer ou o que devo fazer? tou a pensar em ir para o ginasio para abater uns kilinhos. sera que faço bem?

Pretty sad over the closure of Metblogs. I truly loved this platform and was a fan of blogs from all major cities of the world. Such a shame that no one came forward to fund this platform. Wish I had money. I would have definitely contributed some for this cause.

Much of this has to do with the elimination by the left of any real methods to remove these folks prior to an act. Getting a commitment is for a few days at best. Duty to warn is about the best the Docs can do. Lay this at the feet of the progresssives. No forced medication allowed. Instead the mentally ill are allowed to rot on our streets.

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Well, to be fair, 1984 certainly deals with social controls, but the proles in 1984 are free to marry and reproduce normally, and genetic manipulation and selective breeding are a central feature of Brave New World.

I was really rooting for Joshua, he was my favorite all season long. Both he and Twitch were amazing but Joshua just killed it all season long. BTW, sorry for not commenting on your earlier posts… I was a little preoccupied

Great blog you have here. Many websites like this cover subjects that can’t be found in print. I don’t know how we got by 10 years ago with just newspapers and magazines.

Gutes Hotel, zentral zur Fußgängerzone, großzügige Zimmer, gutes Essen…gut gewähltDie Fachtagung: ein großes Themenspektrum mit Praxis und Theorie waren gegeben, sehr gute Referenten!

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Hola:Me dirijo a uds para contarles que fui operada,el dia 14-05-2008 deArtrodesis Lumbar,por el Dr CARLOS.CATUOGNO y su equipo en el Centro Gallego,con total exito,excelente recuperacion!!!!!!Estoy y estare por siempre muy agradecida al Dr CARLOS,por ser una excelente persona y medico inigualable.Mi flia y yo lo recordaremos siempre!!!!!!

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que c’est beau !! comme d’habitude et malgré tout jamais les mêmes photos, les mêmes lumières et surtout les mêmes personnes qui donnent ce caractère si particulier à tes photos !

I purchased my PT last year for just a little over $600.00. I think both Wheelbuilder and Competitive Cyclist had them at a blowout price around the same time last year (Aug/Sept’ish). For those of you looking, it might pay off to keep an eye on those two sites.

Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Feed isnt working today. I tried adding it to my Bing reader account and got nothing.

I am so envious of you guys who live in the mountains! One of these days I'll run hardrock. In the meantime, I'll keep running my 800' elevation hills. Good luck at Rocky! I limped through the 50 miler last year. What's your goal? Going to beat Pacheco's course record?

Coming from a Marine Mom this is oh so right if I’ve been listening to my Marine sons correctly. They requalify in many different areas and are always considered a rifleman. Even though my son is in supply in Afghanistan (no off base duties) he still has to bring his weapon with him where ever he goes.

Gosh I love your awesomeness! I also super love your necklace and wedges! Fur coats in the Summer? Why not? Beautiful skirt my friend! You just rock.

Le 20/11/2011 à 16h39 J’aime beaucoup ceux avec les noeuds, les autres font vulgaires à mon goût.C’est assez difficile à porter on va dire Certaines disent qu’elle les porteraient bien avec un short??! Déja collant short je suis pas fan mais là…….j’ai du mal à imaginer le rendu !

The SMITHSONIAN AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM a grreat place altogh i have never been there they do have the WRIGHT BROTHERS FLYER and THE SPIRIT OF ST LOIUS as well and various aircraft from WW I WW II and KOREA and even the origional star ship USS ENTERPRISE

I’m not much of a online reader in all honesty but your current sites truly nice, keep this up! I’ll just bookmark your blog an extra chance down the road. Cheers

Well done Gary.Not only do? you look a hell of a lot better now than you did before, you also look much happier.

It’s too bad (for me) that you don’t spend your time a little farther North. My girlfriend lives near Komazawa Daigaku and I’m a bit North of that. I appreciate you printing out this map, though, I’m always on the lookout for wi-fi.

UK – Thanks again..I seriously am no surrounded by so many professional photographers, for whom Im not even an amateur level..Jeevan – You shd thank UK for the read her blogs..

Morro å følge med på alle de fine prosjektene dine. De gir skikkelig inspirasjon til å gjøre ting her i heimen også. Vil veldig gjerne være med i trekning av give awayen din :) Hilsen Linn

neutral: :mrgreen: :neutral: :idea: :wink: :roll: :twisted: :mad: :lol: :???: :eek: :grin: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

HÚRRA Albert, bros er alltaf til bóta. Brostu og þá brosir heimurinn á móti !!!  Ãžetta kemur allt. Amma þarf að fá óskalista áður en hún kemur. Ég held ég geti stungið niður eins og einum rúgbrauðsbira og smá morgunkorni og svo er amma Didda sérfræðingur í að gera flatbrauð svo við bara bökum það þegar við komum. Kveðja í bæinn

The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

Steve Job was a child of a Syrian father, raised by an American family, studied in America, grew up as a flower child in the 70′s…did any Syrians come out saying ‘Go Syria’?The Syrian folks have more self-respect than the kimmie here.Just sayin’.

Me has atrapado con tu método, quedo a la espera de la segunda parte, recuerdo haberlo leído por arriba en un comentario pero no recuerdo en que post era.Sigue adelante y El Gachupas también.

Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

Quelqu’un peut dire à Pyrargue :- dans ce cas qu’il s’adresse aussi à Olivier 2 (qui n’est pas moi)- qu’au moment où j’ai commençé à « rédiger » le com, il n’y en avait pas encore d’autres ?

i m in favor of pak govt’s step to ban that blasphemous fan page. its a highly appreciatable step by our govt..v muslims r proud of our religion and v love our prophet muhammad(p.b.u.h)n v never allow any one to attack on him….

Es ist natürlich ein Unterschied, ob man nach Hausmitteln gegen Hühneraugen fragt oder tatsächlich nach einer Diagnose anhand der im Fragetext geschilderten Symptome. Wie sollten wir bei letzterem reagieren? In Zeiten, in denen Depression ein öffentliches Thema geworden ist, sollte man …

Wow! Great thinking! JK

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Might you have a