Eihän mulla vielä rannekoruja ookaan ;)


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Tuota noin, turkoosien rannekorujen sarja jatkuu. Tässä olisi yksi tuotos viime viikonlopulta: turkooseja muovihelmiä ja tuommoisia mitälie “metallihelmiä” kuminauhaan pujotettuna. Joku viisas voisi kertoa mulle, miksi noita metallinvärisiä soikuloita helmiä kutsutaan. Ne on joka tapauksessa ostettu Hampurista jostain pienestä helmiliikkeestä ja tykkään niistä valtavasti.

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Eihän koskaan voi olla koruja liikaa ;) Tuo on nätti turkoosi koru metellihelmillä höystettynä, tulee etelämaiden meri mieleen…

Kiitoksia :) Noin määkin oon itelleni hokenut ;) Ja mikä edes olis liikaa?…

Não se iludam pff !!!Alguem quer apostar que nas meias finais vai dar Brafa-Bengica?A derrota da semana passada do Braga, teve um preço. A taça de portugal para o Braga.Não acordem que não é preciso !!

I wouldn’t judge you even if antiquing wasn’t a real word, as the gyllenhammer family has a favorite pastime similar to yours, which they have unabashedly created their own word for- garagesailng. since the word is made up, spelling is up to the inclination of the giver, and I like to imagine a bit of swashbuckling fun mixed with my saturday morning treasure hunts.love the extra photos of your great find! Now where are those photos of your freshly painted walls?!?

OMG! That would be crazy! Thanks for the encouragement!I know what you mean about feeling burnt out. I am not sure I could keep myself motivated enough to make it as self-employed. It works for me having a normal job and doing this. 

I really hope the next thing to be brought back is the fries with gravy! I used to order that for my entree back in the day! And the fish sandwich used to be awesome too.AJ, are the dessert viewfinders still in use?

Sick to genocide of so called experts determining what is and isn’t good for you, possibly a 300+ ostensible carcinogens in cigarettes are going to kill we or ONE, nicotine is. Stop w/the babying of society, we are all grown ups and if a authorised and IT IS, afterwards we will confirm that that is best for us. You can’t in any Country continue a babying of adults, leave us alone and go about your possess sparse lives.

And with that; Sons of Anarchy has officially been removed from my DVR schedule. FX shows can never maintain their momentum. They start out great and then before you know it boom; Tara masturbates to the memory of Otto masturbating(?)

Hello and thank you for sharing your images/pictures with us. I would like to use some of your pictures for my new project in web. But i cant find your Terms of Use? could you help me?Thank you, Joakim

napsal:Ahoj, já tedy s T-mobile problémy nemám. Jen nÄ›kolikrát se mi stalo, že když jsem volal a na druhé stránÄ› „kabelu“ to nÄ›kdo zvedl a já začal mluvit tak jsem se slyÅ¡el jako kdyby tam bylo echo.

Oh yes, I see those flower stamens too, Sandra! Many thanks for the link, I’m not sure about the photo but if I can find out I’ll let you know!

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Hej på dej! Nu blir man verklien sugen på att komma igång med träning men för min del blir det att ta de i lugn takt nu till en början då jag blivit mamma till en gullunge för 6 v sedan!! Så vill jag tacka dej för att du ger en liten guldkant på vardagen, alltid lika ql o intressant att kolla din blogg! Du klär dej alltid så fint, man blir riktit shoppas sugen! Ha det gott! mvh. tjej fr. Finland

Do not forget the Yom Kippur war, Arab instigated on our holiest day.About the profiling instead of harrassing millions of Americans, until America will not be able to discover 1 terrorist in time it's going to continue

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Bade miyaan toh bade miyaan, chhote miyaan toh Marri-a-tot!(Bade Miyaan is the legendary kabab outlet in the lane behind the Taj hotel in Mumbai.)Super wit (yours, not mine).

Strangelove, sappi che pure se stavolta non mi hai fatto arrabbiare e non hai erroneamente generalizzato sparando sciocchezze ed assurdità sugli uomini, comunque NON mi piace il tuo modo di scrivere e di spiegare le cose. In altre circostanze sei stato a dir poco volgare!!

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anu17 de julho de 2012Muito boa essa dica!!!Já assisti umas 3 vezes esse filme. Lindo!!! E aproveito para dar os PARABÉNS PELO BLOG, sempre q dá, dou uma espiadinha. Valeu, bjs!!!

You daughter is so lucky to have a Mom who is willing to follow her own instincts. You are absolutely right not all kids need the same amount of sleep and laying wide awake in a dark room for 3 hours sounds miserable. Sounds like the perfect time for her to enjoy some quiet time. Thanks for sharing your story.

Viltim, o pessoal da GX_ST já lançou o zexal II 08, eles estão junto com o Japão pq esse domingo não teve episódio lá. Qdo vcs vão lançar o episódio 8???

comentou em 29 de agosto de 2012 às 14:08. Amei o modo como foi retratado as normal Girl, tinha que ser Jana Rosa, amei demais, me senti em casa lendo sobre as normal girl, o que eu seria se tenho qualidades de normal girl e de it girl? Acho que it girl de fim de semana!!! kkk

Thank you! Word of warning: some of Jacky’s fans have been confused over when the story happens; it takes place between Wearing the Cape and Villains Inc. I hope you enjoy it.

for her redesign.) More interesting is the possibility that the Virmire Survivor may be same-sex romanceable in ME3. They originally were supposed to be bi options in ME1. And those longing looks are given to Shepard whether you play DudeShep with Kaidan or FemShep with Ashley. Not to mention that their Horizon dialogue in ME2 is pretty much verbatim whether you romanced them or not in ME1. The only difference is that if you did romance them previously you get an email. Sooo, we’ll see.

Oj, lekre bilder! Her har vi ikke sett snurten av aske eller askeskyer, og godt er nÃ¥ det. Men det snør i dag da… Klart jeg er med pÃ¥ en runde til – dette er gøy syntes jeg. Ha en fin uke Petunia!

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Our Western countries are being rapidly colonized with many millions of Islam's foot soldiers. Muslim culture-the exact opposite of civilization now resides in our countries. And all of the merciless things that take place in Pakistan will increasingly take place in our countries. It is Islamic conquest via immigration. To protect our nations and our people, the immigration must stop or we face hell on earth.

Ã… Birgitte for noen vakre premier.Her mÃ¥ jeg ogsÃ¥ hive meg pÃ¥ med tre lodd…( Følger og kommentar:)))Da sier jeg Tvi…Tvi…TRor jeg mÃ¥ finne pÃ¥ noen kreative sprell nuh…Nyt kvelden!Klemmer til deg:)

Field, you seem to play the big brother card pretty hard here. However what would your reaction be if some redneck bubba posted the same crap but instead substituted Negroes for cops? Would you be as uneasy if he was arrested. Would you be outraged if he wasnt? This goes WAAAY over the line here. Mr Andres hatred for cops might be that the cops put a squeeze on whatever criminal activity he was involved in. Perhaps peddling poison to his brothers and sisters? Putting this farm animal in a cage is a good thing. Its called “Thinning the herd”.

As someone who did the breaking up, I still feel kind of guilty about it, even though I know it was the right decision. I keep asking myself if I could have done it in a more sensitive way. But I thank you for sharing your heart and your story.

What an amazing find, the story of her sisters death is so sad, it sounds like a different world. Each time i come to your blog i love it more and more xx


JJ // February 24, 2010 at 1:52 pm Not saying he(Jeb) was guilty at all, either the PLA did away with him, or someone else did.It’s a family trait??________I’ve been looking at information at Insider-Magazine.com, and have seen a lot of good information. Jeb may have known about several things while in office in Tallahassee.

in the midwest, fishing clubs and conservation organizations collect donated christmas trees from dealers that didnt get sold, wire a bunch of them together and dump them into lakes. they are called fish cribs for good reason – fish love to hang out around them!

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Your dad needs to put this all in his will and estate. I agree with the other two comments- you’re not going to be able to change her. The only thing you can do is to give her an allowance (monthly/weekly, etc) or ensure her bills are paid off of the interest and then give the rest of her money to her. But for your dad to put this all on you is a mess.

dit :The Russian assault has very little to do with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s ill-advised decision to send troops into that troubled region, and owes much more to Moscow’s determination to control energy supplies in the Caucasus and strengthen its position as a near-monopoly supplier to Europe.

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ccc: 1 pound per flower?! omgosh, tt's terrible! why dont u plant them? i've tried planting but they dont flower:(chowder's ma: tq:)lunchguy: agree. when ingredients r fresh, there's no need for cream n sauces. yum.

Glass. Hmm. Sak vi g̦ra en klinisk studie p̴ det? Randomiserad. Vi lottar dig till med eller utan glass i ett ̴r Рv̴gar du chansa :-)

151I think we used to call it Macsharo. what happen if you turn it over and brown the other side? It looks great and I can’t wait to try it soon Isha-Allah. I saw them at the Somali mall and I always wonder how they make it. Thank you for posting. Ramadan Mubarak and Jizakallah kheyran.f7

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That Hermes bracelet is fabulous. It looks like a strap of some sort, but is really a little slice of fashion heaven. I think that orange is one of my new favorite colors!

Always the best content from these prodigious writers.

Sounds fantastic – pre-ordered my copy the other day!! Absolutely cannot wait to hear this music in the film. Also, in response to the question above, because this is a “period” movie they probably aren’t going to have a soundtrack as we might think of it (with a whole bunch of songs by various artists). I gather that most of the music in the film will be instrumental (ie: the scores sampled above) interspersed with a few period songs (Bessie Smith, Ruth Etting, etc.) which I love about it – staying true to the time – of course I’m an American history teacher so I love and respect the music from this time period anyway

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Daniel is obviously spot on.The only "optimistic" remark I would add is since islam is unable to cope with modernity, large pockets of bright and educated non muslim people will always be allowed to survive in order to treat,care,translate or discover.All these tasks are out of reach for most muslims .Trump

Laura,That is beautifully written & very thought provoking! Brings even more meaning to the quote, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Thank you for such wonderful insight.

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Freue mich auf die Ausstellung, und wünsche mir ganz konkret (nix “würde mir wünschen”), dass das Bezirksamt für seinen himmelschreienden Blödsinn, 3.500 qm Gelände zu verschenken, angemessen bestraft wird und die Bürgerbeteiligung ausgebaut und weniger bürokratisch gestaltet wird.

In This CaseEVERY seat in the house, including the GA floor was priced at a very reasonable $25 per (sans service charges if purchased at the Midland box office as I did). So #2 son and I saw a rock icon put on a stellar show from some great balcony seats in a palatial theatre for just $50 total. Heck, it almost costs me that much to take the family to some shitty movie.

wow i didn’t even recognize rose byrne in this picture. and yes sofia would look great in a bin liner, and in these photos she kinda looks like that’s what she’s wearing. love the color but i think i’d like the dress better on someone else, love her shoes though. jessica stroup looks the best here, and annalynne is just frightening.

Très bon ! Comme d’habitude.En ce moment, l’Equipe de France occupe tellement d’espace médiatique qu’on peut faire passer n’importe quoi sur son dos.

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Creio que se enquadra aqui o caso do Imperador Hirohito que, apesar de tudo, acabou por ser colocado no poder pelos Aliados. Mas esse não é o main point ML. Estaríamos aqui o dia inteiro a falar de gente que foi salva pelos Aliados depois da II Guerra, e foi salva muita gente, por motivos diversos: qualidade intelectual; apenas estavam a cumprir ordens; era do interesse dos Ocidentais.Boa noite

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Markets do not require infomed players to set prices. Supply and demand is judged through many other devices, but not that one. And sports handicappers do not require a knowledge of the game, but only of the bettor. He offers his opinion on the bettor, not the game, to set the price. That is his only function. Economics is a subject far better left not understood and kept below the level of being misunderstood.

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Pô daniduc, de madruga é sacanagem! O cara ainda tá lá tonto de sono e tem que pensar rápido porque tão esmurrando a porta :) Massa teu texto e o blog, tá assinado. Mas gostei mais da história de ficar trancado no museu, muito massa o jeito que você contou. Um e sessenta heheAbração amigo!

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Beautiful card Bev! I didn’t get a chance to play along last week b/c I was too busy getting ready for the craft show I am in on sunday….but I am definitely playing along with this challenge!Hugs~ Kim

How do you make common cause with a huge block of people that want to bomb every mosque, hospital and school you ever built, WJ? Kadima was the party that waged the assaults on both Lebanon and Gaza, and the other right wing parties only objected because the atrocities weren’t widescale enough.

awww… i bet you could fix it though! Craig seems like a handyman!! hannah got a horse on a stick from VBS and she’s been running around the house with it for weeks!!! great toys, but i’m always afraid someone’s going to get poked in the eye with the stick!!

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OK! The spring cleaning is great. Liking the aesthetic simplicity/clarity… thank-you. Question: WHY is it taking so much longer to upload movies? Are they strictly formatted for Buzz and the most current technology only? It is laborious time-wise; is this intentional?

Terrific post, Christina. I honestly don’t know if my toddler has ever grown genuinely bored. If anything, he may not play with a toy anymore because he has already learned whatever he needed to learn from it, not so much from not knowing what to do with it. I think “boredom” is actually a blessing; it forces us to entertain ourselves and use our imagination!

Oh my gosh! I bought these too, I got the dreams & nightmares one, the ballerinas & 1920s bathing flapper girls!! I also love your blog. We have veeery similar taste! :)

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My mom died at 61, when I was 39 and in the third trimester of my first pregnancy. My beautiful little daughter was robbed of someone whose greatest goal at that stage of her life was to be a grandmother. It still stings.

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Both looks are great. I think the last one was better overall (more edgy and just "wow"), but this one definitely works as more casual. Before I got a better look at the vest, my impression (from looking at the casual look pictures) was that it was denim. The shine comes out more in the old pictures. (I don't know if that's from the overall effect of the outfit or if it's just the lighting in the photos.)

parlava di come il fenomeno della moria non fosse successo in Africa…Spettacolare, da vero insulto all'umanità, l'interrogativo di Kadmon: come mai lì non si registrano morie? Cos'ha di diverso l'Africa?Forse, caro Kadmon, lì la gente è troppo impegnata a contare le morie dei bambini per curarsi di quelle degli uccelli.

Vilket fint kort! :) Åh ja, fler sånna filmer!!! Jag undrar dock om det går att använda sig av samma teknik när man målar med promarkers?Kram Sara

Well first off as someone who knows how much time blogging takes, I do understand and wish you well.The otherside ofmy nature is upset as I look at CAP each bloody day! I will miss your comments and insightKeep in touch DeclanAli

In the film industry, Tom Hanks captured our hearts as Forrest Gump, while millions of angst-ridden teens cried as jocks asked them, “Hey, what was the last thing that went through Kurt Cobain’s mind?”A bullet. Duh.

ROTFLMAO at Christopher!!! She really is quite uneasy on the eyes. Field, what say you about the New York Post's chimp & stimulus bill 'cartoon'?Loved your V-day list by the way. Thank you Mrs. Field – universal truths to be sure.Naj in VA.

- Just seeing these beautiful images you have taken Karen, especially the one of the beautiful bride smiling happily on the bed, made me feel the bubbles of excitement she had on her day. What beautiful and stunning emotion captured. well done.

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Thanks so much Teek! I’ll be in touch offline!! You are welcome to use the store, or the school just north of the store. I am sure my friends at Lincoln Academy would want to help too. You guys are awesome!! Thanks to you too Kathy!!

Well every girl is different when it comes to growing breasts or “breast buds”. If your friends are growing breasts, that is perfectly normal because every girl matures differently. Don’t worry because you will get breasts some day.Good Luck!

Père Leverrier ne caressez pas l’idée de prendre votre retraite ni battre en retraite.La défense du peuple syrien est un sacerdoce jusqu’à sa libération de cette dictature barbare.Que laïcos vous garde

– Sheva a flop .. Then what to say about Anelka.Had we started Sheva in CL finals, we would have won. He is one of the best professionals in this game and never cribs or criticizes to come on for last 5 min.Reply

Very inspired pitures! Den första bilden med den stora tavlan är läcker. Är sååå inne på S T O R A tavlor just nu!!!Du visar sååå mycket fina bilder på din blogg, som är en av mina nya favoriter :) Kramar Sofie

1.To tak jak ksiÄ…dz Heller, nie ten nasz pan StanisÅ‚aw, tylko ten drugi – nie pamiÄ™tam imienia. Czy on też jest scholastykiem?2.W Polsce nigdy nie mieliÅ›my cesarza, wiÄ™c pozostaje bezgraniczny papież. Ile mieliÅ›my uniwersytetów do XV wieku i kto – zamiast duchownych – później zajÄ…Å‚ ich miejsce i dlaczego, i co nowego, nieprzyrodniczego, weszÅ‚o wtedy do programu nauczania i dlaczego?

- Indi : Merci ! :) – Em’lie : Merci c’est très gentil. J’espère que tu as passé un bon séjour à la plage ! – Laeti : Mais non, faut pas complexer euuuh ! :)

I take the grandkids school supply shopping.It helps everyone have an easier time & the grandkids love that they can pick out what they prefer. We don’t rush – they can look at everything & then go back & pick what they like best. Not a long standing tradition but a fun one for all.

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Ooooh –have just the occasion when these are going to happen!When you do shrimp how long do you let them marinate? I’m thinking it would be for a shorter time than the chicken?

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より:Just a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style . “He who will not reason is a bigot he who cannot is a fool and he who dares not is a slave.” by Sir William Drummond.

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Wow! Heldige svigerforeldre du har :) Det ser kjempefint ut, og så alle de nydelige detaljene. 50-øringene på brettet likte jeg veldig godt :) Håper alt står bra til med sønnen din. Ha en fin kveld videre.Klem fra Linda ;)

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Yes, there is definitely wisdom in meditating on that and considering things in a more narrow frame (“at this time”). My struggle, though, is that I feel called to multiple things at the same time and don’t have the physical energy and/or time to do them all. But I’m moving towards being okay with there not being a clear resolution to this tension…

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A lot of us feel that way about FOX for more travesties than just TSCC. But every couple of years they hold out something that makes us think that maybe, just maybe this time it will be different. So, much like the situation with Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown to kick, we end up being played for a fool, flying through the air screaming, “AAUUUGGGHHH!!”, and landing with a thud. And sure as a dog will return to its own vomit, we’ll come back when they tease us that this time we won’t be disappointed.

Awesome! Great to hear from you Beau. I didn’t know you were using DSLRs now. I couldn’t be happier with 60D. But now I want so many more lenses. Next on my list: Canon EF 100mm 1:2.8!

Tittar in för att önska dej en fin helg.Här i södra Finland hade vi -10 grader på morgonen. Sedan kom det snö och nu skiner solen :) Kram Erica

Fred, you hit the nail squarely on the head with that verse. Those Amish men can drive all day on their own property without triangles. They can basically do what they want on their own property but once they go onto Caesar’s Roads, they have to follow Caesar’s rules and laws.

I worked as a Storage Administrator/System Programmer. I also worked with CONTROL-M. I am like so many with this posting, I can’t find a job. I have tried to convert over to the server world but the young people of the world have taken over that. So it looks like a lot of training all over again. I don’t think I will go back to mainframes because it is so hard to convert to other jobs.

Pecaya betul hampa kat si nuar tu ye..hampa semua kenal sangat ke dengan dia ni..kalau setakat dengar cakap, baik hampa orang duduk diam2..jangan nak cari dosa kering tak pasal2..pergi tenguk kat u tube macamana akrabnya dia dgn yahudi laknatullah tu..

Anyone have comments on the Philly Zoo vs. Bronx? Philly is OK, but I was thinking of taking the kids to the Bronx Zoo Monday. Keep in mind travel time to and fro with a two and three year old from Monmouth County.

Muito bom o texto! Mesmo. Mas vou discordar e dizer que “Dá pra ver o jogo todo pelo buraquinho aqui” não é paixão, é falta de grana mesmo.

According to the vid the local HSUS shelters see very little aid from the HSUS mothership?   And then, only when the local has done 'disaster relief'….Recently Rush Limbaugh became HSUS' spokesman.   I can't image this news will make Rush very happy?

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hi A Terri. Merry christmas! looks like a gorgeous spread you have. i was searching all over town for asparagus but no luck. had to do sweet pea instead. sigh!thanks for some great ideas. may try next year.

Not much inspiration today. Just inspired that it's another day closer to my shots. Another day closer to get the procedure done to lose the weight to stop the pain. Don't know how much more I can take. What else inspires me today is losing myself in one of my old favorite movies that makes me feel better called "Hans Christen Anderson" with Danny Kaye. The songs are beautiful & it's a fun story with Ugly Duckling, and Thumbelina etc. Have a great day!

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Kathy R.—-so sorry to hear you’ve had the worst migraine. You are NOT an alien. You are a Dumpling, and Dumplings aren’t aliens. I learn a lot on this site. Wish I had time to learn more.Hugs.

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To all the asshats with their snide comments against the people who hate the new layout: you don't need to be a five-star chef to tell whether or not food was cooked properly. Same here: you don't need to be a code monkey to know for yourself whether or not the new layout is shit.Why the hell did you change the layout? I hated it in the beta, and now I'm FORCED to use it? Aww, hell no. I'm gonna watch every video in 720 or 1080p that I possibly can so that you guys have to spend more money, because you guys suck for fucking up the layout.

Skulle vara intressant att veta om nÃ¥gon kan komma in pÃ¥ Live.. Min konsoll är bannad, men nu har jag fÃ¥tt RoD sÃ¥ nu kan jag inte ens starta skiten…

if you have to ask WHATS WRONG WITH HOLLYWOOD, then you are just one of the un-informed morons who elected this clown. ( no offense to real clowns intended ) Hollywood is NOT reflective of American values and I hope Hussein Obama continues to pal around with them, 2012 cant get here soon enough

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Merci pour ce message ! On jette un coup d’oeil sur notre feuille de route et on vous envoie les informations très rapidement. Dans notre souvenir, les distances n’étaient pas trop fatigantes. Nous avions passé la nuit à Chicanná après avoir visité la réserve de Calakmul et, le lendemain, nous avions rejoint Santa Elena. C’est une très belle région, vous allez vous régaler !A bientôt,Emilie&Jean-Rémy

I used the nail file at the hospital (my daughter was born with long nails!) and for the first couple of times afterwards and then switched to the scissors. I like the scissors so much more. It is really easy to use, I haven’t cut her skin at all (thankfully!) and it leaves the nails smoother than with the file.I haven’t found much use for the nail clippers or the brush.

Y a t’il une errruer, sur les ptemps totaux? Personne de notre gang a fan cela en haut de 8 heures!!Il faisait si chaud que c’était malade de faire cela !!!! félicitations à tous et toutes!!!

C’est tout a fait normal, je suis moi aussi encore plus sceptique devant l’iPad que les autres produits Apple (si toutefois c’est possible). Raquer autant pour un truc aussi verrouillé, beurk.

Kirsten – Great to see you on Anole Annals! I hope that you’ll continue to weigh in during our ongoing discussions of your paper. Remember that you’re always welcome to contribute posts as well as comments.

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VÃ¥ffeldagen – hoppsan; det hade gÃ¥tt mig förbi. Det fÃ¥r bli till helgen tror jag. Yes – dÃ¥ har man det att se fram emot!Tyvärr kommer jag inte att kunna springa desto längre pÃ¥ lördag, tror max att det blir ett par km med gÃ¥pauser tyvärr. Kram!

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Cuchi jajajajajaja hay por favor lo que me hiciste reír…a mi estando embarazada cuando me preguntaban que iba a ser yo les contestaba que hoy en día el sexo no se sabe hasta los 18 años jajaja y la gente se me quedaba viendo como ¡estás muy mal de la cabeza! en fin… poco sentido del humor. Un besote desmadroso

Love your pictures as always…I am now following you on Instagram. Love the quote. I am going to check out this book. I always try to find the joy. Life is better for sure when we get out Jesus on. :)

Hi Johnny, Thanks for writing in. You will have to contact Raices Culturas of Coachella. From what I know, the mural is almost completed and all spots have been filled. This Saturday is the big unveiling of the mural.- The CVAS Blogsquad

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JL_LinaresRuiz18 septiembre, 2012En casi todo estoy muy de acuerdo a excepción de lo primero, defender los mismos principios en todos los lugares, pero no todos los lugares son iguales, cada uno tiene su idiosincrasia. Por cierto, leéte la contra de La Vanguardia de hoy, muy interesante, de mr. Stiglitz (nobel de economía). Un saludo.

I DID NOT know I’d be going there, and I DID appreciate it a lot!!!I’ll bring you there when I get my first pay check. And when I get my first SLR. ;)

vive les crumbles!…..bon, vite fait….enfin, le plus long, c’est de préparer les fruits….mais il faut bien mériter un peu un aussi bon dessert!

Great idea and I love that they added pink paper. I also love frames with nothing in them hung. I think it can be really pretty when done right. Nice post!

Oh am I so sorry that I missed your SO BRITISH POST! Talk about lovely images….your world is so sweet and perfectly posted EVERYTIME DEAREST ONE!!!!GROSSES BISESVEEL KUSJESMUCHOS BESOS!!! ANita

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Pane Mikulecký, a když není kde brát? Myslím tím úlevy na daních? Ano, VaÅ¡e poznámka o sociálnÄ› potÅ™ebných je až na konci a zmínÄ›na spíše mimochodem, ale je hodnÄ› exemplární – od narození těžce handicapovaný dospÄ›lý pobírá mÄ›síčnÄ› důchod cca 8000,- + příspÄ›vek na péči 12000,- Kč. Odkud byste radil to odečítat?Tím nezpochybňuji VaÅ¡e slova o odklánÄ›ní a pÅ™iživování se na dotacích. V tom máte jistÄ› pravdu.

How is asking people not to burn the Koran imposing a belief on non-believers? As far as I know, no (sane and moderate) Islamic leaders are demanding that Jones or PZ Myers or anyone else actually read, much less follow, the Koran.

Djourou ain’t bad after big improvment last sesaon!Experience is what we need but don’t think Cahill or Samba are the answer,look how many goals their clubs shipped last sesaon! I know it’s not down to them only but if you’re looking for them to come in and sort our dodgy defence???wonder how many conceded goals for their respective clubs were from open play/set? 0 0

Jeg synes Ã¥ høre VÃ…REN av Grieg jeg da nÃ¥r jeg ser dette bildet Randi, og i nesen kjenner jeg faktisk lukten av vÃ¥ren ogsÃ¥.MEN ser du ogsÃ¥ er litt luta lei av vinter nÃ¥, det kom jammenet slepp ja, av snø og litt kulde igjen :-( nok nok nok sier jeg og hater i grunn denne Ã¥rstiden, en fryser pÃ¥ vei til jobb og svetter pÃ¥ tur hjem…Klem i kvelden

Thanks Libor,I did manage to get back safely (and in time for my Masters swim!).Thanks also for the video. I will be singing that tune all the way to the pool. “In the ghetto…”

HUGE cute tip for krispie treats.. You can make them really thick and cut them in rectangle shapes, put a popcicle stick in them and dip them in almond bark(colored in any color food coloring) and then sprinkle them with cute sprinkles and let dry.. THEY ARE A HUGE HIT

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« mais savoir que des personnes dérangées profitent de leur travail pour satisfaire leurs perversions sadiques envers des êtres vivants »Rien à voir avec la satisfaction de perversions mais tout à voir avec le système dans lequel nous vivons: le capitalisme. Ces images sont vraiment ignobles. Et les consommateurs de viandes en sont en partie responsables. « Auschwitz commence partout où quelqu’un regarde un abattoir et pense : ce sont seulement des animaux. »Theodor W. Adorno

So kommt man/frau mal dazu bei Personello zu gucken, die bieten ja viele schöne Geschenkideen …und ich denke am Montagabend an euch und schaue ggf. später dann nach der Lösung, wenn ich im Hotel guten Empfang habe…

I only half agree with this point. If your point is that the internet has taught my generation how to better communicate a point or message effectively and concisely, then yes, it has. Twitter, blogs, all of that teaches us to be concise and to the point.But that’s hardly what I consider good writing. Really great writing, the kind that is a pleasure to read, the kind of blogs you could get lost in for hours because the writing is beautiful — our generation doesn’t have that. We may be effective business communicators, but that’s not the same as great writing.

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Я вот пытался бросить много раз но в последнее время плюнул на себя с мыслями «ÃÂ½ÃÂµÃÂ²ÃÂ¾ÃÂ·ÃÂ¼ÃÂ¾ÃÂ¶ÃÂ½ÃÂ¾ бросить». И щяс вот задумался, может снова попытаться, только боюсь что через неделю а то и раньше всё равно сорвусь и всё по новой. Блин это правда как наркотик, раз попробуешь и хочется ещё, ещё, ещё. Незнаю что делать.

Expatmum February 15, 2008 Ugh – I am struggling to keep my lunch down. I know waxing is all the rage over here, but I don’t think I’ll conduct a personal survey among the men. The mental images are too revolting. A (younger) friend of mine has just had a panic Brazilian as she’s due to birth any day now. I have to say, that was the last thing on my mind at 9 months pregnant!

Der Computexbericht in Roberts Blog ist freilich nur für starke Nerven. Nur ein halbes Showgirl von hinten. Sonst nur Computer, Computer, Computer. Schockierend ;-)

Alo camilou! I hope you are all rested up and better. I do wish the strike would be over soon, it’s awkward to say the least but I’m working with it. Actually I have totes ready to load on the blog. And some other goodies. And… and… more totes for fall. All are quietly and minimally romantic I think you could say. So one way or another you’ll still be able to get your hands on one after your little break there and my little break here. Best to you.

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And to add to my previous comment, I often have occasion to discuss this ''defensive posture'' with supporters of Israel who write comments in various publications. Specifically, I should mention The Economist which almost weekly runs an anti-Israel article while pretending to be objectively reporting a factual analysis. ''Our'' side presents facts, actual history, rational arguments to counter the large number of comments demonizing Israel. My point to these well-intentioned Israel supporters is that you cannot counter irrationality with rational arguments.

Americans are getting the type of foolish elected representatives they deserve.  People of character, statesmanship, and common sense will not permit themselves to be subjected to the dehumanizing and degrading electoral process.  Who can blame them?  We are then left with….What has God wrought for this great nation?

Passou, quid de Stéphane Heuet ?Le meilleur adaptateur de Proust reste cet auteur de BD.Surtout le « Swann ».Il semble avoir plus de mal après les « jeunes filles en fleur » à preuve le retard de livraison des albums.A moins que ce ne fussent les éditeurs…

Totalmente de acuerdo, Rafa. Y hacer que las profesiones exigentes sean atractivas… económicamente y desde todos los puntos de vista. Si uno tiene que matarse veinte años estudiando espera sacar algún fruto, algún reconocimiento. Un abrazo.

Szia!Ez annyira jó volt! A kicsi Rob szemszögéből, karácsonyi hangulattal, Clauval és hóeséssel :D mikor a végére értem, csak csúnyán néztem a monitorra, hogy miért nincs folytatás?! :D Különleges volt, mégis ugyanaz, kicsit gyermeteg mégis felnőttes és azzal a különös dologgal, ami a kicsi Rob-kicsi Clau életét meghatározta, látták egymást, testi kommunikációra is képesek voltak, mások ebből mégis kimaradtak. Jókat is mosolyogtam, a srácok nagyon aranyosak voltak! :D Egyszóval: fantasztikus!Bobi

Renee, you already know I like that you did this. Let me add that even if I wanted to go out dancing alone, silly thoughts such as who will watch my purse while I’m shaking my rump-shaker? would prevent me from doing so. I wouldn’t be able to get out of my own way. Good for you.

Hello Bruno, merci de ton message. Attention, ce genre de plan arrive parfois plus vite qu’on ne l’imagine… Et là, faut être prêt ! A très bientôt et merci de m’avoir lu.

Between me and my husband weve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years Ive settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

L’article d’aujourd’hui confirme tous les commentaires que j’ai postés dans le cadre de ce blog et qui se résument dans cette seule observation :Toutes les initiatives prises par la dictature en Syrie ne sont jamais dénuées de manipulations et de tromperies.Parce que la principale caractéristique de cette dictatature est la perversion et la barbarie.Est-il alors possible de faire confiance et de tendre un seul doigt d’une main ?

Great info! I have a long way to go, but one of my “fitness bucket list” hopes is to become a Zumba instructor someday. I take the classes fairly regularly now, but am in no way a master at it…yet. I love the energy I find in all the Zumba classes I take – they seem to have that in common.

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This article is so true. My mom has been gripped by this worry mindset for years, and her physical health has responded accordingly – she is debilitated in almost every physical aspect of her life. For years, I’ve tried to talk to her about it, both from a Biblical standpoint and most recently using the same information you’ve shared here. It is so sad to know it doesn’t have to be that way. I know your words today will give someone a new way of thinking.

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C'è un fatto positivo: Chiesa getta la maschera! Non si nasconde più dietro il suo "Noi non diamo risposte, noi poniamo solo delle domande". No qui sparano una teoria, che può essere facilmente sbufalata.

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Yes Walking Hawk and make that a double from me. There is a time for manners, which is most of the time and whenever it can reasonably be expected to be reciprocated. There is also a time to just say FUCK ISRAEL and the cockroaches which rode in on it. I'm all for Mr Apocalypse. I don't mind being forced to go along for the ride if he'd just do what has to be done over there, and please inshallah in my lifetime.

Cara Sisifo, não é uma questão de arrogância, é mesmo por ser superior. E já me deixei de sardanápolas desde a minha adolescência. Ah, percebi, não estão a dizer que querem que eu pague a dívida, foram porque estão desocupados, é isso? Já agora, recebem subsídio de desemprego que é pago por quem?

Schnell weg hier, hier ist heute besonders dicke Luft.Komm setz dich zu mir, ich mach uns einen tee , dann gehts wieder.LG Shoushou

« Sérieusement on s’en fout. Aucun intérêt ce » commentaire.Sinon, il y a la règle du « Tu n’aimes pas ? Tu ne commente pas ».

Very nice and healthy recipe. Also a quick tip for the lentils to cook faster if not using a slow cooker. The lentils can be soaked for an hour or two before they are cooked. This will reduce the cooking time.My favorite meal as a kid was my mom’s palak dal and shaami kababs !

Barbara,You are right about Ozge finding the coolest tools online and you find the coolest Second Life links online! With the both of you I’m covered!

Judaism is all about struggle (as in the origin of the word “Israel”). With Judaism, and maybe religion in general, it’s not like you get to a certain point and you’re done. People often find themselves in the same stage as they had been. The maturity is in realizing that nothing is static; this stage is fleeting, and the next stage will be new, but it will probably be familiar too. (Slightly tangentially, how many times have I lost 10 or 20 pounds in a healthy, slow, and sustainable way, and thought that I was forever done with weight loss?)

MulÅ£umesc foarte mult! Eu nu fac decât să redau niÅŸte gânduri/sentimente care mă macină pe mine… Dacă îi pot bucura ÅŸi pe ceilalÅ£i atunci nu pot decât sî mă bucur

faruk söküt diyor ki:1986 yılında sanayide çalışırken çıraklarını çıraklık okuluna göndermeyen ustalara ceza veriyorlardı ustam beni mecbur okula gönderdi 4 yıl okudum pirimden vazgeçtik neden başlangıç sayılmıyor reklam filminde oynayan hatta bütün üst düzey bürokratların çocuklarına küçükken başlangıç yaptılar bizler o yaşta arabanın altında tehlikeli işler yaparken bizimkisi neden sayılmıyor

ahhhh ma che pilla seiii ahahaa… tu non sai quante te ne ho dette… per saperlo chiedi a giamanon capivo come mai ciccio non veniva a travarci degli altri chissene… ma su ciccio midispiaceva… per il resto… dalla volta che ci siamo visti sono una pialla e la gravità inizia a farsi sentirre Te l’ho detto….Mi offro come “panificatore” con le mie sapienti mani ….. in piu’ posso togliere anche le ragnatele …..

Thanks for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

THANK YOU!!! awesome update of the app!suggestion: to also be able to choose how you are watching? eg: (network)TV/PVR/DVD/Blue-ray?/Video/Internet/download etc

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ASC. Waa layaab ma anaga ayaa waalan mise quraayaasha Somaliska misena siqalad ah ayaay aga soo tarjumaayaan dowlada Swedan wa wax in la isweydiyo ubaahin Maxaayeelay Malinkasta Somaliska waxaa lagu soo qurayaa war cusub aan natiijadiisa aan la arkin Marka dib ha ufikiraan Quraayaasha Somaliska hana kafugaadaan lug goonta Umada Somaliyed oo ayaga tawaaleysan.U codee: 0  0

Les plus chauvins furent les reporters de A2 pour le compétitionsd’équitation , en cÅ“ur ils souhaitaient que les concurrents des Français fassent des fautes sur les obstacles

Le niveau intellectuel de la Gauche en France est affligeant…Il n’y a qu’a lire les commentaires sur r89 ou Droites extremes pour comprendre que le France est un pays fini…

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I could eat some form of egg or fish salad everyday and not get tired of it…then againas far as I know….I really don’t have any allergic reactions to anything…

Ray,Where did you get your most recent test conducted? I am in the DC area as well and haven’t found a decent lab to run this test, or at least that will call me back.

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conexaoparis disse:MeirieleNão conhecço o Rail europe porque confio somente na voyages sncf. Este é o site oficial da estatal francesa. Espere 90 dias antes da viagem e compre por ele.

Re RW's commitment to those 'that love Israel (warts and all)'.If this mob were doing something about the warts then M&W's book would not have appeared.Those that love Irael (warts and all) ARE the problem.

Excuse me elponderosa, you might want to pay attention to what the Arizona Sheriff has stated about Obama. The good Sheriff is in the business of conducting proper investigations. That may be very difficult news for you. Ghetto seems to think it’s “cool” to be criminal, ignorant and low. The female who gave birth to Obama seemed to be a bit off when it comes to moral fiber, don’t you think?

aquilo que ultrapassa as barreiras sociais, fora dos padrões, sem classificação, novo, ousado.marginaladj m+f marginal (marginais [mɐrʒi'najʃ] pl) [mɐrʒi'nal]1 relativo a margemnotas marginais2 que se situa no extremo, no limiteimprensa marginal3 que vive à margem da leiindivíduo marginalsubst m+f marginal1 pessoa que vive à margem da sociedadea história dos marginais2 estrada situada ao longo de rio ou marÉ proibido atravessar a marginal.

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Ally, I suspect most of your readers are of the cautious variety. The reckless ones don’t bother to slow down enough to read blog posts. At least until they’ve been hurt :-The tricky part about following God’s calling in your relationships is that it can mean you can a really well adjusted human being, totally ready to date, but still called to be single. Just because you are ready doesn’t mean that it’s right.

The DHS vehicles are not Navistar MaxxPros, they’re Golans. The US Marines bought 60 Golans, along with a slew of other MRAPs from other vendors for testing. The Golans were rejected, so they were surplus. They’ve been turned over to Homeland Security Investigations Special Response Teams, who are tasked with extremely high risk warrants and arrests of narcotics and weapons dealers and the like. VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

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Oepss.. Per dag zal ‘t nooit meer dan 10 euro zijn. Als ik een feestje heb nog geen 30.. Tja aangezien mijn hele make up stash nog geen 100 is.. Omdat de helft van mijn producten van de action zijn, okee, ik verdien nog geen geld heb geen baan.. (ben nog onder de 15 jaar), tja.. kun je ook nog niet echt veel kopen.. (veel te lange comment!!) ps: vera, alle make up staat jou!! Waarom bij mij niet??

Olha, ainda bem que você vai continuar o blog, pois eu o conheci somente há duas semanas! E gostei muito do nome “Building Bridges”. Vou mudar o link lá no Terra do Maple.E depois dá uma passada por lá que eu gostaria de ter sua opinião sobre o último post que deixei.Um beijo e um ótimo retorno ao Canadá.

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Well this post took me by surprise, haha. Reading my name float about in the post makes me feel some what responsible even though I wasn’t even directly involved in any of it, hahah! The commenter was out of order, and probably was just a tad defensive over the situation. (I feel so badddd!)

I’d love to see an entire article about color and mixing fabrics from different lines. I’m not at all good with colors and combining fabrics so I’d like help with this. Maybe a bunch of examples of mixes and matches you could do.

Znaczy siÄ™: parowaÅ„ce przyrzÄ…dziÅ‚aÅ›? Czesi pewnie nie wiedzÄ…, że to i w Polsce popularne danie mÄ…czne. Tylko u nas mawia siÄ™ na to "buÅ‚ki na parze", "kluski" albo… "parowaÅ„ce" wÅ‚aÅ›nie!

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It was figured out after the sub left the coast…why would they admit that?The way this administration has handled our countrys defense this incompetence/or order to stand down does not surprise me

Thanks Tonya! It’s definitely a lot of work, but I think the blog has a way of highlighting the progress more than it seems in real life. We spend a lot of time not working hard too.

“A superficial thing I am attracted to: MoneyMy favorite trait in a man: Generosity”I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ wit no broke, broke . . .

click here to see the list of rental boards available at your shop. but there is no link to click on to redirect me. I was wondering if you can email me the link to view your selection of rental boards and if I can reserve a board like a few days in advance? Thank you!

im also on warthog, i did some tests, once you open mail and chat for the first time and then when opening for the second time its fast like his, i suspect its what he did. Hoping for android port soon

Dies war die hitzigste Sendung in der Reihe “Baden-Württemberg aktuell” die je ausgestrahlt wurde. Moderator Clemens Bratzler hat gut durch pro und contra geführt. Trotz eineinhalb Stunden Sendezeit konnten gute Argumente auf beiden Seiten nicht ausdiskutiert werden. Hervorgehoben werden muss Walter Sittler, der in jeder Phase der Diskussion Ruhe und Stärke zeigte. Fazit für mich: Der Widerstand gegen das unsinnige Projekt Stuttgart 21 wird weiter wachsen.

My intuition tells me that no one will be handcuffed, there will be no perp walks, and business will go on as usual because the majority of Americans will be satisfied with a civil case. Bummer. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the porn? At least let us have some free porn since the SEC has been indulging themselves so generously.

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I have an extracting tool just like that one and it works if you know how to use it, but it’s not the right tool for this kind of job. I felt bad for Papi. Every time he even moved a muscle every female member of the household screamed at him. I thought some of the videos were good, it’s nice to have videos that are back to basics– blackheads, pus, sebum

When you own, you are making a commitment to the neighborhood..to your wife..to the nation.You are telling your boss..hey im here to stay..give me those extra hours, unpaid..im commited to our well being..ok now where is that cyanide capsule i got laying around here somewhere

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q ago para olvidarme de alguien a quien ame tan fuertemente y nuestra relacion duro tanto tiempo? q ago????? porfavor ayudenme, como ago para olvidarme de el?

Uma questão…quando houver novo terramoto e se a Praças for abaixo…como é? cheira-me que fazer de novo os Srs. arquitectos não querem. Teríamos uma Baixa "contemporanea"?Quem tem ideias sobre isto?

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zu 1) Klar, dass die Erklärung der Kopffunktion vergessen wurdezu 2) Ich nehme das rechte Torzu 3) Wer es schafft, die Schlangenlinie zu überqueren, bekommt einen Preis…

i have a problem downloading M rated content off the market place. it wont let me because i have my age set as 16 . all i play is M rated games and now that the new mw2 maps are out i cant download them because i have a childs account. is there any way i can get M rated content off the marketplace….?(i have all my parental settings allowing me to download anything but it doesnt do anything.)

Hi Jeanne! What a great story. Joining a CSA definitely puts vegetables front and center and you get to try new things. One of the most frustrating things about restaurant dining – even in France – is the lack of fresh vegetables.So cooking at home can whittle away the pounds, especially with access to CSAs and markets. Thanks for writing!

The main thing that’s missing from this amazing collection of videos is UNCLE LUKE! Olivia kept demanding rides with “MY LUKE” over and over again. It was truly a great day.

What a great idea to do a sitcom round up! Shows I am looking forward to: Parenthood, Revenge, Homeland, Modern Family, Mike & Molly, Downton AbbeyShows I am lukewarm about: Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Shows I keep watching out of habit: Grey’s New Shows I am considering: Go on (also for Matthew Perry), Nashville, Zero Hour (Anthony Edwards new show),

Yo me voy con la sensación de que España ha sido premiada por su buen juego, por su deportividad, por hacer las cosas bien, despacio y bien, ganando por poco, pero ganando con victorias merecidas y jugadas, y eso es mayor regalo que el mismo hecho de haber ganado el Mundial.A veces ganan los buenos…Yo creo que eso es lo que ha hecho que hasta yo, terminara pegando saltos de alegría.

Olen aivan järkyttävän sienikammoinen. Se maku, se ulkonäkö….Tämä tuottaa joka syksy suuria vaikeuksia, sillä joudun työni puolesta syömään edustusruokaa ja arvatkaapa montako sienikeittoa olen siirrellyt lusikalla lautasenreunalta toiselle…Kovasti haluaisin pitää sienistä, olenhan muutenkin kaikkiruokainen.Tätä reseptiä aion kokeilla, sillä jos piirakassa on vuohenjuustoa ja pekonia,tän on pakko olla hyvää sienistä huolimatta.Kiitos reseptistä!

Hi sean, I love who you are and what you do.The most challenging situations I have delt with is fighting my insucurities.If you are doing all that you do I have no excuse not to be bitter. I want to do more than you are doing,seriously. WATCH ME.love you.

WOW!!! This is the kind of award I want to bag someday. I played tennis but I’ve never been to any tournament, local or national. I was so stunned everytime I see the crystal awards given to many champion athletes. I hope I could win some of that one day.

By the way- I don’t know how that video shows Jenna is a fraud at all. She didn’t want some other bitch riding her coattails on the site. Pres has Jerry do specific types of blogs too.

Die Kinder kriegens nicht so gezeigt, weil sie spätestens in der Oberstufe einen Taschenrechner haben und dann nie wieder schriftlich multiplizieren müssen.

“What is the range … “What is the range on that thing, and how much current can you transfer?”no limitations, as long as you respect the resonance distances. that is why if you distance the 2 coils the power fades and disrupts, but at another (don’t know what) distance it starts up again.besides that it’s dependent of the ratio of the stepup (and down) coils and frequency. higher and stronger = more efficient (or even overunity?)

Mister S., l’homme qui a sauvé la France, l’Europe, le Monde, La Voie Lactée et même la Galaxie. Quelle chance, nous avons d’être menés par l’homme qui va marquer l’histoire avec un grand H.

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Quel est le rapport avec les heurts de Saint Dizier ? Je ne suis plus…En tous cas en écoutant les infos hier, je me suis dit que la politique était un véritable jeu. Comment ne pas penser que dès le départ il voulait ne pas exclure les sans -papiers et que le flou entretenu ne sert qu’à donner l’impression que l’on jette du lest auprès des syndicats et de l’opinion publique…

In hindsight I probably would’ve been better off if I’d read the whole thing. I could’ve tweeted it right and emailed you and all of that. BUT having said that, I’m going to do a fundraiser! I’ve got a venue already, meeting with the owner tomorrow. I have no idea what the event will be, but consider it done! I’ll look into the fundraising end of it, how I want to set that up a bit later. Will report back on the event!

Trebuie să citesc ÅŸi eu volumul 6 din Casa NopÅ£ii, dar până apuc să-mi cumpăr restul cărÅ£ilor mai durează… Am doar primele 5… sper la o super ofertă:))

Ik vind dat het artikel over blote borsten niet van deze tijd, want in de middeleeuwen werd erg veel geschilderd door de kunstenaars met blote borsten !ook op het strand is het de gewoonste zaak van de wereld op met blote borsten te zitten !Op de televisie is er ook altijd wel in een programa met blote borsten !Gelukkig is het nu anders hoe men er over denkt !

hello, many thanks for work you do for us billy fans , I enjoyed reading all about ‘BLACKBIRD’ this passed winter ,which is the nearest Il get to see billy unless he comes here to new zealand .I love the new design , take care , debs

Those are so pretty..I love macros! Thank you for the info on ice circles. I had never seen one and I was amazed at the perfect shape. Thank you for posting to Nature Notes Tina and I hope you have a great week….Michelle

In meinem Supermarkt bin ich unentschieden um die Revlon-Theke herumgeschlichen. Ich habe keinen gekauft, aber jetzt hast Du mich doch wieder neugierig gemacht.

nici eu nu mi-am mai facut de mult tratament cu aburi.aburii deschid porii,curata iar dupa cateva sedinte pielea capata stralucire si finete.poate imi fac unul cu menta cand ma duc acasa

i don’t know, at my age, everything i see is an optical illusion. at first, i thought this one was a portrait of my dead turtle, cliff, but once i put on my glasses, i realized it’s just a tree.

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Non capisco perchè bisogna sempre complicare la vita alla gente. Forse è questo il punto visto le ultime modifiche a YT.State rovinando qualcosa che era bello perchè "libero"

Love the sweater! The whole outfit rocks. I don't really "need" to thrift either anymore, but I always have. I find it satisfying on so many levels – economically, enviromentally, biologically (I think it fulfills a deep-seated hunting and gathering instinct!)… My more recent philosophy has been to discriminate more, since I tend to grab whatever strikes me if it's cheap and regret it later. I'd be interested to hear what people are willing to pay for used items, since thrift and vintage and consignment each have a different price range.

Le 09/02/2012 à 13h07 Moi au contraire j’aime bien les coupes.Pourtant je suis du genre à aimer les vêtements très féminins, mais là les coupes font très punk-rock et c’est ça qui me plait, on retrouve l’univers british décalé.

Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a 40 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

Мне будут делать лапароскопию 10-го июня.Думала,как это будет.Теперь узнала в общих чертах,не так страшно стало.

Here’s : The likelihood that a black man will go to prison sometime in his life — not probation, but prison — is 28.5%, compared with 4.4% for whites and 16% for Hispanics.That was a 1997 study, and incarceration and supervision rates have been steadily rising.

I am reliably informed by those who can read the original French that the Signet translation is not very good — considerably shorter than others. The most recent translation, by Julie Rose, is supposed to be the most accurate to date. There were also a number of issues when the libretto moved from its original French to English; for marketing reasons the English lyricist ramped up the romance and angst, dialing down the political issues and poverty.

produce, genetically modified foods, cage-free eggs — they’ve all become part of the cultural lingo. While a lot of this conversation focuses around whether organic foods are better for people’s

Moi aussi je prends des compléments alimentaires pour mes cheveux mais c’est anti-chute (oenobiol anti chute) et ça va pas de problème de peau. En ce moment ça va, ma peau ne fais pas de sienne, aprés 3 semaines de combat pour rattraper les dégâts de la dermato ouf !!!Bon week end avec ton cher et tendre ^^

SCrew your stripper clips! I want a map showing where the lunch wagons are were I live, not some tourist-trap town like Indianapolis. The government ought to get right on that, 'cause it's gonna be lunchtime real soon!stay safe.

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If you’ve ever seen the movie Equilibrium, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some movie that takes place in the future about ultimate control over a society by a government/company/etc. If you’ve seen the movie V for Vendetta then that movie is also a good example. I’ve also read a book called “The Giver” and seen all the Matrix movies. The movie should also be available on Netflix. Any other suggestions?

Es que la verdad, no se describir lo que he sentido cuando he oído esta noticia; en parte incredulidad, en parte miedo de como la realidad en un momento puede dar un vuelco total. Quien sabe si los que siempre han visto los migrantes como enemigo ahora, viendo a sus hijos emprender un viaje, no van a reconsiderar sus visiones…

Le Loiret c’est à quelques kilomètres de la maison, et le fromage de chèvre, c’est un de mes (nombreux) péchés mignons. Il faudra à l’occasion qu’on fasse connaissance…Je suis d’accord avec toi, les recettes de Choupette c’est TOP et je constate que tu as réalisé une maaaagnifique tarte ;-) )

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As among individuals couple tax payers that truly spend taxes; I do think we the tax payers ought to demand that we stop sending fiscal aid to these nations around the world or we stop having to pay taxes to aid important things we do not consent with. Allow Obama, his administration and Cliniton shell out for this aid; alternatively of Michelle and relatives traveling.

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I don’t require him to answer them per se. I do require him to explain why he is suggesting that asking them amounts to taking part in a smear campaign.But are you seriously suggesting that his record as Welsh Party Leader is not relevant in this campaign in particular with regard to his claims to be offering a popular style of campaigning? Or that his failure to launch his campaign suggests a lack of organisational nous?

nuestros sentidos nos permiten percibir lo que esta a nuestro alrededor, pero es tanto lo que captamos a través de estos que no nos damos cuenta de que nos encerramos en culturas y tradiciones, que nos impiden ver la realidad de una forma mas optima y que asi mismo nos dificultan tener identidad y autonomia pues estamos amarrados a estas tradiciones que desde niños son inculcadas en nosotros.recordemos que segun platon lo que captamos a través de nuestros sentidos es engañoso

Greg: We are releasing a free demo of the brand new version of iPhysics to the app store in a few short weeks. The full version will follow shortly after. Hope you enjoy!

Oh no!! I hope you get some answers!!!Are you nauseous or running a fever? If you do get those symptoms head straight to the emergency that can be a sign that a cyst has ruptured or your you are having ovarian Torsion. (I don't mean to scare you)

thepinaysolobackpacker:hi arvin! =) it’s orayt to travel outside, just never forget your roots. you dont really need to travel around the philippines at ubusin lahat ng provinces. maybe just explore a few places in the Philippines.

Alberto,gracias por compartir esto. como chrissie, también estoy en una etapa en la cual necesito de un empujoncillo para aterrizar la figura humana. ahora sólo una pregunta. ¿con cuál comienzo?thanks once again!- A.

Så utrolig vakkert bilde du har laget :) Var noe uskyldig og rørende ved hele settingen.Klart dette må opp på lerrett!Ha en flott søndag

IANAE, but from what I can tell, a lot of the momentum in an economy is based on a “confidence” feedback cycle. If enough people think that the economy will improve, they will base their decisions on that and (generally) the economy will improve. Same the other direction, only faster. So, if the President can use the bully pulpit to help turn around the “confidence” in the economy, I’m willing to let him slide on the details.

Excellent once again Daniel.I have often thought: "What does it say about the attitude of the entire Western media towards their readers when they outright lie to them over and over again?"The word "contempt" seems most fitting.As for their attitude towards Israel, we we know what that is and we don't have to go back that far in history to identify it.Proud Brit.

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Una receta sencillamente deliciosa y sobre todo muy original. No hay muchos dulces elaborados con sandía. Hace poco tomé un "gazpacho" de sandía que me sorprendió por lo bueno que estaba, tradicionalmente se hace la base con tomates maduros.Un saludo!

I like the darker days from November to Christmas. Something about it makes me feel cozy and holiday ish. But, when January comes, I'm done with being cold…unless there is the promise of at least one snow…and then I'm really done. Snow is rare in Georgia.

> Carlo ha detto… >> In tal caso, come mai così tanti utenti Windows fanno parte di botnet? Se il loro firewall bloccasse anche il traffico uscente, oltre che quello in entrata, i bot avrebbero un ostacolo in più.> Sicuramente perchè non hanno adottato le più elementari regole di vita. Si ma il concetto è sempre quello: la differenza fra utEnte e utOntO.Scusa se ti sveglio dal tuo sogno, ma l’utunto e l’utente esistono su entrambi i sistemi opreativi.

Calmati CG. L'idea è ottima, il posto è bellissimo e gli artisti che hanno invitato avevano TUTTI una chanche per fare qualcosa di dignitoso, proprio per il motivo che dici. Ma di questi artisti, spaventati guerrieri, che rimane? Ripeto, a me sembra che l'unico che non si sia nascosto dietro al suo dito sia stato Vitone. Tutto e il contrario di tutto non è affatto inutile, anzi, serve proprio a vedere chi è vivo e chi pensa di esserlo.

¿Por hai tantos vascos que non queren recoñecer que Rosa Díez naceu en Vizcaia? Porque non queren que lle poñan a "vasco" un sentido peiorativo no diccionario.

Yes, yes, yes, I want to try the Roma! The flavor combination sounds incredible. Although I don’t use a lot of mayo, I have found some that I enjoy (not Miracle Whip). I want to visit Brazil so badly but the funds are still lacking. [Sigh] Some day . . . !

Den butikken vil jeg ogsÃ¥ pÃ¥ en gang – tenker det var mye lekkert der, ja! Lurt Ã¥ bli med den ivrige pÃ¥ tur, du fÃ¥r bÃ¥de sett, shoppet og kanskje lært litt underveis, ogsÃ¥? Bra han fikser sÃ¥ vi er pÃ¥ nett, tenk deg en dag uten mobil? Umulig! HÃ¥per du fÃ¥r ei flott, ny uke – og at søndagsvenninnen har det bra. Klem til deg**

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She's 30 this year. Looking at her filmography, she's still quite active, (2-3 films a year, also in 2 TV drama series this year, already pretty good). Guess the previous years were spent more on doing voice stuff for those Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games.

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Похоже, ты не дочитал мой комментарий до конца, но за оперативность комментирования спасибо. И мыслим мы точно в одинаковом направлении, что не может не радовать ;)

ta recette extraodinaire ne peut que me plaire et pour le coup, je sais qu’elle est parfaite , tout bonnement parce que je mange une quantité phénoménale de navets par rapport à la plupart des gens justement depuis que j’ai essayé de les cuisiner avec une caramélisation qui transcende son goût! je note donc précieusement ta recette (je fais un peu le même style en moins compliqué et avec des figues séchées et quelques carottes)

I would love to win this as I’m expecting our first child & this would be the perfect solution to breast feeding our baby as we don’t want to have to use any forula’s or unnatural products.

Wess, your article triggered me and gave me a reason to refer to it on Smartmobs. Personally I take a different stand. Ofcourse you seek the communities with like minded people. That is one of the great things of the net. In my opinion the platform in itself is context independent. It is the people that contribute that make the community. I am glad there is plenty of choice so why kick the evangelicals the way you did. I do respect your beliefs and am impressed by your works but do disagree with your intolerance to groups that are less liberal than you are. Thanks for writing the article anyways, it gives food for thought.

Thank you for another informative blog. Where else could I get that kind of information written in such an ideal way? I have a project that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

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privar de la vida a una mujer, así se define feminicidio y ahora en puebla lo tipifican como delito grave, y entonces el delito de ASESINATO, donde entraba, igual se priva de la vida a una mujer que a un hombre, por las causas que fueran, privar de la vida es asesinato; para que tanto adorno.

Part of the americans power problem is so much of the US still strings its power cables from poles, which may be cheap in the short term but is folly in the long term. Its reported than many of the heartbreaking fires that happened in New Jersey and New York were caused by power cables being blown down. Its not an attack on my American friends but most of the rest of the western world bury their power cables in most medium to large communities.

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Def post more about adoption if you are open to talking about it! My husband and I have talked a lot about it and I think in a few more years when we are ready to think about kids that’s what I’d like to do. I have no crazy yearning to shoot something from my loins…I’d rather give a child in this world a great home.so fun to see you with your family cause everyone tells me that I’ll regret it, but I know I won’t

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Jeg endte med at købe den i et 36, selvom jeg normalt ville købe en 38, men syntes bare at 38′eren blev for uformelig, og sÃ¥ var den lidt for lang, sÃ¥ den ikke rigtigt skar i taljen, sÃ¥dan som den skal.

I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something which too few people are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I came across this in my hunt for something concerning this.

Thanks Timitra!I'm all about romance as well Alexa. This one doesn't have THAT much romance in it. But it's still a pretty good read.Thanks Sophia Rose!

February 3, 2012Because of the importance of getting this message right the first time with the American public it is hard to understand why there is no acknowledg-ment of pre-existi-ng organizati-ons and ideas particular-ly when there are some that are demonstrab-ly superior.wow gold

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the word “clean” or “green” technology is just plain marketing spin. it used to be called efficient allocation of resources. lowering costs tends to boost bottom line results.

Wow, was this fun or what!!! I had so much fun going to all these wonderful blogs and getting freebies!!! Now I am off to take my little one trick or treating with friends..Its about 5pm here in CA, getting dark soon!! Happy Halloween!!!!!

W materiale filmowym „sikania po rowach” zabrakło wypowiedzi mieszkańców Kalinowa. Kto wie może osoba nakręcająca ten reportaż dokręci ciąg dalszy z mieszkańcami. A powinna to zrobić i to szybko.

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Heh. You make a good point. For that Iranian idiot, an ankle showing or a bit of hair revealed is what's causing the moral degeneration of the youth. A woman going out on her own dressed with her arms and legs showing, hair uncovered, is probably outside the realm of mental possibility.

Hej! Coolt ! Du har helt rätt! Det är inte så långt egenligen! Har du varit där nyligen? Coolt med stugan på toppen å gondolen! Sv: Ja det blir nog fina praliner i den å kolor + chocklad=) Tråkigt ang din mage. Brock och tarmvred låter allvarligt. Hoppas du får rätt hjälp och att det går åt rätt håll. Styrkekramar till dig! Att ha ont i magen är inte hit. Ha en fortsatt fin dag nu! Kram från mig å king

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Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

Could it be that all references to the Passover in John's gospel are actually referring to Christ as the Paschal Lamb? Could John, if written after the Apocalypse and after 1 Corinthians (gar to pascha etuthe Christos), be simply placing Jesus in the role of the sacrificial Passover Lamb?Considering John's systematic replacement of Jewish feasts and institutions with Jesus's (cf. R. Brown), has anyone considered the above proposal?

Cuando ha resucitado Boromir y se ha apoderado de mi Trono? sucio traidor, uno no puede irse de fin de semana con la parienta tranquilamente sin que llegue un “senescal” y te quite el trono, esto no se puede quedar asi!!

Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!

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gives me a huge boner whenever I see amateur college porn featuring reckless young people or teenage girls. I have to admit that it brings back good memories about my stint pursuing higher level of

Congrats on the win Maggi….no doubt you’ll make good use of the prize.Thanks for a brilliant day today; I had such fun. Plus it was good to see all your amazing work in real life Linda xx

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An excellent post Janie and I’m left with the feeling that what started as a great idea ended up feeling deflated despite the ripper photo.I’m not just being nice to you here. But I always see you as incredibly convincing when you do your thing properly. So what is it about you that night that caused a drunk to read you as a tranny? Is it just the way you dressed? When I go out I reckon 10 – 15% read me visually and maybe 50% within 30 seconds of interacting. 90% of those who read me are female. I think you are higher up the convincing excellence scale than I. – Fiona xx

vero e sulla qualità non discuto, ma per uno come me che sta seriamente valutando di switcharsi a mac 2000euro sono ancora troppi per un mac book pro che teoricamente ne dovrebbe costare 1400.

This is so lovely! People’s reactions are priceless. Shame she was asked to leave. Maybe she should head to actual, outdoor high streets like Stony, Wolverton or Bletchley. It does make me wonder what day she was in the shopping centre though, I haven’t seen it that empty for long, long time.

I agree that you can make your circumstances the way you choose and look at them differently.  I know good things last for many.  I think what I meant is that’s just the experience I’ve had with relationships… is that they don’t last.  I’m sure in time that will change.

Hey Rosebud,I agree the shorter is better for exactly that reason–that it entices the reader and doesn’t make them feel that coming back to the story after a few days is going to be too arduous. Thanks for the input.

Not quite ready for real life either! Thanks for a great trip – and the picture to remind me of where I would rather have breakfast every morning with fresh squeezed orange juice:) Have a good week! Tammy

Non mais je rêve ! L'attitude de ce monsieur est proprement lamentable. Je suis, pour ma part, choquée à la fois par la manœuvre (fais-moi cadeau d'une partie de l'addition et je ferai de bonnes critiques)et par cette réponse idiote. Un peu de respect tout de même !

Anche le linee di Nazca sono cultura pop: chissà quanti fumetti e film e martimystère e via dicendo ne avranno parlato… Giacobbo docet. E poi calzava a pennello: un disegno incomprensibile dal basso, ma visto dall’alto ha un significato preciso.

Jooj Adi tieto su naozaj výbornéé,odporučila mi ich kammoška, a nelutujem, asi vymením svoj starý recept. Chcela som robiť medovníky bez tuku, a tieto sú ideálne, ešte vyskúšam bez kakaa. :-)

El otro día me preguntaron: “No serás una de esas…..que cobra el paro en su país y se recorre la costa del norte???” Contra la cultura del subsidio!!!!Vota el comentario: 2  0

Autoarea e fooooooooarte tare! Imi place mult de ea, cred ca e si din cauza povestii, pe care abia astept sa o reiau si sa ma bucur de naluca asta tembela si de naucul asta zapacit :) )) Ii ador pe amandoi :) ) Povestea e chiar tare, va recomand sa o cititi, merita! :)

12-03-09Елена пишет: Здраствуйте.когда я хочу просмотреть фильм в интернете у меня OPERA или просмотреть видео в контакте у меня всплывает окно «ÃÂ½Ã‘ƒÐ¶Ð½Ð¾ сначала установить Flesh player самой новой модели»Ã‘ скачиваю устанавливаю но никаких результатов все так же всплывает это окно! Был ли этот ответ полезным?

Congrats on the milestone reached. Wishing you many more happy years of blogging. I recently posted a traditional sweet. I shall update it for the event. Shall try to send something else too. Great theme.

Z is keen for some “kids” of his own, actually. So you manage to travel with them? That’s pretty amazing. We appear to have acquired a cat, that pops round to ours to be fed milk.

Rick Merkt has always been willing to stand apart from the other legislators. He is one person in Trenton who has consistently worked to solve problems, not to go along with the crowd. He is brave enough to walk out on a Corzine speech, and also has fought against COAH. I think he is the best candidate for governor. Lonegan and Levine only have local governing experience. Christie may have a large reputation (no pun intended), but he was a very lackluster freeholder.

that you have got in HINDUJAS, so firstly CONGRATSS for the same….Also, i would like to say that you might get into MMK but it would be touch and go…also andrews is something very unnpredictable at the moment….It will close in at a very low margin now…So book a seat in HINDUJAS as of now…

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Hab gerade auf einsfestival eine Aufnahme aus dem WDR Rockpalast erwischt und wurde bei dem Bandnamen an dich erinnert.Da bin ich da doch erstmal verblieben.

Praise God. Now Jesus is looking at her precious face and her lovely smile. Vera you were a blessing for her. Good job. Praying for Strength and peace for you and your familyShe is home. Love Bob and Pat Kleven

Ce Monsieur Ceccaldi a été anciennement proche du FN. Cela signifie que jusqu’à la fin de ses jours ses actions seront considérées comme émanant du FN ?

Is there an expectation of privacy in your home in the US?Because companies feel free to bombard you with junk mail, robocalls, junk faxes, junk phone calls and try to rootkit your personal computer in the name of DRM. The level of intrusion that is expected is astonishing.

Donc tout va bien. Arrêtons de nous pleindre. Il n’ y a plus d’industrie en France mais ne réagissons surtout pas. Importons, importons et importons. Le solde commercial de la France est dans son ensemble négatif. Pour moi le problème n’est pas tant la Corée du sud mais surtout la Chine qui a des pratiques plus que douteuses. Ce pays est rentré dans l’OMC et ne respecte aucune règle.

Oh, für den fraglichen Freitag bin ICH ja nun wild entschlossen, was zu tun. Zumindest die Besetzung von zwei Sitzen betreffend … wobei ich nicht ausschliesse, mir bis dahin über den Weg laufende Hauptstädter mit den Vorzügen einer Reise in den Süden zwangszukonfrontieren oder wenigstens dahingehende Versuche zu unternehmen. Ãœbrigens, wenn gelacht und geweint wurde, seid Ihr dem Stück nach den von mir nach der Lektüre angelegten Kriterien vollumfänglich gerecht geworden, was ich großartig finde!

Look you walk across the street and can get hit by a car the risk is about the same. Of course if it blows over and hits you home there will be damage, duh! It would appear you are not in the US so the figure is probably not even relevant but I own land that I have not developed at this point and I have 4 erected on various properties and my average is 3500.00 per month on EACH one. Real Nice!

Hum !!!! Je sens d'ici l'odeur de la paille et des légumes ! Effectivement tu pouvais pas utiliser plus que tout ça, meme la paille ! ( Je suis déçu pour la cape de pluie mais bon hihi)Super post !

Ico, O nojento dessa história toda é como vc bem falou,o modo como foi feito.Mas no fundo era uma cronica anunciada,muita gente já havia cantado essa pedra,um deles foi o Fábio Seixas em seu blog.abraço

Generally I do not learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite great article.

Es hat sich beruhigt, Christian? Ich weiß nicht, also die Bahn ist für mich nach wie vor ein Aufreger, der seinesgleichen sucht. Seit Jahr und Tag schaffen sie es nicht, ihre Züge püntklich abzuschicken, geschweige denn, den Kunden frühzeitig mitzuteilen, dass es zu Verspätungen kommt. Für mich ist die Bahn schon lange keine Alternative mehr.

Mom – Mundane Thursday, huh? Well, let’s see…I finished shoveling dirt for the new tomato patch, then planted 60+ tomato plants. Spent a few minutes in the hammock appreciating the birdsong concerto in my backyard. Worked on the next issue of the magazine, went to my regular chiro appointment, and snoozed/watched TV in the evening. Mundane in Minnesota, that’s me!

know how to I make a suggestion? I feel youve acquired individual thing good quality at this time. However what if you happen to added a pair links to a web page that backs up what youre saying? Or perhaps you possibly be capable to give us a bit to take a look at, something that would join what youre saying to individual thing tangible? Only a suggestion. Anyhow, in my language, there will not be a lot good quality supply similar this.

September 17, 2009  07:11 by HeidiI agree with you – having facilitated over 40 of these workshops the past 10 years and applying in various situations, addressing completely different topics, I can safely say that every organisation benefited every time. It flattens hierarchy, it allows for complexity to be understood and it creates context for the discussion during the workshop as well as afterwards. Many clients uses the intrinsic philosophy of “building” thinking to different levels and application.

My Dad used to say "nobody is completely worthless, if nothing else you can always serve as a bad example". Seems an appropriate description of the majority of our political class.

A Gloria é de Deus… Obrigado meu Deus, tens sido Fiel!!!Valeu dmais CODMUC, Será um grande prazer fazer parte desse Projeto tão importante para Deus. A Banda Parusia agradece o apoio e as Oracões de todas as nossas Comunidades, Familiares e em Especial nossas Esposas que muito nos apóiam, Flaviano Neto, RCC Ipatinga, Rodrigo Gualberto, Grupo de Jovens Sentinelas, Katiane Silva, Leo Quirino, Hernane Eduardo…Deus Seja Louvado…

I have a peeve too – people who pronounce the 'Y' in 'Ye Old Tea Shoppe' as if it were the modern letter 'y', when we all know that it's actually a thorn, and that the word should be pronounced 'The'.

Ido, you have so many positive messages here. Thank you for sharing them. Also, thank you so much for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the photo of my son with his Balinese buds!

Du har ikke prøvd vernesko til henne? *ler*Og hva vi tenker vi som jobber i barnehage?? Hmm, omtrent det samme som deg tenker jeg :)

Gosto de queijo. Muito.A TVI 24 estava a bocado a martelar outra vez neste "furo" jornalistico que exibe como um troféu.Curiosamente este episódio parece que fez baixar e muito os juros da dívida publica portuguesa…PS(livra!): É verdade José: tiveram 6 anos para fazerem coisa parecida aos que então nos desgovernaram e nada… porque o respeitinho é (era) muito bonito…

the trend is pretty clearI must respectively disagree, Bart my friend. I'm not sure the trend is that clear.The range in this period is from 6.6% to 1.3%. Average growth is 3.1% (give or take, I'm eyeballing it here). It just seems this is volatile, that's all. Hard to look at this data and say a clear trend is emerging. Considering the volatility of the data in this short data period, I'd say the only thing that is clear is growth is continuing, but its rate is unclear.Volatility is my main problem with comparing the current year over the year-ago level. It's hard to say "yes, this trend is clear." That's all I am saying.

I like the lighting set-up in front area. I like the 2nd type of fluorescent lighting best.Whole place has a really sleek, functional look, but yet not a cold factory feel.Great job Em. I’m so proud of you.

The IFBB Professional League or Jim Manion would have to give me a special invite. The odds of that invite are low – he probably knows I have no plans to compete right now.

Articles like this really grease the shafts of knowledge.

NN, the giant Lion Turtle already explained energy bending when he instilled that skill in Aang. They even give more info about it if you watch the enhanced episodes currently airing on Nicktoons.

Też to zauważyÅ‚em, niektórzy nawet piszÄ…, że Pis sponsoruje GP – na moja proÅ›bÄ™ aby przedstawili jakieÅ› dowody, milknÄ… i już wiÄ™cej nie komentujÄ… danej notki.Mam podobne spostrzeżenia. To jest zwykÅ‚a nagonka. NakÅ‚ad GP wzrasta stÄ…d ta wÅ›ciekÅ‚ość.Pozdrawiam.

All right, all right already, I now know they make most of their money from building websites, and doing boring SEO stuff.And I don't have a problem with people doing boring SEO stuff, brilliantly, and earning tons of money for it.So… how did I get this so wrong? Probably because of all the bits in Luke Taylor's interview and on their website where they say they do other stuff too like ads, and films, and social media stuff…

I’m so glad you all are okay…I wouldn’t want Irene back…EVER, either!!! I’m so sorry for the damage that happened to your town…I hope it has a swift recovery and that there weren’t to many losses home wise as well as landmark-wise, I’ve seen some very sad pics of 150 year old covered bridges lost etc…unbelievable!Take care and at least Irene helped to force some game time…her only barely redeeming quality!xo J~

Wp est en effet un CMS qui possède de gros défaut de duplication. J’essaye de ne plus utiliser les pages tags / mots clés qui sont trop dangereuses et qui sont un peu trop similaire au catégorie. Savez-vous comment ajouter une canonical sur les pages 2 et + des catégories vers la page 1 ?

huhuu. penat giler, gerak from jb kul 8.45mlm, smpi ayer keroh benti jap n teruskan perjalanan, nak dekat simpang ampat tu jem giler! ingatkan jem sebab byk kete tp tetibe kawan msj kate ade eksiden. about 1hour 30min gak la hadap jem tu, lebih kurg 10km perjalanan. Bus dah dialihkan ketepi, tp masyaAllah, teruk bus delima tu..

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Penelope are you trying to kill yourself? Isn’t it going down into the 30′s at night now? I doesn’t sound like you’re getting much sleep on that porch anyway. At least get back into the house so your kids don’t get traumatized by your death. Geez.

I love this cardigan! It has got beautiful colours and in this colors you look very pretty! I am new follower because I really liked your blog!kissesE.

la conception de Long Island Kawasaki-Yamaha | LI Kawasaki-Yamaha Demo Days est vraiment admirable, il s’avère être ardu de dénicher plusieurs sites semblable à celui-ci.

Nice work Tyman, job well done. If you ever hear your wife to be say that you’re not romantic, you can kindly send her the link to this post :) Congrats to the both of you, looking forward to the wedding…

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MówiÄ…, że “Mowa jest Srebrem, a Milczenie ZÅ‚otem”…Dlatego nic nie powiem, bo byÅ‚oby mi trudno.W każdym bÄ…dź razie, dwa ostatnie teksty zburzyÅ‚y mój Å›wiatopoglÄ…d ;-) Pozdrawiam:)

Cool, we are actually in need of diapers, almost all our prefolds have holes in them. I’m heading over to their store as soon as I catch up on your latest crappy comic.

LOL Bravooo! Dar Romania Inedit ia bani deja LA GREU DE LA MOSCALI,Si-a facut vreo 3 conturi grase de cand tot face reclama la fieratania aia……insa MIG 35-ul si Su 27-le au avantajul lor, chiar am vzut un filmulet in ce conditii de fabrica astea doua avioane, linia de asamblare este foarte usor de asigurat, nu tu curatenie de farmacie, nu tu nu stiu ce robotizare, doar muncitori calificati si atata tot…..Cred ca pot sa il reproduca oriunde in China si Rusia iar in caz de conflict te trezesti nu cu 2, nu cu 5 fabrici de MIG si Suhoi in Rusia ci cu 50 -60! Ceea trebuie sa recunoastem e un mare avantaj……

Well, I am in South Texas and we have been in shorts and sleeveless shirts for three weeks…temps close to 98…the last two days have been gloriously cloudy and rainy! Cute top!

Je to nádhera, nevidím však žádné výztuhy (v horní části), to je ta skleněná aparatura "samonosná" ?Já bych měl obavy před otřesy.Občas provozuji 40 patrovou kloboučkovou kolonu (Bruna) a dá to práci ji "stabilně upevnit" a někdy se mi i "rozehraje".

Bianka: köszike!Garffyka: a 3. kép sarkán látszik a vágó, majd legközelebb megmutatom.Reneé: olyan 1000 huf körül kapható konyhafelszerelési boltban kapható, itt nálunk van egy nagy, a Gyalog üzletház, ott vette a Kedvesem.

Raphael disse:100-1 quer dizer que de vez em quando 1 F-22 eh abatido. Se fosse 100 a 0 ai estaria surpreso que 1 f-22 foi abatido, mais como eh 100 por 1.Tem no momento 135 F-22 operando na USAF, se cada um so fizer exercicio 1 vez por ano (fazem mais), que dizer que tem uma media de 1.35 Raptors abatidos por ano.Nao sei como tem gente que toma conhecimento de 1 abatimento por ano eh fala “O F-22 eh igual a um Rafale”.Espere uma noticia de um outro abatimento de F-22 ai por outubro deste ano.

Det burde man gøre – det ville nok ændre en del i menigmands hjem. Jeg har set det og undrer mig over at det ikke generer dem mere at blive udstillet som dødsfjender.

Hope you are both well over the flu.Maybe your sodden bit could become a bog garden? Arums and vlei lilies? Even the waterblommetjies actually grow in shallow pools of winter rain.

it’s down probabaly due to the number of natives who’ve had enough here jumping ship to other parts of the commonwealthand not for economic migrant purposes either-ie a full raft of benefits available on arrivallet’s not forget these people have to actually qualify to enter another country due to having a trade or skill that’s actually needed there-notbecause some unelected bureaucrat in another country tells them to open their borders up to all and sundryright wing tweet alert my arse   13 likes

Ciao Elisabetta.Grazie mille dei complimenti, mi rendono davvero molto felice.Spero ti piaceranno anche le prossime ricette che sto preparando per il mio nuovo sito.Tra qualche giorno ti aggiornerò personalmente sul mio nuovo progetto per diventare chef professionista nella propria cucina.Grazie ancora.Stefano I.GD Star Ratingloading…

Hi! I’ve seen these on US blogs but hadn’t seen them here yet. Must look for one if I don’t win it.Just about to send your link to our Speech Therapist who has just gone gluten free.

Hey, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, awesome blog!

Nice video. I have a q6600 I also have the same mobo as you the x38 p5e and I had a few questions I was wondering if you could answer. I have my cpu at 3ghz I used to have it at 3.4 but when I would pop the case and put my hand on the northbridge it would be really hot and putting it to 3.0 under load it wouldn’t be nearly as hot to the touch. My question is should I put voltages on auto? Or is setting them manually better? Also why is it important to turn off everything in cpu config in bios?

az én felfogásom szerint egy tartós kapcsolat alapvető eleme a szexualitás. ebben nincs pardon, ha nincs jó szex, akkor nincs jó kapcsolat. az emberek nagy része nem fogja fel ennek a jelentőségét, és hanyagolja el a szexben a másikat. és amikor már nem kívánják egymást, akkor már többnyire késő. ezért fontos a folyamatos és mindenkét félnek kielégítő szex (egymással és nem mással).

Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really helpful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to give one thing back and aid others like you aided me.

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Uuh Brad, You’ve … Uuh Brad, You’ve been wearing the same shirt for over a week. The air is getting a little stale in here.Nice content, though. Keep up the good work.

Oh, CC! It's like Cardi heaven! I love cardigans and wish I could get all of these! The stripes, the animal prints, the ruffles and the bows, the floral and the sheer black one – are all the ones I especially love!Hope you had a fabulous weekend, CC! xx

Field:In I think 1996 in Cleveland we had the Klan march here at city hall.It cost 1 million dollars. On the same day we had the NAACP National Convention, the black family reunion, and the black college football classic.This was not a accident.Nothing happened because they put up a fence around the Klan. You had to go through three metal detectors.Every racist in America is going to D.C. tomorrow.

salah turutan tu.. patutnya: bangun pagi, gosok gigi, mandi, pakai baju… bukannya: bangun pagi, mandi, gosok gigi, pakai baju… hehehe.. awatlaaaa

Interesting perspective Pat. But I would disagree. I don’t think any of the commenters come across as being “superior”, most have willingly admited that they fall prey to the excuse game in one way or another. I wonder what would cause you to have that judgement?

hallo snuppa :) du HAR noen herlige bilder av de !! sendte noen kommentarer på innleggene du har gitt de ut på:)) akkurat de bildene er veldig spesiell :) ) dæken.. kanskje du ikke har fått kommentarene ?? har du ikke videresending av kommentarer til mailen ?? går det bra ellers ??Det hadde vært noe å suse rundt der sammen med deg :) )

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Starke Behauptung. Aber wie lässt sich die bisher nur behauptete Nähe zur Wettindustrie denn belegen? Da habe ich außer Verschwörungstheorien noch nichts Belastbares gesehen…

Your example, “Possibility,” gives new meaning to the expression: words as art.Have you thought of framing it? Hanging it somewhere near where you write? I think I’m going to “borrow” it and do exactly that Karen

‎ »En général, on peut jeter à bas les ennuis, les soucis de la vie, et, pour quelques heures, on dépouille sa propre personnalité pour en endosser une autre; et l’on marche dans le rêve d’une autre vie, oubliant tout. »Ma double vie, 1907.   0 likes

यह कविता पढकर ऐसा लगता कि मेरे दिल से भी यही आवाज़ आ रही है. बहुत सुंदर. अभिनन्दन.

Herlig krok, nydelig! Godt å ha en krok man kan sitte noenlunde uforstyrret.Vuggen er så søt! Spørs om jeg ikke kommer til å mase om en sånn dersom jeg blir gravid igjen:)Ha en flott dag!Klem fra Kristin

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Don’t you think Android is doing just what was hoped it would do, and to a degree that probably far exceeds any expectations?Android allows companies to compete with great products without having to develop an entire OS and ecosystem of their own. It’s that simple.Most people using a Galaxy/Droid/Evo or whatever are getting a great experience and their manufacturers and carriers are getting a great business. So what’s the problem?

Wow, häftigt med ultradebut (det är det va?) :) Ska bli spännande att höra mer :) Så härliga löpar/ute/friluftsbilder också, blir nästan springsugen.

its time to rise up and remove them all from our government. they would like us all to turn on each other so they can come down on us all. its time to march on dc and drag them out kicking and screaming and hold a street court then put the dc light poles to good use. we shouldnt of put up with them this long. its time to demand they remove him or we will.

Please add an option for version 3 to open files instead of just saving them because there are multiple times where we only want to open the file instead of downloading it to a permanent location on our computer.Also, improve printing because such feature results as a zoom-out of the page in the printed paper, at least for me. A print preview option would be very appreciated, too.

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To answer your question, I don’t believe it is possible to remove the drive from the boot list.If you’ve confirmed that your optical drive is listed as a higher priority than your hard drive, then I would suspect that the system doesn’t recognize your disk as bootable.

Thank you Ruth for taking our team pictures these last 2 years. We have loved your fresh ideas! I also as the head coach LOVE the senior pictures you have taken for them and me! You are very talented and we are lucky that you have captured this time in our high schoolers’ lives. We look forward to continuing this relationship over the years!!

Muy muy sencillo.En el inmrofe (no recuerdo si trimestral o mensual), que es el que marca las tendencias respecto a operador de moda no se indica cuantos clientes es capaz de fidelizar cada compaf1ia, si no de cuantas altas y bajas ha tenido. Cada alta que hace un operador es una baja para el rival.

wow this look really nice on you!! it looks so natural. You make me wanna check it out now. I know this may sound so dumb.. but can you do a tut of this please ?

Claro! pasa el CV y sobretodo algo que hayas hecho con los programas que pido, la decisión la tiene nuestro diseñador gráfico.Por cierto me dijo algo el Carles del Puntet algo de una nueva Lan a nivel Lloret?

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Jsem rád že jste to vyzařování Slova Božího cítili. Trochu mě ale mate, že Protestant to necítil… protestant:Ale nemate Michale. Můj názor (a názory biblistů Jana Hellera či Milana Balabána) ohledně slova Božího dobře znáš.

I know exactly how you feel, started school last week too and it got pretty fast-paced in no time.. and I still haven't found a nice town bag that would fit my laptop and notebooks.. On a brighter note, I love soft serve ice cream too :o )

abby’s table, i used my lovely roll of big lot’s wrapping paper that i have used for this project & this project! i recommend picking up some geometric patterned paper whenever you can –

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April 19, 2010 Dear Jadzia,I hope that you feel better soon. It doesn’t sound as though you are in a very happy place. Have you tried Paul McKenna?Thanks darling Potty Mummy,Mwah,Perfect Nappy Valley Housewife,I heard that too!Lovely Frogaroo,I think that Jadzia is probably simply annoyed that all of the Boden “fun” skirts are sold out in every size over 16 for this season. I hope she feels better soon.

Ah tiens le problème du « nom ». C’est vrai qu’habituellement Darth met « photo 01″, etc…Pourquoi as-tu changé Franky ?

to get email notification of wall posts. Or you could use one of the other new kids on the block (Postling – read my review here) to monitor comments. Problem

OtiliaMultumesc mult pentru reteta! In sfarsit am gasit ce cautam: biscuiti gustosi si numai buni de folosit mixati impreuna cu piureul de fructe. Baietelul meu ii adora! Si mie imi place sa mananc cativa la cafeaua de dimineata. Deliciosi!

I’ll take it as written. You’re looking and I assume P was auditioning. Although he did okay for awhile, his biggest failing is that he jumped subjects rather than address issues and tried to look good by harping on an opponent’s mistakes.Guys like P figure such tactics work for Rush but they don’t realize Limbaugh’s opponents are prescreened and cut short when he’s in a hole. And it’s schtich Limbaugh has honed over decades

You’re probably right, it’s hard to future-proof technology, but I can remember years ago I purchased a system with 2 gigs of RAM and wondered what the heck I would need it for – then Windows Vista came out and I was glad I had those two Gigs of RAM… nobody knows what the future will bring. 128-bit systems???!!!

Wow! I love it when a vid gets a ton of responses. Not much more to add except THAT WAS AWESOME!! I had thoughts of Alice Cooper too. Great post.

I do not even understand how I ended up here, however I assumed this post was great. I don’t understand who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you happen to are not already Cheers!

Jösses amalia vad gott det såg ut. Jag får dock testa att krydda min fraiche själv eftersom jag är laktosintolerant. Jag sitter här på jobbet och blir hungrig nu känner jag :) Kram Tanja

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chiar prea multe ai uitat: Ghost ship,the fourth kind,case 39,triangle,drag me to hell,one missed call, nu`mi mai vin in cap:)) dar stiu foarte multe

Thanks for this clarification. I'm a high school teacher who used Google Apps in my chemistry classes last year. I did everything from creating a group periodic table web site to group lab reports. I'm in the process of reworking my web sites and accounts for next year and the loss of standard edition would make my planning a LOT more difficult. Thanks Google!

Elisa,am dorit un raspuns sincer. Vad ca nu esti in stare sa il dai. Asa sa ma invart dupa visin si eu stiu. Eu nu am vb de pastorul Chris. Am pus niste intrebari. Din pacate nu sti sa raspunzi direct si sincer, trebuie sa apelezi la mistocarii si jigniri. E ok, nu trebuie sa te fortezi sa imi raspunzi, poate reuseste altcineva.

Because the Backloggery has actually made me very good about finishing games unless I actively hate them, I am hacking away at Persona 3. I still find it an incredulously trite game with an almost despicable main character and an unappealing cynicism re. human relationships (never mind the constant, tired gender stereotypes and fatshaming) , but as it turns out, the Persona fusion and dungeon crawling parts are actually okay enough to keep me at it.

Shit, sjukt coola men jag skulle va livrädd att ramla baklänges i dom! I värsta fall kan du ju alltid ha dom som prydnad på en hylla!

OMG, how gorge is your card……oooh those colours are super duper delish, reminds me of sweetie….mmmmmm yum! Such a sweet image too!Hugs Tab xxx

J’ai bien (sou)ri en lisant ton billet.Cette poêlée est tout à fait appétissante et elle mêle tous les ingrédients que nous aimons. C’est bien meilleur qu’une boîte, c’est évident !Toi tu vois des crocs qui poussent, moi j’entends : « MAMAN, on a faim…Qu’est-ce-qu’on mange…? Ce n’est pas mieux !!!Chrys (nouvelle inscrite à ta news) ;p

I knew they would screw themselves up but thumbs up for this comment because it’s now futuristic now we can have guns like the ray gun and thunder gun online

My brother suggested I might like this web site. He used to be entirely right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

Wow. I had some hosting issues but we’ve got them resolved. Thanks for hanging in there. I’ll create new comments for each of those that have responded so far just so you know you’re in the running. Please accept my apologies for the downtime overnight on the blog. I think we’ve got it resolved now.

Si ma significa anche sacrificio grande e totale e in questo momento, il sacrificio dei musulmani, sull’altare degli interessi del neonazifascismo mondiale, è grande e totale.reza

Hej AmalieJeg syntes virkelig du er en dygtig blogger og formår at inspirere din læsere.forøvrigt så jeg dig i toget mod Hillerød i dag (jeg ved ikke om du så mig, jeg havde håret sat op i en knold) men gud hvor er du smuk

Mais merde je savais pas moi! Alors quand je levais la tête et ouvrais la bouche pour que la neige tombe dedans c’était… ‘tain ils se sont biens foutus de ma gueule mes parents. Ça explique leurs sourires niais quand je faisais ça. J’vais les buter ces 2 cons!Bon le bon côté c’est que maintenant je sais que j’aime l’uro et ça c’est cool.

I am so jealous about Maine! Can’t wait to hear about that trip. So glad you are enjoying time with the boys. I love when I get time with one or two for a change. It is such a different dynamic. Enjoy your summer!

“As for my PR soundbite, I think I might have done better to have just posted the relevant links to womanism and Black history.”I don’t agree with much of Womanism. This whole “black men and women work in complimentary ways to one another” and are “not pitted against each other like white men and women are” is nonsense since at least the civil rights era. A large percentage of African Americans are raised in households that are multi-generational single mother homes. A type of matrilineal culture. Its not healthy. They are highly dysfunctional.

Clotpoll [242],You need to hire me on your team. It sounds like you’re having way too much fun. I deal with a million lines of code day after day and you get to listen to stand-up comics. It’s no fair.

And the olive oil was way way reduced there. A few Tablespoons at most. Enough to coat the tuna is all you really need. Too much will make this runny

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find out the Korean for “Temporarily out of stock”. That has got to be it man! Life would not be worth living otherwise!!!! On the upside you could always come home for Christmas =) Turn your restock into a restock-ing. Get it? heh

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disse:Roberto boa tarde, tenho uma canon 780is preta ela caiu e quebrou a tampa fronta onde tem o zoo como conseguir outra para substituir? Me responda por favor

A commission implies a group of people. Naperville has one person and that is the problem! We should have a representative group of 3 to 5 citizens/officials making these decisions.The City of Naperville’s Liquor and Tobacco Control Commissioner is Mayor A. George Pradel. He is charged with the administration of the State of Illinois’ Liquor Control Act, the City of Naperville’s Liquor Code and the rules and regulations of the Liquor Control Commission.

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We are going to Flagstaff for a couple days with my daughter to play in the snow! I’m not sure how much resting I will do over the next 2 weeks of vacation but I’ll sure try to fit some in while we’re having fun!

काका मला कालच्या मान्सून शुभेच्या आठवल्या, हा हा हा हाछान आहे लेख, पण खरच सांगू तुमच्या लेखातून जे वाचते त्याचे मी रिअल लाइफ मध्ये अनन्याच प्रयत्न करते जेवढा जमेल तेवढा, २० % – ४०% ( बाकी आदत से मजबूर) वगैरे कारण मला त्या खरच पटतात

Mandy,OMG these are so adorable. Tell your students they did a fantastic job and this is such a "springy" idea. The moms will love it.Your blogging buddy,Fran

16afd3512eHowdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome. 15a

Oh, so glad you enjoyed Dogzilla, it is quite a useful word . Yes, a combination is always best, expanding the boundaries of language and in a way the permeability of social interaction. It seems theater was the perfect outlet for such an activity. Love your comment, look forward to your poem.

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Pär 19:16/ Vad menar du? Så för att andra storföretag beter sig illa borde Blåvitt och fotbollen glatt förknippas med sprit och alkohol? Var finns logiken i det? Är du anarkist tro?

is the day to leave the worrying behind as you get ready to host a bridal shower. For me, attending bachelorette parties and bridal showers are my favorite, because girls-only celebrations can be the loveliest highlight

Brainstorming: New research. Group think limits creativity [link to post] – totally true you must start solo & Build – Posted using Chat Catcher Log in to Reply

With a few exceptions, Byron for example, British chains can be pretty shocking (Zizzi, La Tasca, Frankie & Benny's etc). However, isn't that partly the fault of the British public that tolerates mediocrity? In contrast, over in east Asia, there are many chains that have pretty uniform menus that are more than decent. I'm thinking of the likes of Din Tai Fung and Crystal Jade. If the standards of these restaurants dipped, they would close, as punters would eat elsewhere.

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Brooke from Velvet & Linen once told me 'everything is beautiful and happy at Velvet & Linen' – and this is how I feel about my blog too. I don't make rude and mean comments about the people or spaces that I post. I know that others feel that it is unrealistic and 'Pollyanna' like to only portray the good, but there are enough horrible things in the world, and it is not like the world of magazine pictures is a realistic place anyway – it is an escape.Great post!

Malgré que je déteste sa politique (que je qualifie de discriminatoire) depuis ses 5 ans à l’Élysée, je salue cette suspension à la participation à la campagne durant ces 2 prochains jours. J’espère que ce « lâche » se fera capturer rapidement et qu’il prendra perpétuité sans possibilité de sortir.

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Your comments on The Hammer and the Blade reminded me of your reaction to Redshirts. My reasons for really liking Kemp's novel is not because of the plot or in its uniqueness (or lack thereof), but more in the enjoyment factor I had in connecting with Egil (mostly) and Nix. Egil differs from other archetypal strongmen in that he is a semi-lost priest whose profession is an adversary to his religious calling. Nix is the adventurous secular counterpart. This interaction, for me, was interesting and fun throughout the novel. But as with Redshirts, I can see how it wouldn't appeal to everyone's style.

Rainy days are my favorite – not walking in the rain kind of days but sitting on a porch, smelling it, hearing it!You are so right – how often do we suffer needlessly when we have the choice to change our circumstance – I love the vehicle you use – rain – to make your very real, very powerful point!!!So glad I was able to stop by – I’ve been recovering from surgery – and feeling so much better!

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Just one more thing upon which Democrat politicians and Republican politicians agree upon. They both want control over individuals. Obamacare, the Patriot Act, the FCC, the Fed, the IRS, and of course BATF.Don't give your driver's license number or social security number to anyone. Tell anyone who asks that you object to having government computers tracking your pizza purchases.

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I write this with a broken heart. Ann you and Mitt are two of the most beautiful people I have ever witnessed in the political arena. God bless you and your wonderful family and I wish I could have done more to help because I know you are what America needs to get us out of the mess we are in today.

He Nienke! Ik voel me nu wel schuldig dat ik jou verhalen alleen maar lees en niets achterlaat, en jij nu op een loos bericht al twee keer hebt gereageerd. Ik zal beter mijn best doen… Je kijgt een random ‘raar plaatje’ toegewezen als je niet inlogd en daardoor geen eigen plaatje hebt. Toevallig is deze roze :p.

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Thank you. Have you ever read the comic strip, Zits? Incredible — the way it captures both the mid-teen “mind” and the hapless feelings of the parents. At this stage in our lives, you simply must find something to laugh about.

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